(Closed) What is the most coincidental thing that’s happened to you in your life?

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Honey bee
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great question!!! I can’t think of anything as cool as your story, but these things definitely happen all the time (small things!)

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Bee Keeper
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This one is fresh in my mind because it was at my wedding.

During my wedding our party was sooooo good πŸ˜‰ the BMs from the wedding across the hall kept coming into our party and dancing with me. They were in pink just like my BMs and so I kept calling them my pseudo BMs.

About a week after my wedding a friend that I went to University with sent me this facebook message.

“Sooooo…I am just sitting in my flat in London (England) with a friend of mine. She was just showing me some pictures of a wedding she went home (to Canada) for and you just happened to appear in a picture with her. Apparently your wedding was right next to her friends wedding….do you recall some girls coming into your wedding in pink dresses? Yup…that was them. 
Anyhow, just thought I would write you to say Congrats!!!!”

Crazy eh?

Here is a picture that I have of me with my pseudo BMs:

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Busy bee
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Well, I had a not QUITE as strange story, but I thought it was funny, and a very New York City story.

I was going to meet a friend of mine, so I got on the subway and found a seat (there weren’t very many).  And after a few stops, I turned to look at the person sitting next to me, and it turns out it was my friend.  Somehow, we had been sitting next to each other for a few train stops and didn’t realize it.  Which was really funny, and a testament to how oblivious New Yorkers can be.

But just to make an even funnier occurance…we were getting off the train, and ran into her husband.  He was in the area, but the odds of us happening to be exiting the train while he was enterting…

I thought it was amusing.  πŸ™‚

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Sugar Beekeeper
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When I was 20 I went over to Europe to backpack with my best friend for a month. I was supposed to meet her at a hostel in London to start our trip. The directions were relatively vague, so after my 7 hour overnight flight with very little sleep, and then getting on the tube half asleep, I got off at the stop closest to the hostel. I got out, looked around, and had NO idea where to go. I picked a direction and walked. I wanted to stop into a sandwich shop or whatever, but everywhere was really busy because it was the morning rush, and I was worried about looking like a complete jacka$$ on the first day of my trip πŸ˜‰  After walking for probably about 20 minutes I found a convenience store, I went in and there were a couple people in line, so I lined up as well. The woman at the front finished paying, turned around, and it was my best friend I was meeting!!!!! So of course, we screamed and hugged and generally freaked out while people looked at us like we were insane. And get this, I had walked 20 minutes in the wrong direction, and my friend didn’t really have a reason for having gone so far to a convenience store either! Totally weird and random!!!

On the same trip, we also bumped into a girl we grew up with while we were in a back alley in Florence. Turns out our itinerary was similar, so we met up again a couple days later in another town. THEN we bumped into a guy we went to high school with, I spent a few days hitting the museums with him in Barcelona while my friend did more outdoorsy things to her liking. Nothing happened but it was uber romantic, he’s an amazing artist and really good looking, so it was fun just to flirt for a few days! LOL! THEN I ran into a girl from my university program while at the Colosseum! Are you kidding me?!

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Bumble bee
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Here’s a good one:

Girl #1 sitting next to me at a piano concert at midwestern college: Hey, you’re holding paper, are you in music appreciation 101?

Me: Yes! Are you?

Girl #1:  Yes!

Me: Where do you live?

Girl #1: In XYZ dorm.

Me: Me too!

(Second half of concert)

Girl #2, looking at my ID on my desk, which used to use SSN as ID#: Hey that’s weird.. you and girl #1 have almost exactly the same social security number.

Me: Whoa. That is weird. How do they give them out? When’s your birthday?

Girl #1: Middle of November.

Me: Hmm. Mine is the beginning of December. Where are you from?

Girl #1: Pittburgh.

Me: Hm. I’m from DC.

Girl #1: Actually, I was born in a hospital outside of DC.. XYZ hospital.

Me: Whoa!! I was born there!!!

(Girls freaking out).

Girl #1: I was born there because my dad worked for XYZ government institution.

Me: So did my dad!! Maybe they know each other?


Me: Hi mom, I have a question for dad.. is he home?

Mom: No.. what is it?

Me: Well, I met a girl tonight whose dad worked for XYZ when Dad did.. I thought maybe they knew each other.

