(Closed) What is the most disgusting thing your SO has done/does infront of you…?

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    Haha I love this thread! Last month, Boyfriend or Best Friend and I went swimming at the pool. We forgot to put on sunscreen and paid dearly for that mistake the next morning. 

    We were so badly sunburned all over our body, pretty much. It took forever to heal. But when we did heal, we started peeling. A LOT.

    So we were lying in bed one night, just chatting. And Boyfriend or Best Friend goes “Check this out!”

    And he slowly peels off a big piece of his stomach….


    I was horrified. I said, “Do you realize that you are eating dead skin?!”

    And he said, “So? It’s my skin!”

    I was so grossed out that I refused to even kiss him until he brushed his teeth. 

    He’s done other gross stuff like this but nowhere near this bad. Lol normally, he will eat food that’s been left sitting in the hot car FOR DAYS! 

    Smh. The man will put anything in his mouth. Good grief. 

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    @LadyBlackheart:  OMG – I was not expecting the end of that story… soooooo gross!!!!!!!!!

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    @LadyBlackheart:  WHYYYY did he do that? Omg, I would have been horrified! Ha.

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    The most “disgusting” thing my Fiance does in front of me is burp and blow his nose. He’s always blown his nose in front of me & it was years before he ever burped in front of me, but he’s always fairly discreet about it. He’s not loud and obnoxious about it.

    But quite honestly, I don’t really find either of them disgusting and it doesn’t bother me at all. Other people might find it disgusting, but I just don’t mind. Like I said, he’s not loud & obnoxious about it.


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    Blow his nose into a sock. F-ing grosses me out. then he would throw it in the landry basket with the others…AHHH. But i guess its better than him using his hand. which i have seen him do before.

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    @LadyBlackheart:  Eep! I was expecting you to say something totally different. E-yuck! I don’t blame you for not kissing him…ever again…since you can’t trust what has been in his mouth 😛


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    @Cory_loves_this_girl:  Lol! Well I think that’s going a bit far :p. Apparently other men do this. I told my best friend what happened and she sighed with exasperation and said, “Yep, Mike’s done that too. It is the grossest thing ever.” Mike is her husband, btw.

    But I agree, it is VERY gross! I have no idea why he did it. He’s a man. Men do stupid things sometimes lol. 

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    i cant even say it in a public forum. it still grosses me out lol

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    He always is picking at himself..I think it’s a anxiety thing since he only does it when he’s stressed about something. He will scratch, pick at a scab, pick his nails, etc. It makes me sick to watch him ewww

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    @LadyBlackheart:  Reading that made me feel nauseated.

    My SO has a thing about mucus. He’s not a smoker, but he’s always getting chest colds that stick around for a bit. He will cough and hack up phlegm and then spit it out in front of me all the time. I think he tries to force himself cough; it’s a mental thing. He will use towels; he will use the garbage; he will use a nearby can; it will go out the window; he will cough something up onto his fingers and then lick it off if there are no napkins handy. The worst is when some of it gets stuck in his mustache or beard. Now this is making me feel nauseated.

    He will also bite his fingernails or pick at his toenails and then chew on the nail like a piece of candy for a while.

    I have no idea when he first started doing these things in front of me. Probably one year?




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    @LadyBlackheart:  OMG lmao. that’s freaking hilarious. I would have fainted or thought I was with a cannibal or something.

    @MsW-to-MrsM:  I totally feel your SO…the mucus thing. I have a phobia of it too…I could gag thinking about it lol haven’t done it in front of my SO…I’d die lol

    Grossest thing SO has ever done in front of me, he started to pop a pimple and I literally screamed and ran out the bathroom lol He always teases me because I don’t get pimples (something to make fun of someone right?) and he rarely gets them but when he does, he’s like so extra about it to gross me out lol

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