(Closed) What is the most coincidental thing that’s happened to you in your life?

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I’m commenting to follow, these are awesome!

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When I was a teenager, I was part of pretty well known choir. We were in niagara falls for an international competition. There were choirs there from all over the world. One day while eating lunch, I got to talking with this girl who was from the states. She and I were talking about our families and it turned out that we have the same cousin. She’s on my cousin’s father’s side. It was weird! 


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@AnneTossy:  Obviously you were meant to be in Las Vegas for that banquet! lol!

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I have a lot of these stories. I’m always running into people when I least expect it and making connections with people. And I live in a pretty big city! 

Here are a few:

1. My favorite! SO and I met at a bar. He was the first guy I had ever given my number to at  a bar, so I decided to do some research on him. I asked my sister’s husband if he knew him since they were around the same age and went to the same high school. Both of my sisters started laughing and said, “Cee- WE know him, YOU know him!” Ugh… Say what?! Turns out our parents have mutual friends and our parents use to hang out in this group of about 10 families all the time. My sisters are his age (sister 1 and SO are 32, sister 2 is 31) and I am his little brother’s age (we are 24). We went on vacation several times together, I went to his brother’s birthday parties, etc.

Lives get busy and my parents and the mutual friends couldn’t get together as much, but the older kids in all the families still saw each other around and my sister even gave my SO rides home from college all the time. SO remembers my sisters had a little sister, but he didn’t specifically remember me, and I don’t remember anything, ha ha! My mom loves to pull out old pictures of all of us together. I don’t think she would have been okay with me dating someone 8 years older than me if she didn’t know his family like that. And if our parents had continued to hang out, I’m sure the “brother/sister” feeling would have set in and he would always look at me like I was 4 and not 24. 

2. When I was in preschool a tap dance instructor came to our school and gave tap lessons once a week. At least a decade later my uncle started dating a guy that owned a dance studio and it turns out that guy had been my preschool tap dance instructor! 

3. My aunt’s ex-husband (we will call him Sam) grew up in the first house I lived in. We  didn’t live there any more when my aunt met Sam, but some how my parents and Sam made the connection. During the conversation, Sam started talking about how his dad spent a ton of time building this elaborate fireplace all by himself. My Dad then had to tell Sam that he ripped it out because the fireplace wasn’t actually usable, it was just for looks, and for something so stupid, it took up too much space in the living room and wasn’t safe for little kids. Sam was horrified!!!

4. In college, I was sitting in class and the first day the professor calls roll and as she gets to my name I prepare to correct her since no one has ever pronounced my last name right unless they are familiar with German… And she gets it right! I commented about her saying it right and she replies “That’s because I know you.” Please explain. Evidently I have a very bad memory from my childhood, because it turns out that her family lived across the street from mine when I was little and she had babysat me often. 

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2 I can think of, neither like CRAZY crazy but both funny.

The first one: I went with my parents on a trip to NC/TN in 7th grade. I’m from a pretty small town. Not tiny but I think a couple thousand people? (Ok TOTALLY off….looked up the census and it’s 20k. shocking) Anywayyyy, we were driving through the mountains on the second to last day in NC and pulled off a little alcove to take some pictures because the area was particularly gorgeous. Another car pulled off 10 or so minutes later. My mom started talking to the other mom & it turned out they were from the same town as us, their kids were in the same grade as me and they went to the only other public middle school in the town. It was just one of those, “what’re the chances” occurrences

The second one: I was on one of the little school bus type things for my university that buses students from on campus to off campus housing. I was wearing a shirt from my HS and a girl came up to me and said “did you go there?” I told her I did and it turned out she was my HS principal’s daughter. We went out drinking a few times & it just cracked me up that I ended up party buddies with my principal’s kid

Not near as exciting as some PPs though lol

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Meeting, dating, and (soon!) marrying Fiance is probably among the top coincidences in my life. I’m adopted because my biological mother had terminal cancer when I was born, and when she passed away a year later she had a friend take and scatter her ashes at her favourite place in Canada. I’d always known it was a lake, but I never thought much about it. Then I met Fiance and went to tell my mom (my biological mom’s sister, so also my aunt) about this new guy I was interested in. I told her his name, first and last, at which point she got eeriley quiet.

Turns out his first and last name make the exact same name of the lake my mother’s ashes were scattered on.

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My Darling Husband drunkenly asked me to marry him about a year before we met.

You see, we both hung out at the same bar (huge college bar though) and he got really drunk one night, and asked a bunch of girls to marry him, randomly, as they walked past him. I happened to be one of them. I just grinned and told him no, but thanks.

A year later after meeting online, we were talking about embarrassing things we’d done and he told me about the drunken proposals. And I had to break it to him that I’d turned him down as well. 🙁


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A couple years ago I went to a Bachelorette Party in Florida (my friend was getting married in our home town but we wanted to go someplace fun and Vegas was just too over done).  It was March and close to Easter and we were bar hopping, seeing the sights etc.  We all went into one bar and sat at a corner table with a window of the street next to us.  About a half hour later I see 2 guys walking around outside with bunny ears on.  I told my Bride friend that we needed to get a picture of us with them.  The guys came in and sat at the bar and several minutes later another friend went up to the guys to see if they would take a picture with us.  The guys come to our table and tell the bride congrats and are talking about their bunny ears.  One guy turns to me and at the same time we scream “OMG!”  I went to high school with both of the guys!  Turns out one of them had moved to Florida and the other one was just visiting.  It was so crazy.

My friends and Fiance often say I know everyone and could run into anyone I know anywhere.  Turns out its absolutely true lol.

Another strange story happened last year at my friends NYE party.  I was standing around talking to people and my friend asks another girl about wedding plans, so we all start talking wedding talk and the BTB mentions that she’ll be getting married in her home town.  I asked where that is and she says “Kearney Nebraska” I’m like I know that town, I grew up 30 miles East of there in Shelton.  She says wow that’s crazy my parents neighbors grew up there too, they just moved from Chicago though.  I said “Their last name would happen to be C****** would it?” She says “Yeah, how did you know that?”  I said “That’s my Aunt and Uncle!  My dad’s brother grew up in Shelton (like we all did), moved to Chicago for military and when he retired from military they decided to move to Kearney to be closer to family.”  Turns out this girl used to babysit my cousins while she was in college for media and then moved to Iowa after she got a job at the local TV station, where coincidentally she works there with my FI’s cousin….

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