(Closed) What is the SWEETEST thing your DH/DW/FI/SO has ever done for you?

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My fiance does a lot of sweet things throughout the year, especially on holidays, but once a month when I get my period, I feel like a new born child being taken care of lol. I don’t ask him to do it or anything, but he always buys what I’m craving – something salty, or sweet, or greasy lol. He gives me a back rub to help with my cramps, makes sure the house is clean because I usually can’t get off the couch since I’m tired/in pain, and all around is just super awesome for days 1-3. 

May not seem like much, but it means more than anything to me!

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Blushing bee

We were long distance our first year of dating, and wow he was amazing. He would stay up late talking to me even though he had work early early the next morning. He would drive 10 hours round trip to see me for 12 hours, especially if I was having a tough time with waiting our normal 2-3 weeks. That made me feel special 


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Hmmm. Husbun is pretty sweet. I think one of the nicest was recently, we had been going through a tough time (he was finishing his thesis which was 6 months overdue, I was dealing with everything else plus his anxiety and was at my breaking point). He whisked off to one of my favourite stores after one of his classes and got me this beautiful watch and jewellery set, and then surprised me with it after I came home from work. Honestly, the gift was beautiful and I wear it all the time but I found it so sweet that this man, who was suffering from debilitating situational depression and anxiety, put it all aside to do something sweet for me. The gesture meant the world to me, and this started on an upward trajectory since then – he finished his thesis and got near perfect (93) and he’s been helping me out a lot because I have a lot on my plate.

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Hard to pick but this was recent so it came to mind. I was feeling terrible in July/August and I was convinced it was due to blood clots. One day in July I was at work and I had radiating pain in my left arm so I freaked out. We both work in NYC, I’m in midtown and he is in the financial district. He left work at like 3pm, borrowed some aspirin from a co-worker, took a cab to my office and showed up in the lobby of my building to take me home

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My fiance does sweet things for me all the time, but this stands out:

Just after we got engaged, I bought my dress and spent quite a bit of my own savings for it.  Literally the next day, my sister (from Vancouver I’m in Toronto) calls me and says she wants my parents to come visit her because they’ve never been, and that the cost of the ticket had to get paid for ASAP.  No warning, and she didn’t ask me – she was TELLING me I had to do it and pretty much made me feel bad for not having the cash right then and there.

I got off the phone with her and was so upset because she made me feel horrible and I didn’t know where to get the money.  My fiance overheard the entire conversation and without me even asking he said, “I’ll pay for it babe, don’t even worry about it”.  He said he knew my sister all too well and that my parents deserved a much needed vacation so they should go.  I cried! 

My Fiance has always had my back and that moment made me realize he loved my family and would do anything for them too.  He’s just the best!


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I had foot surgery last year during the summer before our senior year of college and Darling Husband (FI at the time) camped out at my parents house for two weeks and literally catered to everything I need. My parents didn’t want us sleeping in the same bed in their house before we were married but were fine with being in the same room, so he slept on a futon on the floor for two weeks. He got every meal I needed, stayed on top of my medication, and even carried me into the bathroom since I couldn’t walk. He was absolutely incredible. 

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My Boyfriend or Best Friend does a lot of sweet things for me. He is so cute, but the one thing he did that I was completely in awe for was when he had the day off from work. We usually IM eachother, but since he was off he barely did (which I understood). When I got home (i get home at 3:45pm pretty early) he cleaned the house, did the laundry and fixed a few minor things in the apartment. I looked at him like he was the best Man in the whole wide world. Aweeee! thinking of it now makes me Melt- hes too good to me ๐Ÿ™‚   

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The best thing he has done for me was surprised me with a “delayed honeymoon”.  It was this past summer and we were planning our 2 year anniversary.  He is big into Jeeps and off-roading and I have never been.  We decided for our anniversary, we would go camping and off roading for the first time together.  I was kind of dreading it, it was supposed to rain the whole time.  He said he would plan the whole itinerary and would let me know the morning of where exactly we would be camping.  Instead, he brought me an envelope that had two plane tickets to Florida!  We left that night and stayed for several days at a resort being pampered (I’m a teacher, so no worries about time off work).  He said he felt bad he couldn’t give me a real honeymoon right after we got married, so this was to make up for it.  I was so surprised and it was amazing!  

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My SO has been so amazing at time and done the sweetest things w/o being asked.  Most of them have been to help me out financially. But there also have been surprise things- hes just one cutie patootie.

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Buzzing bee

This is kind of gross, but it was a pretty big deal to me. He’s always been very squeemish about blood, or even about hearing about anything remotely medical. A couple of years ago I had to have my wisdom teeth out, and I’m terrified of the dentist so they put me under for it. When he took me home I was completely out of it and he had to take charge of giving me my pain killers and changing the bloody gauze in my mouth every hour or whatever it was. I have zero recollection of this, but the next day I found a schedule he had written out, so that he’d give me the pill and change the gauze at exactly the right time — it had a column for “pill” and a column for “gozz.” My heart melted when I saw it. The fact that he’s never been a good speller just warmed my heart all the more. And I know it probably freaked him out and made him want to faint or vomit or something to look at that bloody gauze that was coming out of my mouth. Several years later I still have that little schedule that he wrote out.

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Helper bee

We met online and lived in different states, so we wrote to each other for five months before going on our first date. On our one year dating anniversary, he gathered all of our emails together, and proceeded to use only words from emails to write me the most beautiful love poem.


for s.

the growing voice
surprised time
and spread its presence
heaving a brilliant shock of fire and soul.

promises piercing a forgotten desire
like a flower crawled into winter.

we discovered
nails chanting a gift
not open to corrosion–
a beach that belongs to the lost.

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the sweetest thing SO has done for me wasn’t actually for me. it was for my son. My son’s father sucks. Plain and simple. And my son is old enough to feel the void. Especially when he sees other dads coaching as he’s very heavily involved in sports year round. We had a conversation where my son basically expressed that he felt odd because the other boys fathers all come and volunteer at different times and one of the boys asked when his dad was going to come.SO was there for this conversation. Well the next practice (football) I was sitting watching like I always do and SO showed up out of nowhere and went right in and offered to volunteer and help with practice. I had no idea he was planning on doing that. He introduced himself to the boys as my son’s stepdad and the smile on my son’s face is something I will never ever forget. I don’t believe I have ever been so in love as I was at that moment. I may have cried a bit lol. From that point on my son has never been hesitant to ask SO to step in or be present for something like that. In fact, he will be assistant coaching his football team in 2016. Seeing him do what he did without being asked is by far the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me and what he gave to my son in that moment is priceless. No material gift or romantic gesture will ever top that for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’m fortunate to have a fiancé that goes above and beyond to make sure I’m taken care of and happy ๐Ÿ™‚ From spending all day in the emergency room with me when I had a ruptured ovarian cyst back in August to taking me on my first real vacation to Jamaica to propose… And now he’s buying us a home (I’m in grad school, working but don’t make much money). So I’d say the sweetest things are grounded in the way he selflessly provides for me in so many ways. 

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