(Closed) What is the SWEETEST thing your DH/DW/FI/SO has ever done for you?

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  • Wedding: December 2016

During my “waiting” phase, he brought home one of our state’s local bridal magazines. So simple but it was very touching πŸ™‚

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  • Wedding: May 2016

My Fiance is always so sweet and caring.

  • The biggest thing is just five months into dating I was at a new job (left my job of 11 years, only company I’d work at since graduating college) but I was miserable. I quit (bc I was treated terribly), he asked me to move in (we’d been talking about it already) and he didn’t make me pay rent, food, etc. I of course busted my butt cleaning, cooking and lawn mowing while looking for a job too along with paying my personal bills (student loans, etc).


  • Last month he went on his annual hunting trip for 5 days, I open the fridge to find Dove chocolate promises he got for me. He’ll ocassionally come home with some of my favorite snacks


  • Another cute one: he was insistent I have a ROAD ID: a bracelet with emergency contact names and phone numbers. I run and work out a lot and he was floored I didn’t have one. He ordered me one with his name and number listed first (along with my brother & dad). This was before he proposed so I definitely knew he was serious about me!

He’s just all around thoughtful, I feel so fortunate and blessed!

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  • Wedding: June 2016 - Old Lake County Courthouse

at the time he was my boyfriend and our relationship was still brand new. I was all set to go to a continuing education seminar and a snowstorm came in an area I was suppose to drive through. He surprise visited me so I wouldn’t have to make the trek alone. I ended up not going because the snowstorm ended up hitting where I lived too. So we just spent some quality time together. That’s was sweet of him and i appreciate him being concerned about my safety. 

That was the first thing he did, I have a long list of others but i probably don’t have enough word count to list them all  


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  • Wedding: November 2016 - Garden

Besides of him proposing at the observatory while staring out at the night sky for beautiful stars during thanksgiving weekend… That was amazing….

Well I got mad at him on my birthday in July because I told him he works too much. So that afternoon I waited for him for like an hour at the mall because he said he was going to have a date with me. He told me he was going to get off at a certain time. What did he do? He didn’t pop up til 1hr and 30 like later…. I’m like no. You’re not wasting my time on my day!!! And I kinda got mad like yelling ” you had me waiting for you for two hours!!” So I said forget the date I’m going to go visit my sister at work. So I did. Bought boba for her. I vented while she worked and she listened. Like telling her he worked so much. He forgot about me. Blah blah blah….I was on a rampage haha. Well my sis told me to go apologize. So I did.

I found him at his house and I apologized at around 3pm. We hugged and kissed and watched a couple old cartoons like bugs Bunny and such. I stayed there til 10pm. I kissed him good bye and went home. My mom was already sleep. It was dark and I couldn’t see where I was going. I tripped over something….then I saw it. In the kitchen. A giant chocolate cake with strawberries on top. And candles all around. I smiled because I knew my mom would NEVER miss a birthday for me. 

So I texted my Fiance (then lousy boyfriend) that my mom did this for me and blah blah blah.He said he was happy for me and everyrhing. So I hung up and the first thing he texted me was read the card before I went to bed. I’m like no. Why? I’ll do it tomorrow. I read the card. Before I did though I took a really big bite out of my cake. I read “my dear love of my life I hope you had a great birthday.” (And some other mushy romantic comments).

I cried because I was stupid And selfish and so grumpy that I didn’t realise the reason why he was two hours late for our afternoon lunch date was because he was at my house putting all this together for me. With my mom’s help. I cried all night and really apologized. And made it up to him.

So that’s one of most romantic things he’s done this year. The year isn’t over yet!!! Never assume anything the reasons why your man is late for anything because it just might be for you in the long hall πŸ™‚

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  • Wedding: June 2014

We organized for our favorite cover band to play a concert the night of our wedding, open to the public but we bought a bunch of tickets. He surprised me by joining them on stage and serenading me with one of our favorite love songs. It was the only thing that made me cry that day. Apparently he had been practicing for months!

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He calls my mom even when he ”doesn’t have to” and hleps her with some health troubles she has..He is such a sweet guy..:)

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  • Wedding: August 2015

Two things:

When we first started dating we agreed on no Christmas present since we had just started dating the last week of November.  He comes over to my place with a tin of chocolates with winter cats on them.  He says “I know we agreed on no gifts but I know how much you like chocolate and cats.  When I saw this in the grocery store I had to get it for you.”  That empty tin is sitting on our bookshelf right now.  πŸ™‚

Second, my family dog died in the summer of 2014 and I was devastated.  I had warned him that when pets died I would be a complete wreck.  Though he has never had a dog, when I called him to tell him my parents were going to have to put her down, he said immediately “when can I come down to be there for you?”  At that time we were living about an hour apart.  If I had asked him to come down that night he would have.  The day she passed he was there for me the entire day, including 16 hours straight of ugly crying.  THAT was when I knew he was a keeper.  πŸ™‚

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  • Wedding: September 2016

stardustintheeyes:Β  That is the sweetest thing. Reading it made me tear up. What a great man you have!Β 

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Three years ago, a relative who raised me was dying of cancer and it killed me that I couldn’t go visit her as she went back to her country. She wanted to pass away in her hometown, and I couldn’t go to that country because of my political reasons (I couldn’t enter that country with my passport). She was stable for many months, but then her health took a suddent nosedive and she was slipping away quickly. My husband and I were in LDR at that time. That weekend he had a bachelor party trip planned (flights and hotel were booked). I called him in tears thinking she only had a few days left and I felt horrible that I couldn’t see her. He immediately cancelled his trip and flew to her to say goodbye in my place (he has a different passport). She actually ended up passing away while he was enroute, but the fact he tried just meant the world to me.

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