(Closed) What is the most embarrassing thing you have done in front of SO?

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Well as we were kids together there is a very very high bar for something to be embarrassing – I actually can’t think of something

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@SaugaBride:  This.. well not the same exact thing, but similiar.

It honestly only happened to me once, and we had just gotten done with foreplay, and I guess alot of air got up in there…

I was super embarrassed, luckily he just brushed it off, thank goodness.

His most embarrassing thing is when he was sick, he had diarherria[sp?] and well, sometimes you just can’t make it to the bathroom in time. He was SO angry at himself. He went and cleaned up and I changed the sheets and when he came back I told him that it’s a bodily thing, and it happens to everyone… when you are sick your body doesn’t work like it normally does and things happen. He felt alot better about it.

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I had sinus surgery a couple years ago and my nose bled literally all day for like two days after. I had to wear a “gauze mustache” as we called it to catch the blood and it had to be replaced every few hours. Since I was so doped up on painkillers and so forth, DH was the one that had to change the nasty snot/blood filled gauze. 🙁

On top of that, the day of the surgery, I hadn’t eaten anything and in the car on the way home I started to feel really sick. I ran inside once we got home and puked up all the blood that had drained from my sinuses into my stomach. DH was worried about me so he chased me to make sure I was okay and saw me throw it all up. 


It was the worst everrrrrrrrrrrrr!


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My times of getting “embarrased” in front of my husband are long over with. This is the way i am babe take it or leave it. I have known to be incredibly stupid, fart up a storm, you name it. He’s known for a LONG time that I am the opposite of lady like.

But okay I guess the last time was about a year ago when i broke the toilet seat. I really had to pee so i just slammed my butt down on the seat and it cracked. DH ofcourse got a good laugh out of my fat ass breaking the seat – he called his brother – told all our friends – he  thought it was hilarious. I was a bit embarrased to tell him at first but that lasted about 5 seconds…Then i was just embarrased at all the people he told and me trying to reason it with “i really had to peee!!!” It was pretty funny tho. I still can’t believe i did that.

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@jadlnc:  Awww! He sounds like such a sweetheart. This literally made me tear up at how he reacted. Good man.

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@icanhearyousmile:  Gaaaah, I had a nose surgery years ago when I broke my nose and had to wear that stupid gauze holder under my nose for like, a week. I was in middle school at the time, and it was so embarassing. I couldn’t really tell when the blood had soaked through the gauze, so once or twice someone had to tell me. It was mortifying.

Your puking story is close to my most embarassing moments with DH. The first is when we’d only been dating about a month. I got some sort of virus from my neice that makes you explode from both ends, but I didn’t know it yet. He was hanging out with me, watching a movie on my bed, when I all of the sudden had to run to the bathroom to both puke and have diarrhea at the same time. He didn’t see me, thank goodness, but I’m sure he heard it. Then later after we were married about a year, I got appendicitis, and I started throwing up from the pain in the emergency room. I was pretty embarassed when I looked up and saw that he was just staring at me as this weird green puke was coming out of me. Hawt.

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@sunshinewish15:  The second time FH (BF at the time) ever had sex, he had my ankles over my shoulders. Out of nowhere, three farts came out in rhythm with his thrusting! He didn’t even skip a beat, but he still teases me about it today.

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Mine is SO embarassing I don’t even want to share it on here, but I will…

When SO and I had been dating for a little while, we were getting it on and I was on top. He gave me a particularly satisfying orgasm which ended in me peeing all over him and the bed… I was SO embarassed. I couldn’t believe I’d done it! I ALWAYS go to the bathroom before the deed now, and it’s a running joke between us that I “marked my territory” lol. It still makes me feel so red in the face even thinking about it !

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There are two memories that come to mind the worst was this one time during sex he realized I was bleeding and we stopped only to realize it was like… everywhere. Ruined his sheets, soaked his mattress. We’d only been together for less than a month at the time. I was SO SO embarrassed and kind of worried because I wasn’t on my period. I went to the doctor afterwards and got an ultrasound, bunch of tests… but it just turned out to be this mysterious bleeding incident. 

It wouldn’t be as big of a deal if it happened now, but since we were so new at the time it was MORTIFYING. 


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@sunshinewish15:  Haha my embarrasing moment was similar. Fiance and I just started dating and I lived with my mom. I had a SBD… “Silent but deadly” passing of gas. Sitting on the couch I smelled it first and quickly said “Ew! Annie you are gross!!” (My dog)

Fiance said “Um, your mom took Annie outside like 5 minutes ago!”

I died laughing!


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We really don’t get embarassed about things with each other anymore, but he embarassed me in front of friends unintentionally…

Have you ever played Taboo?  Real quick for those who haven’t, it’s like charades.  You have to make your partner guess a word without using key words i.e. if I had to make someone guess “Christmas”, I couldn’t say Santa, snow or December…ANYWAY…

Fiance and I were playing with 2 other friends and I said, “OK.  This is something I’m trying to rectify…”

THE FIRST THING THAT CAME TO HIS MIND WAS “YOUR ACNE”.  I WAS MORTIFIED.  Granted, if we weren’t playing a game where he had to think fast, he’d probably thought better of saying it out loud but I was still pissed off lol!!!

PS…the actual word was “CREDIT” !!!!! 

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@quierajen:  you’re supposed to pee after sex!  so just try to hold it in better lol

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Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever been embarassed in front of FH! We are very open people – to the point where my mother cringes at how open I am in front of him.  Whether it’s bodily functions, or the occasional pass out from drinking too much cheap wine at a wedding, or conversations about “uncomfortable” things like finances, or my flip-flopping weight, I really don’t get embarassed in front of him.

Ok, now that I’ve wrote that, there was probably one thing that embarassed me for about 2 minutes, then I let it go.  We were going to his cousin’s wedding last year, and I was in a rush and hadn’t gotten my usual awesome Bliss waxing kit as I usually did, and being an Armenian girl with PCOS (lucky me), I had to wax my face with the crappy Sally Hansen strips you warm up in your hand from the drugstore.  I wasn’t anticipating just HOW MUCH it killed to rip those things off, and I screamed some obscenities, which startled him.  He came running downstairs and busted into the bathroom to make sure I was okay, only to see me with have of a piece of waxing strip on my upper lip and tears running down my face from the pain.  He just busted a gut laughing and joked that his razor would have just been easier. 

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A couple of years ago I vomited (quite a lot) on the passenger side floor of his car, while we were on the highway. He was driving. There were no bags in his car…he had to pull over and clean it all up (and me) because I was out of it. 

He still proposed and married me anyway, hahahaha. 

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It’s a tie!

When we were first dating, he lived in a second floor apartment that was external-entrance-only! The wooden stairs got wet, and I fell down all the stairs! That weekend, we visited my extended family for my Grandma’s surprise birthday party.

And I was COVERED in bruises! My family kept asking DH “What (I) did to make (him) mad!” Mortifying.

More recently, we were in the grocery store, and I crouched down to get smething off the bottom shelf (I am 37 weeks pregnant). Not only did I rip the single loudest fart of my LIFE, but I got stuck down there. I needed him to help me get back up!

Also mortifying.

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