(Closed) What is the average center stone size for engagement rings in your area?

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  • poll: What is the average center stone size for engagement rings in your area?

    Under .25 Ct

    .25 Ct

    .5 Ct

    .75 Ct

    1 Ct

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    1.5 Ct

    1.75 Ct

    Over 1.75 Ct

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    My co-worker has 1/3, it’s a good size, I’m looking at .25-.4 but non-diamond. 1ct feels kinda big for me, but some would consider it small.

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    I would guess around .5 ct. I am guessing this because I got a .85 ct solitaire, and it seemed HUGE to me!

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    Where I’m from- a town in NE Ohio- I would say the average is 1-2 carats. For older women, I would say closer to 2 carats. All my friends who’ve gotten engaged in the last few years (early-mid twenties) have at least a carat.

    Where I’m living now, the town my fiance is from- in Montana- the average is closer .25-.5 carat, and many women don’t have stones at all or have gemstones.

    As you can probably guess, we have different preferences and opinions about how engagement rings should look lol.

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    Well, I am totally guessing on this so will stand corrected if I am way off!

    I’m in South-South Alberta right now (not Calgary) and it is surprising when I see a colourless stone over 0.25. I would say the average where I am right now is hovering from under to 0.25 to 0.33 ish. A few .5’s. I do see some larger stones (.75-1ct) but very, very infrequently and they seem huge in comparison to the average. One of the law partner’s wives has what I guess to be a 2-3ish sized step cut  (hard to tell as they face up different) but that may be the largest one I have seen here! The others all have smaller stones. Big rings are definitely NOT common here, nor do upgrades seem very common at all, and that rather fits in with the vibe of the community here I think.

    I wore a 2.4ct sapphire, and soon will be wearing an 2ct moissanite. That size definitely stands out here.

    Drive North a couple hours to Calgary though, and the stones I see are bigger on average (someone who lives there may have a better idea of what they see as my exposure is a little more selective to work related or visiting family and thus not seeing a lot of stones related!).

    I am originally from Winnipeg – central prairies of Canada – and saw stones “slightly” larger, as well as some 1+ct stones on some newly engaged fellow law student peers, and a couple friends of mine bought that size abouts for their fiancees, but none of the people I ever worked with or went to school with before that had stones that big. Even many of the lawyers had stones around 0.5-.75. I would probably guess the average there to be more like 0.5, but it is a big city so who knows. I also saw lots of coloured stone rings, or just plain bands, etc. A lot more variety than here too.

    I remember being in line at the Las Vegas Airport once and thinking that I had crashed a Pricescope Get Together and they were all waiting to go through security too. Lots of big bling.

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    I’m from NE Ohio. I’m 22 but my friend group is from 22-32. The ones I graduated with have less than 1c. Probably around .5. But all of my SO’s friends (mid 20s and up) have at least 1c and many close to 2c. I’m getting a 1c center stone but with over 2c total weight. I picked a very blingy setting!! haha. The rings I’ve noticed in law school are all probably 1c and up. 

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    I’m from the East Coast of Canada, and sizes range from .25-1 carat, although I’d say the average is about .75. I rarely see anything larger than a carat. My ring is .70 and I’ve had comments on how “big” it is, which makes me laugh because when I’m on the bee I actually feel like it’s quite small in comparison. 

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    I would say around here (small city in Ontario) nothing above a carat. Mostly around the 0.50 range. I’ve also been told mine is “big” (0.61 carat) and thought to myself, “They should go look on WeddingBee, there you can find girls that have BIG rings.”

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    I’m from a very wealthy suburb… man oh man are the rings huge! I would say 1.5+ is the standard or so… Its definitely different to hear that .25-.5 is average/large! I’d say most of my friends have about.. 1.5-2 ct.

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    I’m from South Jersey, and I’d say the average is in the .75-1ct range. That’s what most of my friends have.  Even FI’s friend who makes obscene amounts of money, his Fiance has about a 1.2 or so.  And the other young female attorneys I run into at work rarely have bigger than about 1.5ish, although they do usually have halos or eternity bands or something else blingier.  It’s pretty rare to see bigger than about 1.2 on most people though unless they’re in their 40’s or 50’s and it’s an “upgrade” ring.  A lady I work with upgraded to a 2.5ct stone a few years ago (although TBH it’s not a very good quality stone; my ring next to her sparkles way more even if it’s smaller), my best friend’s mom wears a few different wedding sets in the 2ct range.

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    My area is such a mix…it’s common to see anything from .25ct all the way up to 2ct.

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    I’d say anywhere from .5 to 1 would be pretty standard in my area, regardless of age. Of course there are people with larger than that and smaller than that, but I’m basing it on average.

    For instance, mine is .5 and my Mom’s is 1 but she got married to my step-dad at 32 and he’d never been married before (aka he had money). When she married my dad I think she said hers was around .5-ish. Most of my friends have .5 and the only one of my friends to have bigger is not a colourless diamond (it’s a gemstone.)

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    I think it also depends on if you’re in a small town or big city. I live in a small-ish area, so around here it’s about .5-.75 for 25 yrs+ and .5 or smaller for younger brides.

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    I also live in NE Ohio and it is such a big range. In my small town the average is about .5-1 carat but the farther you go up towards Akron and Cleveland, the diamond size gets bigger and bigger. But I’ll be honest, I have never seen anyone, that I have noticed, with a center stone that seemed bigger and 2 carats except for one. And I used to do nails in a VERY upscale salon and the biggest I saw was a 10 carat round solitaire but her and her husband owned a huge jewelry store in a neighboring city.

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    I don’t know for a fact since I just moved to the area (So. Cal), but judging by the “rocks” I’ve seen on ladies fingers here, the range has got to be 1 -2 cts…maybe even more. My Fiance college friend has a 2.5 ct, but it is a canary diamond.

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    I’m from one of the eastern Cleveland suburbs up in NE Ohio, and I can honestly say I see a lot of variation. Getting a manicure a few weeks ago at a frou-frou salon, I saw a lot of 1.5-2ct stones. My future in-laws are pretty well off, and she wears a very modest ring, as does my mom. I have a 1 ct. and it seems about average to most people. 

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