(Closed) What is the funniest thing you got mad or cried over while you were pregnant?

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I’ve had a rough day with some very sad news about a friend, so today has been particularly teary for me (not funny, I know). My dog came up to me when I was taking a bath and just stood beside the tub and licked my arm. Definately started bawling again. 

But on happier days- most tv shows make me cry now! My Darling Husband is even worse than me though.  I’ve been rewatching friends and the episode where Rachel finds out she is pregnant came on and I looked over and he was full on crying. I gave him a little smile and he reached over and rubbed my belly 🙂

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Oh my god I’m dying over these. Especially the PP who cried because someone else had to eat cold mashed potatoes hahahaha

Not pregnant, never have been but I get bad PMS. One time Darling Husband and I went out for dinner to a bar we always go to. But there was no room at the bar and we had to sit in the dining room which, for some reason, really upset me. Then we ordered our usual popcorn shrimp but when it came out it was butterfly shrimp and I was sooooo upset I just started crying hysterically. Darling Husband tried to order the popcorn shrimp again and I just kept saying (between sobs) “there’s no point in ordering it now! It’s too late! just eat the other shrimp!”. Then I refused to eat the butterfly shrimp or order anything else and I just kept saying over and over (through sobs still) “this dining room looks like a grandma’s house! I hate this place!”

Darling Husband got his shrimp to-go and rushed me outta there. Then he kept asking where I wanted to go to eat and I started crying harder because I didn’t know what I wanted. So he just pulls into the chinese food restaurant and orders me 2 egg rolls and I start bawling like a baby again because he “just gets me!!” and “knew exactly what I wanted to eat when I didn’t even know myself!!”

Yep, Darling Husband tracks my period and full-on prepares himself for it every month.

ETA: Another PMS episode I was crying hysterically. Darling Husband thought someone died. Nope, bawling my eyes out because our dog is “just soo damn cute and I love him so much and I just can’t hug him enough!”

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FoolsintheRain:  My Darling Husband and I have been re-watching Friends too and just last week we got to those episodes!  Lots of tears from me during all the baby parts! lol

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Never been pregnant but I’m really enjoing this thread!!  I feel like I’ve done some of these just from PMS…poor Fiance.

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I got mad at Darling Husband last night because he was watching a documentary about fossils. They were showing weird wiggly fish worm looking things (I’m petrified of worms) and I could feel baby boy’s alien bubble movements inside of me. Darling Husband could feel me staring a hole into him so he said “what?” I said “I can’t watch this!” He asked why. I said “cuz it makes me feel weird…on the inside!” He just looked at me and burst into laughter.  

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I know this is an older thread but I was reading the first Harry Potter book again the other night and when I set it down, I lost my page. This set off like a 5 minutes sobbing spree until I could get myself under control. I am crazy right now!

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ADiamondInTheRough:  haha why did you cry over hotdogs?? That was my first irrational cry.

I was exhausted and craving hotdogs. Darling Husband insisted on going to a wholesale club store that didn’t have the right hotdog buns so I was already annoyed that I had to make another stop at Giant Eagle. I made a beeline for the bread aisle and find that they moved it (?!?!?!!).  DH found me in the middle of the aisle dumbfounded and welling up with tears.  Lol. Thankfully he found the buns for me. First real craving and first irrational cry. Lol. 

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No pregnancy here – but I am in the middle of that glorious thing we call Menopause.  My hormones are completely out of whack some days and the brain fog is unreal. 

New Year’s Eve – we are having people over and I get it into my head that we need cookies. We don’t have any cookies and I’m sure everyone is going to want some.  So we get in the car and head to Kroger.  Mistake – it’s jam packed and you can’t find a parking space.  I begin to get weepy.  We must have cookies.

So Darling Husband drives over to Rite Aid.  We get in there and they have only three or four different cookies to choose from.  I can’t make a decision.  I don’t know what I want, I just don’t want those. None of them are right.  This is a nightmare.

I lose it.  I’m crying in the middle of the aisle. Flat out sobbing, makeup running down my face.  I think I’m also having a hot flash because I feel like a furnace.

Darling Husband very calmly tells me to get back in the car, he will drop me off at home and get the cookies.

He goes to a different Kroger and buys five different kinds.  All is right with the world.

I am the only one who ate cookies that night.  Go figure.    

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SoonAsYouCan:  I get awful PMS – like the week before my period im a big grump and frustrated with everything and the week of I cry over anything.

Last cycle, I said to my cat “come on, come upstairs and cuddle with me” – my brothers cat started walking towards me and I looked at her and said “not you”.. then I burst into tears (hysterically crying) because I hurt my brothers cats feelings.

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Omg I love his post!! 😀

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I was pregnant with my daughter around the time of the Twilight craze.  I stayed up way into the middle of the night to read New Moon then woke up my ex-husband and pretty much berated him for not being Edward Cullen.

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I’d been vegan for many years, suddenly when I was about 5 months pregnant I had a dream about thanksgiving as a child. My dad always made a fried turkey, I never was a huge fan, but after that dream I had to have it! I battled my own personal issues with “falling off the wagon” and finally called my dad (in July) begging and crying for Daddys Thanksgiving turkey. This man was so baffled and also upset  that I was struggling that hard over turkey  😂 he left work early and found a turkey then proceeded to go home and cook it. He goes to bed at 7:30 every night. He showed up on my door step at 10 pm that night with a whole 12 lb turkey on a platter. I was so conflicted but I still sat there eating turkey 5 months pregnant and crying. 

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I have always had a crush (obsession) with Harrison Ford. Well I saw the new Star Wars this weekend and when he died I completely lost my shit. Like you would have assumed he was a close personal friend based on my sobs which were echoing through the silent theater. 

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These are so funny!  I’ve never been pregnant but I have really bad PMS.  I have an internship at a daycare and a few weeks ago I overslept, got there late, forgot my coffee, one of the kids wouldn’t listen to me and all of the babies were crying.  Went into the bathroom and had a good cry for about ten minutes.  I’m usually fine when stuff like this happens.

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