(Closed) What is something totally normal that completely annoys you?

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Bumble bee
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@mrstea83:  I hate the smacking noise, too.  The only time I will allow it is when my dog does it.  He is an animal; he can’t help himself.  lol

I absolutely hate throat clearing.  Ugh.  If you have a medical condition that you have to constantly clear your throat, go see a Dr!

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Buzzing bee
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i have a lot of odd annoyances. but i seriously feel like SNAPPING when i’m out with someone and they have to go to the bathroom. i KNOW this is unreasonable. i KNOW i go to the bathroom. but waiting for someone to pee seriously grinds my gears. i travelled europe with a friend who wanted to use the bathroom EVERY TIME SHE SAW ONE. it almost ended our friendship for reals. and people peeing on roadtrips… omg don’t even get me started.

i think it’s because i have an iron bladder (when i’m not drinking 4L of water a day) and seriously am the world’s fastest girl peer.

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Busy bee
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@mrstea83:  I cannot stand it when guys play with and jingle the change in their front pants pocket!

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Busy bee

@mrstea83:  I’m the same. Any time people are doing something loud and repetitive it completely is like nails on a chalkboard. Eating (FI is horrible at this, he doesn’t even chew with his mouth open, he just like, sloshes it around in his mouth…or something) and snoring are huge.

I also hate the sound of people’s fingers on rubber, like on balloons. Gives me shivers just thinking about it.

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Bumble bee

There is this guy at work, every time he gets up from his desk and walks out of his office…he has a pen in his hand….he’s constantly clicking it as he walks around. That clicking noise of the pen is the most irritating noise in the world! 

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Blushing bee

@mrstea83:  hmmm… 

When people are cutting their food and their knives & forks scrape across their plate. My brother does that when eating something like waffles – he jams his fork in the waffle bite and scrapes it across his plate trying to get syrup and it drives me nuts.

When I hear people chewing or smacking, that bothers me too. 

When people eat with their mouths open and I can see all their food 🙂 

When people talk or whisper in a movie. 

When people speak really loudly on their cellphones – sometimes it is just that they are in a noisy place or hard of hearing, but it really bothers me.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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My pet peeve lately involves people’s incorrect use of pronouns and apostrophes, as in “my husband and I’s” vacation.  It should be “my husband’s and my vacation.”  🙂

Another annoyance for me at the moment is people’s incorrect use of the term “daylight savings time.”  Since the recent return to standard time, I’ve seen at least three people post on facebook regarding how much they dislike daylight savings time, because it’s dark outside at 5 p.m. However, they really are expressing their displeasure with the return to standard time as well as the fact that the number of minutes of daylight still is decreasing at this time of year.

Of course, others quite easily could point out my numerous shortcomings, so I know that I really should not be bothered by these things.

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Bumble bee
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@mrstea83:  I HATE the food chewing sound!!


Adding on to that, my co-worker doesn’t just drink water, she gulps it.  I can hear it gulping down her throat from 5 feet away!!

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Busy Beekeeper
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I hate when people touch me.  Anyone other than my parents, Darling Husband or children creeps me out. 

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Buzzing bee
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I hate it when I see adults hold their spoon or fork like this: 



Seriously?!? What are you, a toddler? 


Oh, and I hate it when I’m on a relatively empy bus and someone decides to sit right next to me. It’s usually a guy with bad body odour too. There are at least 30 other empy seats, why oh why do you feel the need to plop down right next to me? Urgghhhh.  

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Sugar bee

Using the phrase “please advise” drives me up the damn wall.  In theory, it seems like a totally normal thing to say to someone if you are a customer.  From my experience at work, this phrase often means “I am not going to put any effort into fixing my problem and am putting all responsibility and blame on you”.  I can’t explain it, but my clients who use that phrase are usually more difficult to work with than others.  Bonus points if the person writes “please advice” instead.

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Busy bee
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I hate sitting by men on an airplane because they will drape their arms over the arm rest and invade my space.

I hate when people write checks at stores and wait to start filling it out until the cashier says “your total is whatever”.

I hate when people take their whole family to the grocery store and hog up the entire aisle.  Or if people let their kids stand in the way of other shoppers. 


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Honey bee
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I hate when my coworker says she has to “go tinkle.” Why can’t we say ladies room, or bathroom, or facilities?

On a somewhat related note, I also hate the word “toot.” Why is fart such a bad word?

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Helper bee

@mnp:  to be fair, i have had a medical condition that causes me to clear my throat and i’ve been going from specialist to specialist for over 2 years without finding a cure.

i understand that it’s annoying but before jumping to conclusions, keep in mind that it’s actually a condition that’s extremely difficult to pinpoint the cause of. i have an allergist appointment tuesday and a GI appt thursday after ENT appts all week.


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