(Closed) What is the most petty thing you have cried over while pg?

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I cried because I had outgrown my 2nd set of bras while pregnant and didn’t want to go bra shopping again. I also cried in the dressing room because maternity/nursing bras are so ugly but so expensive. 

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molokoa:  I cried when none of my regular bras fit around 9 weeks.  My husband said, well honey it’s only going to get worse from here.  Ha!

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I cried because my fiancé ate the fries at the bottom of the bag from Wendy’s 

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This was several years ago but I was cooking a frozen pizza and it burned. I called my mom and was sobbing that CPS was going to take my baby away as soon as she was born. My mom asks me why what happened and I told her I burned my pizza I was cooking and that if I couldn’t even cook a frozen pizza I wouldnt be able to cook anything to feed the baby. When my mom started laughing I cried harder telling her how can you laugh about your first grandchild being taken away!! It took a couple of hours for her to get me to calm down and see reason. We joke about it now.

Another time my friends and I all lived in the same apartment complex and we all hung out at our one friend’s townhouse all the time. I walked over to it and the whole walk I was literally fantazing about a Pepsi I had left in the fridge there. When I got there I found out one of the guys had drank my Pepsi and there was no other ones in the house I lost it and started crying. One of my friends ran out the door and went to the store and bought a couple of packs of Pepsi and the rest of my pregnancy they would tell everyone please don’t drink those Pepsi’s, they belong to the pregnant girl and last time she cried because there wasn’t any.

Same group of friends, I was single and living alone and was freaking out about how I would get to the hospital when I went into labor. They tell me don’t worry we will take you, and I tell them but it will take you to long to get from the townhouse to my apartment! They decide they are going to “calm my (unrational) fear” and have me go home. When I got to my apartment I was suppose to call them and start timing how long it took for them to get from the townhouse to my apartment. So I get home and call and go on my porch. I see three of my friends sprinting across the complex and parking lot and when they get there they ask how long did that take and I start crying and say 27 seconds!! I’m going to end up having my baby on my living room floor. 

Last one, I decide I need to go shopping for nursing bras and one of our friends that just moved to the area offers to go with me (I was military and most my friends were guys) he gets warned off by the other guys but this friend insists my hormones can’t be that bad and takes me to the mall. I start crying in the store about how ugly nursing bras are and my friend calls his mom and tells her what he is doing and shouting I don’t know why she is crying!! These bras are the best things ever Mom, why don’t girls wear them all the time us guys wouldn’t have to figure out how to undo a back of the bra ever again! All the while I’m crying in the middle of the store lol

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My husband came home one day and found me in the kitchen literally sobbing because the chicken was taking too long to cook.

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My husband was about to scrape some loose paint off a windowsill in our home, and I told him not to do it because I didn’t want to risk lead poisoning our baby.  He told me that he had no idea that paint in our home could possibly contain lead, and that I should have told him this before.  (Our home was build in 1905.)  I sobbed for half the night for no apparent reason after this.  I guess it felt like he was accusing me of somehow hiding this info from him?  Or that I felt like he should have known?  Anyway, we hired a professional to fix the window.

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I was so emotional when I was pregnant, I felt like I cried over everything lol.. But the one that sticks in mind, I was sitting on the lounge and hubby came to sit next to me. I started crying coz he wasn’t sitting close enough to me, I also started crying when he was too close. I honestly felt terrible for hubby.. He couldn’t do anything right lol.. I would cry as soon as he walked through the door coz he was 5mins late and I was certain he was cheating on me hahaha.. I was just not me at all, but thankfully it all went away as soon as I hit the 2nd trimester.. 

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I had a horrible aversion to garlic and to chicken. I  had to drive by a KFC everyday on my way home from work and I cried pretty much everyday before passing it because I knew it would make me want to hurl and I was terrified of being nauseous lol!

I also cried in traffic one day when the car in front of me let someone else into the lane. I just bawled at the kind gesture and the fact that there is still kindness in the world lol! I had to call my husband and let him know about the nice person in front of me who let someone else in lol!

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I cried because I wanted chicken nuggets and my dh wouldn’t drive to get me some at 11pm at night. Literally bawled. That was early on but i’ve been more sane since. 

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I always love how these stories revolve around food!  🙂

Ive been okay late in pregnancy but I cried over lots of stupid things early on:

-Giant Eagle moved their bread aisle…I walked to the old location, realized this and cried bc the new aisle was just too far away and I NEEDED a hotdog ASAP. 

-My husband dropped an onion in the pantry and didn’t bother to pick it up and put it back in the onion bin.  I found it the next day and cried.  How could he do that?!  He doesn’t even care! He clearly doesn’t love me if he’d leave an onion on the pantry floor.  Lol

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cheermom84:  lol!  Sounds like you have some fantastic friends! 🙂

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