Mom: What’s his name?

Me: Bob Smith, he worked in ABC department.

Mom: Bob Smith???? Bob Smith is my cousin!!

Um yes – we met randomly at a class in the midwest, and it turned out we were born in the same Maryland hospital two weeks apart and my mom and her dad are second cousins. How’s that for weird?


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Sugar Beekeeper
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hah both of those are so funny! I’m trying to think of anything that is truly coincidental in my life…. most of the people i meet who know other people are because the legal community in Ohio is pretty small. 

i did randomly meet a girl at nordstrom who was getting married at my wedding venue this month… which is semi-random because its a new venue and there are a lot of people in the world but not that much bc we both live here ya know πŸ™‚ 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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@FMM: That’s nuts!!!! That reminds me a bit of that story of the couple who was getting married and looking at old photos of her growing up and there was a photo of her in Disneyworld, but in the background they realized was her Fiance in a stoller with his dad pushing him. Nuts!!!

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Helper bee

6 years ago I was backpacking Europe and met a guy while in Ireland that was also from the States.  He was from a small town in upstate New York, while I live in central Texas.  We’ve stayed in contact through the internet ever since.

I’m enrolled in a master’s program at a small private school in Texas.  My program only has like 30 people in it; was talking to one of them just recently, and learned she was also from upstate New York.  Talked some more, and learned that she’s from the same town as the guy, and actually friends with his older sister.

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Bumble bee
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My DH’s grandparents have the BEST one.

They were on a cruise about 5 years ago, and they sat down next to an older couple. They struck up a conversation and the other couple asked where they were from. They said they were from a small city in Ontario. The wife of the other couple said “We know people from there. Do you know Sal and Rita ‘DH’s last name’? 

DH’s grandparents said “um…we’re Sal and Rita!”

Turns out that 30 years earlier, they had been on vacation in Mexico and had met this same couple!!!

Still gives me chills to think about it.

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Blushing bee
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I don’t know if this is the biggest, but it’s something that happened fairly recently.

I got in to work one day and found a voicemail for me. It said something like (and I’m using fake names here): “Dear Anna Bee, I’m calling from Dr. So and So’s office to let you know that we will be able to move your appointment from 11am to 3pm on Thursday the 6th.  Please call me back at [number] if you have any questions.”

Well, my “name” is Hannah Dee.  It sounds sooo very much alike, probably so much so that when she heard me say my name on the answering machine, she mistook it for Anna Bee.  And not only that, this Anna Bee MUST have a phone number very similar to mine. Already a big coincidence.

Anyway, I say aloud, “What a weird call.  I don’t even know Dr. So and So” JUST as my coworker was walking by.  She says, “Oh, I know him!  He’s a specalist (in a very weird field)!  I’ve been trying to get an appointment with him for months!  How do you know him?”

So I explain I got this very weird voicemail and she was so excited, she called back ON THE SPOT, explained what happened, and managed to take the appointment that Anna Bee had ditched.

I thought it was so weird!


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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: September 2010

Oh I have a wedding related one. I invited one of my BM’s parents to the wedding. We’ll call the Mr & Mrs Smith. One of my other BM’s mom was there too (I call her my “aunt”). Well my aunt sees Mr Smith and realizes she knows him somehow….. She connects the dots and realizes her deceased ex-husband used to work at the same company as Mr Smith waaaaaaaaaay back in the day (like 20 years ago) and she had organized some company functions when her ex and Mr Smith were working on the same account. The next day Mr & Mrs Smith came to pick up Bridesmaid or Best Man from our brunch, and Aunt re-introduced herself. Small world! 

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Bumble bee
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@CanAmBride: Oh something like that happened to me too! My brother told me he had a friend (“Tim”) who was moving to Boston for a PhD program. He and I emailed for a while and planned to get together but then didn’t ever follow through. A few weeks later I was at a Halloween party, and met a guy who was doing his PhD at MIT in the same department. I said “Oh! Do you know Tim (whatever his last name was)?” And he said no. Later on he heard my name (which is very unusual) and said wait, are you Mark’s sister? I said yes! He said I’m Tim!! I said wait, 10 minutes ago when I asked if you knew you, why did you say no?? He said he hadn’t heard me with the loud music. πŸ™‚

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