What is the most romantic thing your SO has done?

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  • Wedding: August 2019

My SO surprised me with pizza and wine after I had a long, crappy day at work. I can’t even describe how happy I was to walk down the stairs after my shower to see him run in the door with the pizza box and bottle of wine.

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My husband isn’t a grand gestures kind of guy, nor does he really plan surprises for me, but he’s romantic in less obvious ways.

My favourite is when we go to a restaurant, he’ll let me go first so I can choose which seat I want.  This is super cute because he knows I hate facing a wall, I want to be facing the action.  He prefers the same but he wants me to be happy more.  I LOVE this and find it so sweet!

Next up is him keeping his pre-marriage promise to travel abroad every year.  He’s a frugal guy, came from a frugal family, and he’d only ever been abroad to attend a destination wedding.  We’ve been away 6 times since we met (2012), plus one coming up in November!  He’s a man of his word and knows this is part of who I am.. to me, that’s very romantic.  I also think I have him hooked!!! wink

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Honey bee

We had driven into the city for the day and I wanted to go to Serendipity to try their frozen hot chocolate. Of course we get there and there’s a line down the block and it’s winter. I’m thinking we should just bail and go somewhere else when my husband said, “hold on, I have to make a call”. So I’m standing in the long line in the cold and he comes back and tells me to come with him. Turns out he slipped the guy in charge of the wait list some $$ so we went right in to the restaurant. I didn’t know he could be so smooth. The kids were with us and they were surprised too.

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My fiance, for 9 months while he was in Fort Bragg, would drive from North Carolina to Syracuse, NY for just a weekend. Would drive the 12 hours on Friday, stay with me on Saturday and Sunday, and then leave to go back home on Monday. 

He did this one weekend every single month for 9 months, and that was our time together. He used up all his vacation time alotted in that short time, just to spend that time with me. (In repayment, I took off two weeks at Christmastime when he was done with Fort Bragg and stayed with him in NC lol)

That’s how I knew he really, really loved me. That’s how I knew we would get married.

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  • Wedding: November 1999

pantsapocalypse :  our first date ended up as us sitting on the grass along the foreshore, on the beach, eating fish and chips for dinner.  It was weird but we found this little random metal trinket on the grass next to us that night. My husband unbeknown to me, actually took that trinket home and kept it in a little organza pouch under the TV. He took it home and kept it safe because he said it was a good luck thing and that he’d found me and it, that night. It was like a positive omen for him. He actually never told me he kept it until 3 or 4 years in. I was touched that he kept it and why he kept it. He said it was part of our story and he knew I was the one that night and him taking that trinket as a keepsake kind of proves that he really did think that 😍 😍

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hickoryhills :  “yes, I’d like to know if you have any Ultimate Snuggle Packages available?”  and he’ll say something like, “Why yes, I believe we have one available for immediate delivery.  That particular set includes an upgrade to the Handyman Model Fiance 2000 (he’s a building engineer so I always call him ‘my handyman,’ lol).  Will you be home at 5pm to receive?”

I love this! So cute


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A few months ago I’d just had an awful day at work – fought with the boss, lost my sh*t, cried, fell down the stairs, forgot lunch, slammed my hand in a door, took a rock to the windshield on the way in that turned into a huge crack… Left the office two hours later than normal, phone had died and I didn’t bring my car charger so cue the waterworks again about feeling guilty for leaving my boyfriend waiting with no word… Walk in the door, he’s already ordered pizza and wings from my favourite place and tells me he loves me even though I’m a workaholic. Needless to say, I crumpled. Did manage to repay him with a surprise birthday trip to Vegas for his 30th though 🙂

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  • Wedding: July 2018

He knew I wanted to see orca whales on our honeymoon, so when our flight landed he insisted we rent a car. He then drove me for two hours through Washington to a whale watching boat, where he stood with me for the full four hours in the front, never complaining once. I saw my first orcas that day, and cried. It’s been a dream of mine since I could talk. He’s such a saint. 

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pantsapocalypse :  

He doesn’t really do romantic gestures, though over the years he has done   some   sweet things .

But as for a romantic gesture  I heard about just this  morning –   I met a young woman whose little   pug was playing   with another pug, so  utterly  cute, they rolled about like little butter balls.

 She told me her fiance actually proposed   with  the pug puppy , as  well as a ring, and she  sat in floods of tears holding the little one on her chest  and didn’t even look at  the ring untill he reminded her he was still holding it. ……  

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My husband is very romantic, but I would pick my engagement as the most romantic. He along with our parents planned a very elaborate engagement party where he proposed. 

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Some really sweet stories here! Aaaaaah!

Not sure other peeps will.see it this way, but the most romantic thing my husband has done for me is wash the dishes. Every. Day. He also sweeps, does laundry, runs errands, pays bills and snuggles and kisses me every day! I am so much happier with someone who shows me his love for me and respect for our shared life on a daily basis. My husband’s love language is definitely acts of service, so this is a big thing for him and definitely his way of showing his love. He also gives me the quality time and words that are my love language, so we meet in the middle. Neither of us are big on giving or receiving gifts or good at Grand gestures, so this works for us!

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libbyc :  

Yep, no man ever got stabbed when vacuuming . While pouting about having to pick his feet up to be vacuumed under though….. especially if the words ” ah relax , woudja”  have been uttered.

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  • Wedding: November 2018

Taking the day off to accompany me to my emergency department visit and the subsequent gynaecological appointment. His presence and support meant a lot to me.

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My SO does small little gestures fairly often, like surprising me with flowers or candy/dessert. A few things that stand out:

-when we started dating, I slept over. He didn’t know what I  liked for breakfast yet, so he went out to a restaurant and brought everything on the menu for me. 

– one Valentine’s Day he got a cartoon book made with all of our inside jokes and things he loves about me to keep him close – i was travelling a lot for work at the time 

– recently, we wanted to go camping for a weekend but the weather looked bad so we cancelled. Got home and he set up the tent in the living room with the mattress, pillows, nice blankets etc. Even put a tv in the tent so we could cuddle up and watch movies while camping. Complete with pizza and ice cream! 

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