(Closed) What is the rudest thing someone has said to your face?

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OMG, that’s horrible! I have so much respect for you, for not losing it on that woman… if I was in ear-shot, I would have done it for you, I think!

The worst thing anyone has said to my face was actually my Darling Husband, just the other day. I had a particularly emotional Christmas morning, as his youngest brother and his wife announced they are expecting a baby in August. I’m happy for them, of course, but we’ve been trying to get pregnant for a few months, and I thought I was pregnant earlier this month until AF showed up over a week late…
Anyway, he totally took my quietness out-of-context, and literally screamed at me, saying that I was “selfish and ungrateful” for all he does for me/us, and that I have it easy being with him because he provides for our family more than I do (financially). I thank him constantly for all he does, though… for instance, I’ll walk into the kitchen while he’s filling the kettle, and randomly cry tears of joy thanking him. It was a punch in the gut, because it made me feel like I’m mooching off of him…

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wtf?! I have been told some rude things but nothing that compares to that! I really wish I had been there….

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@MrsFuzzyFace:  That comment was 100% throat-punch worthy. Kudos for keeping your cool. It does teach your children to rise above the countless dumb comments they will undoubtedly receive.

My aunt told me I was getting fat. I didn’t get offended because she is a huge tub-o-lard that has panties that look like a blanket. Literally. I just said that I would be able to lose it whenever I liked so I was not too worried about it.

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Wow, MrsFuzzy, that is insanely awful.  You have amazing restraint for not smacking that woman upside the head!


@brighteyedgirl:  You’re nicer than I am too!  I can’t believe he’d go off on you over that.  Sometimes it seems like people don’t see things from someone else’s perspective and go into overdrive on assumptions.  I hope he apologized to you.


As for me, rudest thing ever is pretty mild I guess.  I’m a heavier girl and am pretty gifted in the chest area and have found that although pricey, Victoria’s Secret bras are the best at standing up to the abuse I dole out.  I had gone into one of their stores just to browse around because I was killing time between things I had to do when I was approached by a petite and gorgeous sales girl that was maybe a couple of years younger than myself.  I was barely 4 feet into the store when she came up to me, gave me the head to toe body check, adjusted her smile and then said to me in her most perky voice: “I’m sorry!  We don’t carry your size here.”

I was absolutely appalled.  Pretty sure my mouth was hanging open a bit as I turned around, walked out, and headed towards the center of the mall. Then I gained my spine back, turned around, marched into the store right to Perky Girl and smiled sweetly as I asked for her manager.  When her manager approached me I asked Perky Girl to stay so I could ask her a question in front of her manager.  I spelled out everything for the manager and mentioned that as a customer service person myself, I would be fired for saying anything like that to a customer.  I explained to Perky Girl that even if my size wasn’t carried in the store I could be shopping for someone else and she had lost a potential sale by making her assumption.  I left without purchasing anything but receieved apologies from the manager and a discount for a future purchase.  I went back a couple of weeks later to purchase a beauty item and asked about Perky Girl.  Turns out, she was fired for the incident with me because “discrimination isn’t part of the Victoria’s Secret culture”.

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Quick bit of back story:  before I got on birth control, I was 100 pounds and almost too small to fit a size 3 pants. When I got on the pill, I gained 5 pounds and really hadn’t noticed cause my jeans still fit and all, but my dad told me I “needed to start watching what I ate cause I was gaining weight.” I nearly cried because it was the first time I was ever, even in high school, made to feel insecure about my body- over five bleeping pounds that didn’t even push me up a size!

Of course, now I’m 115 cause I switched birth control again. My whole family probably thinks I’m an absolute pig. I’m going to go drown my sorrows in lemon pound cake now. :p

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That is so rude!

I can’t think of something off the top of my head… Let me think on it for a while.

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@MrsFuzzyFace:  I can’t believe you DIDN”T punch her in the face.  God bless you on your self restraint, I’m sure that had a TON to do with showing your beautiful girl how to behave like a good person.


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Eesh.  People can be SO rude. OP, I definitely would have kidney punched that woman.

Mine came from my grandmother.  I have RIDIC love handles.  Like, it’s insane.  I essentially have a muffin top even when I’m completely naked.  It doesn’t bother me much so I don’t really get down about the flab EXCEPT when I’m about to see my grandmother.  My grandma has always made comments about how I need to watch my weight.  I try to ignore her because she’s morbidly obese and I’m not trying to take advice from someone who doesn’t listen to it herself.  But still.  Hearing your grandmother tell you you’re looking fatter every time you see her starts to give you a complex.  The worst thing she told me though was that my body was deformed and that’s why I have such prominent love handles.

Thanks, grandma.  I feel the love.  Nobody wants to hear that from anyone.  I get that I’m not in shape but REALLY.  I’m 22.  I don’t need body image issues.  I understand she wants me to be healthy but there’s constructive and destructive criticism.  Grandma’s advice falls into the latter category.

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I’ve had a couple recently… both from people who I used to report to at work.

First one: I’m a big girl – 5’4 and about 280lb currently. I don’t shy away from the fact. I joke about it – and my close friends and family know I have a problem with over/emotional eating. Anyway, we have a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix, and she’s my yoyo puppy. Fiance will overfeed her and she’ll fatten up, and then he’ll be more strict with her food and she’ll slim down again (we won’t get started on that story atm). I mentioned at work that our dog had put some weight back on, and my supervisor turned around and said “oh, like owner like dog, hey?” without batting an eyelid… in front of the rest of the staff. Mind you, she’s not exactly on the slim side herself… I laughed it off, but it hurt.

The second one was my supervisor’s supervisor. I aired a few grievances with her on my second last day and got a bit upset at the prospect of being out of work for Christmas. We’ve had a rough year, so I was saying I was looking forward to some good coming my way for a change – she turned around and said “oh, well MY life didn’t start getting good until I turned FORTY”. I’m 25. The look on my face must have given away my immediate reaction which was to smack her in the face, because she physically recoiled a bit.

These are just two of the things I had to deal with… office politics, yeesh.

Needless to say, I’m glad a different department took me on and I don’t have to deal with these people anymore!

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OK Darling Husband said he gets why you DIDN”T punch her in the face, but she deserved it.

However you should have responeded with ..  YOU seem to have no trouble .. we think she’s going to be JUST FINE 

He really was pushing for the punch her in the face tho 😀


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@HisIrishPrincess:  L.M.A.O. Loudly. 

@MrsFuzzyFace:  I wanted to punch the screen after reading your story. Seriously, what a complete see-you-next-Tues.

My b**** aunt (seems like everyone has one) came up to me one Thanksgiving and without preamble told me, “Oh Future_Mrs, now I know why you’re so fat. You just eat too much. You really should stop eating so much.” This was the first time I had brought ExH (then my BF) for a big family gathering, and he was sitting right next to me. She had gotten there late and hadn’t even said hello to me or been introduced to him. Needless to say, she was NOT invited to our wedding.

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