(Closed) What is the dumbest way you've hurt yourself recently?

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I slipped or mis stepped on the bottom two of my basement stairs while coming down after break (I work from home) and fell and broke 2 bones in my ankle! This was 6 weeks ago…. yeah been laid up and been a sucky summer for me.

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Haha oh no these stories!

   I was cleaning the tippy top of the blinds one day, SO was hanging picture frames for me ( So lucky him he watched the whole thing)

  Well I was standing on the top of the sofa, like where you put ur head and I started to fall so I grabbed on to the top of the blinds fell to the left and landed on the DOGS CAGE!! I was seriously stuck on top of the crushed cage. Not to mention bleeding on my hands from pulling the blinds out of the wall, hit my head on the wall to the left ( i was about 3 feet away from the corner ) and banged up every inch of my body from landing on the cage. SO was laughing so hard until he realised I was actually hurt lol.

   To this day he is NOT aloud to mention it LOL.

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Busy bee
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Mine was not recent but worth a laugh! A few years ago when my fiance and I lived in Florida… I had just washed our sliding glass door that leads out to the sunroom, normally this is ALWAYS open but our cat had kittens so we kept them locked in the sunroom. Really clean door that is usually open = me walking smack into it! HARD! I was totally stunned at first like what the heck just happened! Had to go outside to tell fiance that he should be sorry he missed it! I did have a black eye, and a nice face-print on the glass!

The worst part is that I did this again in our house in Iowa! Apprently the glass door was too clean again and it had been open leading onto our deck; not sure if I shut it or someone else did but I AGAIN ran into it. Not as hard as the first time though, and I don’t think fiance got to witness that one either! Seriously funny to look back on though.


A couple weeks ago I was shooting a 22(? small rifle) at a target with a scope on it. When I shot the scope kicked back and hit me in the eye!! HURT! Fiance SWEARS that this gun does not kick back, and that I must’ve twitched or something and slammed it into my own eye. I stand by my claim that it kicked, lol.

Another one (I keep adding these as I remember – I’m pretty good at injuring myself)…
I was cleaning my ears with cue tips (which I now know is BAD) and it slid in my left ear and REALLY HURT, so bad that I had to immediatly complain to fiance. 2 weeks later it still hurts a tiny bit but apprently there is nothing a dr can do. No more cue tips in ears!

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Bumble bee
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I was shutting the garage door at my parent’s house and backed into the my mom’s car muffler.  Now I have a half circle burn on the back of my leg.

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Blushing bee
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In May, Fiance and I redid our bathroom so I was washing the walls before we started painting. I was washing to the right of the toilet and went to pull my hand back when I was finished.  On the way up, I hit my hand on the lid to the toilet tank, which *surprise!* had a giant chip on the underside.  I ended up slicing a nickel-sized chunk of my skin on the outside of my left thumb almost completely off.  Thankfully, the doctor was able to stitch it back on and I don’t have a hideous crater scar on my ring hand….  Ah..the joys of being a clumsy fool.

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I damaged a nerve trying to open a can of pizza sauce. It was really, really dumb, but I didn’t think they still made can openers that made sharp edges. Unfortunately, the one DH had did. We now have an electric can opener, lol. 

I also gave myself carpal tunnel by playing video games too often. I’m pretty pissed at myself for that one. 

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Busy bee
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Fell off my bicycle while I was getting off it 🙂 just caught the bottom of my trousers on the pedal and toppled over. What made it worse was it was in front of loads of people including my fi. I am pregnant too so we were really worried about the baby but everything is ok. It was the stupidest fall off a bicycle ever!

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Busy bee
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Somehow I manage to always skip the bottom two stairs and slide right down to the bottom. Always hurts my ankle and yet I still can’t remember that those two steps are there on regular basis

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Busy bee
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Mine was last Christmas.  I got a Ninja blender (WONDERFUL blender.  But sharp.) as a belated Christmas present and was taking everything out of the box.  The blades don’t really lock in, so when you turn it upside down, the blades fall out.  I forgot this and turned it upside down to get a little piece of cardboard out of the bottom of the bowl.  Of course, the blade fell out and hit me on the knee.  cut a good 3/4″ gash on my knee, almost to the bone.  

But this isn’t the best part.  I very calmly look down at the gash, pull the blade out of my leg (gross, I know), and go to the bathroom to clean and bandage the wound.  I came back into our living room and sat down and thought everything was fine.  Then I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything that day (it was like 3 in the afternoon).  So I start to get up from the sofa… and the adrenaline hits my empty system and I pass out cold.  My mom freaked out and almost called 911, but I came to shortly thereafter and the first words out of my mouth were “Mom, I’m okay.  But I’m in shock.  Cover me up and elevate my feet.”  Haha, I’m bossy.  While I was out (only a few seconds), she had somehow managed to tell my sister, who almost got in a wreck coming to see if I was okay.  I was perfectly fine, especially after getting some food in my system.

On the plus side, my mom said that when I passed out, I fell very gracefully.  Which is probably the only time I’ve ever been graceful.

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Sugar bee
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I jabbed myself tonight just under my eye with a stiletto heel.  That freaking thing HURT!!

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Last week I slammed the car door on my foot in my frantic escape from a hornet. It hurt. I screamed out “[email protected]&;ER!” for all to hear.

Got my clock cleaned by a dog today. He was too excited and accidently head butted me upside my face. I looked totally comic. DUH-OIII!

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On Tuesday I got up to answer my phone which wa on the arm of the other chair and my little toe bent backwards and went under me.

It’s so painful.

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Busy bee
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Just last night I was grating cheese and, yep you guessed it, ended up grating a chunk out of my knuckle! Now that’s dumb!  Embarassed

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The other day I reached into the toaster oven and grabbed the hot tray with my bare hands. Apparently I missed “don’t touch hot surfaces” day in preschool. lol

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