(Closed) What is the funniest thing you got mad or cried over while you were pregnant?

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Busy bee

The other day I watched a clip from Jimmy Kimmel where Marty McFly and Doc Brown “time traveled” in their Delorean to the show and I started crying. Why? I have ZERO idea because I really don’t care too much for Back to the Future lol Talk about hormones!

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Busy bee

Not pregnancy related but when I was PMSing one weekend Fiance and I went to starbucks, I got a table and asked him to get in the line and order me a brownie and a hot chocolate. He ordered his food, forgot my order and I cried, and got really angry because when he got to the table the line was out the door.

I was hangry all day, didn’t speak to him for the whole day either 🙂 

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Blushing bee
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Im not pregnant nor have I ever been haha, but these make me laugh so much and are making me so happy.  I am actually looking forwards to some of this awkward crying over weird things – I mean my PMS is so bad already it will probably just seem like normal anyways haha

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I was already a crier before pregnant, and was very hormonal (esp when I was on my period), but pregnancy is a whole new level. i literally get teary eyedo over everything. The other night, we had a friend in town and my husband called me to ask if I wanted him to pick me up to go meet our friend for dinner. When he told me where they were going (my favorite sports bar with an extensive beer list), I FLIPPED my shit. I started screaming and crying about how I was “so f*cking tired of watching people drink”, and went on and on about how hard being pregnant was and how my husband just didn’t get it. My dogs were bewildered. My husband called me back later and said that he would bring me home my favorite dish from there. Then I cried again bc gah he is just so nice!!

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Bee Keeper
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My pregnancy was over ten years ago now but I still remember it like it was yesterday. All of the craziness is still fresh in my mind. I think the worst was me crying over cranberry juice. Or possibly Chocolate milk.

I had 3 containers of cranberry juice cocktail in my fridge at the time of this incident so it should be noted that there was no shortage of cranberry juice. I had just served myself a glass and was really looking forward to it. I set it down on my night table and went to use the bathroom (which I did a lot of given my craving for cranberry juice! lol). Well when I walked back in the room, my ex was taking a drink of my juice. I just started bawling. my poor ex just stood there dumbfounded and was like “what’s wrong? are you okay?!” and I just sobbed and said “I just really wanted my juice and you drank it!!!!” and he was like “oh well i’ll go refill it! gimme two seconds!” and for some reason it just wasn’t enough. I wanted THAT juice. so there was really no winning with me that time and my ex felt so terrible. I was a nut job.

The chocolate milk thing was just me being ridiculous also. I had a thing for the hershey’s double chocolate chocolate milk and for some reason I always got it from the gas station that was closest to our house at the time. I sent my ex to get me some cuz I NEEDED one righ then. Well he came back with some weird off brand version and said “well it was on sale so I didn’t think it mattered. chocolate milk is chocolate milk right?”  I just had a meltdown. I mean I lost it. He immediately ran back otu to get the right one. Needless to say he never tried to substitute my chocolate milk every again.

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Sugar bee

This morning I dropped my bowl of Special K cereal all over the kitchen.  My kitten ran over and started eating the dry cereal off the floor.  It was the last bowl of cereal and there wasn’t even any milk in it.  I started crying.  I swept it into a pile, then went and told my Fiance what had happened.  I cried harder when I told him I couldn’t sweep it into the dustpan because I…can’t bend over that far anymore.  Bless him, he didn’t bat an eyelash

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Bee Keeper

I’m so glad this thread was started. 

So much randomness  so much cuteness.

Ive welled up at a few of these and some have resulted in a few tears bumping down my cheeks. 

And im not even pregnant. 

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Busy Beekeeper
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weatherbug:  Poor guy. I was like “I need you to be really nice to me because I’m feeling extra sensitive today.” *cries* He said “okay…” as he backed away slowly lol.

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Busy bee
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Best thread ever!

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Busy bee
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This is actually my favorite thread on this site.  I’m so happy it was started.  I’m engaged and not even close to TTC but I forwarded this to Fiance and was like ‘good luck!’ haha.  It’s nice to see that a common theme is loving DHs or FIs that “realize the error of their ways” in causing a meltdown, love us anyways, and are accepting of our hindsight apologies for being ridiculous haha

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Bumble bee
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I’ve never been pregnant, but I do have this re-occuring PMS episode that has now turned into a running joke with Darling Husband and I. It always happens in the kitchen when I can’t open a jar of something. Usually salsa or pickles. I’ll try really hard and then get upset because I can’t open it and start crying, and then start laughing because I know how ridiculous it is that I’m crying over a jar of something. And then Darling Husband looks at me terrified and asks if I need help, which causes me to get angry and say “No, I can do it! I don’t need a man to open the jar for me. I’m strong enough to open this jar.” Then I try again, fail, and start laugh-crying all over again. It usually takes about 15 minutes of the laugh crying before I finally hand the jar to Darling Husband to open. At some point he ends up laughing because its so ridiuclous and I’ll respond “Don’t laaaaugh at me.” And start laugh crying all over again. 


Now I’m convinced that he has my period schedule programed into his phone or something and right before it hits, he runs around and tightens all the jars in the house. If I ever get pregnant, we’re gonna be in some serious mood-swing trouble.

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Sugar bee
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Guys, I love this thread! Makes me feel so much better!

I cried two days ago because I was doing a pregnancy meditation (lol, I am slightly embarrassed to say that) and it was saying that my heartbeat is the first sound my baby will hear. That was just so beautiful that I started sobbing while meditating, LOL.

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Buzzing bee
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Oh my gosh I dying over this thread. I love it! And I love how most of them have to do with FOOD! Bahahaha! I’m still early on in pregnancy so I’m sure there will be many other gems as time goes, but the other night I was full on sobbing thinking about how big I was going get. I am NOT a crier and I have never had body issues before in my life. It was so silly and it came out of nowhere, but I just could not stop crying!

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Busy bee
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LindAnd:  I already had a girl, but found out I was having a boy.  I burst into tears while walking around Sears because I went to the infant boy section and thought “I don’t know HOW to have a boy! The colors are so boring!”

Aaaaaaaand…..then I was fine…..hormones are weird.

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Helper bee
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I’m loving this thread!  

I’m 18 weeks in my first pregnancy and haven’t had any major meltdowns yet, but right now everything baby related makes me cry!  Not like inconsolable sobbing, but definitely tears.  We unpacked the crib, I cried.  We talked about the holidays next year with a baby, I cried.  I see kids laughing and playing, I cry.  I see a baby crying in the grocery store, I cry.  

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