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@Woodstock:  You can call them whatever you want. It is their friends and schoolmates who will determine how they are known.

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I think it’s a regional thing to some extent possibly.  I know I live in the South, and a lot of people go by nicknames. I’d be irritated too if people kept coming up with nicknames for every name I picked. I think nicknames should come about naturally instead of having them pre planned. 

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I’m personally not a huge fan of nicknames unless it’s straight from the name – like Beth for Elizabeth or Tori for Victoria. Some of them get a little out there for me…

My mom is obsessed with what a name sounds like if you only use the first syllable. So for Charlotte, she’d be like “ugh, everyone will call her Char!” and she does this for every.single.name. Drives me nuts.

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@Woodstock:  Lol you are so right! Especially here on the Bee, whether someone is asking you to help them choose a name for their dog or for their baby, people are like “Choose (insert full name here)! You could call her (insert nick name here)!” Alrighty then… if I know in advance I want to call my son Tom I won’t put Thomas on his birth certificate, and if I know in advance I want to call my daughter Alex I won’t put Alexandra on her birth certificate. Sheesh!

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Am I reading your post wrong or was that incredibly snippy response to Julies1949? She is right, you of course will have no control over what your child is called by the general public. My dear friend has a lovly name but got the nickname Beaner in childhood and never outgrew it, his mother absolutely hates it but there is nothing she can do about it.

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Weird – I had the opposite problem. My legal name is actually a nickname for another. Everyone insisted on calling me the full name growing up, no matter how I introduced myself. It grew to be very frustrating at school and work.


So, I’m coming at this from the other side. Please don’t give your kids a nickname for a legal name just because you think you’ll wind up calling them the nickname anyway. Just about EVERYONE is going to assume the full name is your legal name. Then when you try to explain it, many, many people struggle to grasp the concept (“What do you mean your real name is BEN? I mean the name on your BIRTH CERTIFICATE, not just what you call yourself!” “The name on my birth certificate IS Ben.” “…Really?”)


I only say that after seeing a series of comments. So, I’m guessing that’s the obsession with nicknames – you get two names for the price of one. In theory, anyway.

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Every single person I know pretty much has a nickname– comes with the territory of living in the South. I have an awful one that has been with me since birth, my family still calls me by it sometimes and I look at it as a term of endearment now. I guess I just figure there’s a lot in life that can really chap your ass if you let it, so this is just one of those things I tend to let go because it isn’t worth fussing over. 

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I have a name that can’t really be shortened, yet some people prefer to make up a nickname! I’m okay with that! 

I know for our children (expecting one in July) 

If it’s a girl, we are naming her Amelia and calling her Mia 

If it’s a boy, we are naming him Gabriel and calling him Gabe

I’m sure there are times where I will use their full names, I just loved both of those names so much! It’s my own choice. 

I think it’s a little crazy to get upset over other people calling other people nicknames. I can understand telling people what YOU prefer to be called, but being uppity about nicknames in general? Idk…


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It’s one of those things that just happen I think, usually the person ends up deciding anyway. For example my name is Jasmine, I introduce myself as Jasmine. And almost everyone calls me Jasmine. Not Jazz, or Jazzy which would be the common nick name.

Everyone started calling my son Ry, or Ry-ry and I HATED it, I thought it sounded like Ray-ray lol or Rye bread. Raged me out. Now I call him Ry and Ry-Ry because he liked it, and I don’t care anymore.

Some people are nicknamey people, I almost always call someone by their full name unless they tell me to call them something else, some people always nickname others. I think it’s just one of those things, some people fist bump, some full on hug.

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I never had a nickname (aside from the one I gave myself as a toddler) but never a shortened version of my name so I think it’d be neat. But there are certain names I like better not shortened like Alexandra. I’m sure there are others but thats just off the top of my head.

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