(Closed) What is the thing you love most and the thing you hate most about where you live

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Honey bee
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onthewaybee:  I live in DC and I love almost everything about it: all of my friends have cool jobs, gorgeous historic monuments and buildings, watching the Presidential motorcade, etc.  I was raised in the northeast and went to college in the southeast, so I love that it’s warmer than where I’m from, but we still get all of the seasons.  I could go on lol. 

The one thing that I really hate is that the metro system has really gone downhill.  Trains are always breaking down, there is more time between trains- it’s just annoying.  My commute takes a solid hour, hour and a quarter and sometimes it’s been delayed so badly that it’s taken two hours or more.  I’m currently looking for a job closer to where I live though, so hopefully that problem will be alleviated 🙂  Oh and don’t bother ever driving here, it’s a poor life decision. 

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Bumble bee
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onthewaybee:  I live in Houston TX. Born and raised.  I love this city because, well its all I have known.  I have all my family and friends here.  Recently the bike trails have gotten better and the city seems to be going more green friendly.  I live in the city and not away from eveything.  We got a good deal on our home and in a nice neighborhood.  It’s kind of hard to find those in town.  So I love it!

What I hate is the traffic.  I HATE HATE it!!! There is always traffic everywhere you go and construction seems to be an ongoing thing!!!  My commute isn’t so bad though.  Takes me 30 min to get to work and 30 min to get home.  But that’s only because I go in at 7 a.m and clock out at 3:30 p.m.  But yeah I HATE it LOL

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Busy bee
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I am originally from Greece but currently reside in Manchester, UK. What I love most in this city is its friendly people. What I find annoying? Well…the rain of course. 😀

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Bee Keeper
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I currently live in St Paul, MN.

What I love: the people (Minnesota Nice!), it’s pretty here – rivers, trees, hills, changing seasons, lakes.

What I don’t love: WINTER. Could have better food (I lived in CA for years, I miss good food!).

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Sugar Beekeeper
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onthewaybee:  I love all of the entertainment options in Toronto and of course our Blue Jays 🙂

I hate how far I am from family (Not really the fault of the city) and I hate the pathetic excuse for a transit system and I hate the traffic.

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Busy bee
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onthewaybee:  I’ll answer for the 3 states I’ve lived in over the past 4 years (thanks to FI’s job):

Massachusetts (north of Boston) – This is where I grew up. I love the quaint New England-y feel and its proximity to the mountains, the coast, Boston, and lots of other states. I hate that because of the quaint New Englandyness of it, it’s becoming overcrowded and can’t really handle the population growth, and it seems like its getting more and more dangerous (crime rates, gang activity, stuff like that).

Texas (DFW) – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cost of living!!! I miss it so much. My wallet and my house was big. I remember those days fondly. I also miss how nice the people are. Southern hospitality is real. I don’t like the weather. There’s no fall (not good for a basic white girl with her northface and PSL habit), summer is so brutal you just can’t go outside, and winter is cold but not cold enough for snow. Boo.

New Jersey – Ahh..my current location and my least favorite. I do like that I’m 9 miles away from NYC, and that I see the Manhattan skyline every morning when I drive to work. I make sure to take it in. NYC is a blast obviously. I hate that it costs an insane amount of money for everything here and the taxes are so bad that even with a 10K raise in salary from what I was making in Texas, my take-home is less. It’s also insanely overcrowded and the traffic is soulcrushing. But fall! I get my fall here!


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Helper bee
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I live in Darwin, NT, Australia. 

What I Love: The weather … most of the time. The people, everyone is so laid back and friendly. We’re a capital city but everything is 30 minutes drive tops! The sunsets and the view! 

What I don’t love: Cost of living. Our economy is booming at the moment so we’re SUPER expensive for everything. Currently have the most expensive groceries in the country. Plus we’re a capital city but too small for anything, or anyone, to come here. So I have to travel interstate for concerts, plays, musicals, basically anything culture based. 

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Sugar bee
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Another Minnesotan here.

LOVE – the sports teams, lol

HATE – snow. Winter that last around 5 months.

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Blushing bee
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I live about an hour north of Toronto. I work in a city of about 80000 people, but drive home to my house in the country about 25 kilometers north of that. I love the privacy we have out in the country here; most of all our hot tub on the back deck. And I love not hearing people screaming and yelling at 3 in the morning like you do when you live in the city.

But I hate having to plan out what I need for the night before I head home because driving into the store is no longer a 2 minute trip. And I hate that we have no friends or neighbors to hang out with out here. And that we have to drive into the city to see any kind of concerts or shows or entertainment worth going to.

But literally everything has pros and cons right?!

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Sugar bee
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onthewaybee:  I live in chicago suburbs and I love how there is soooo much to do here! The city is 20 minutes away but even the burbs have a lot to do. Anything you can think of, you can do!

I HATE THE WEATHER> OMG. I don’t even enjoy fall because i know whats coming later. Snow, -20 windchills, salt everywhere, ice, can’t drive,  its not warm again til June. I get SAD, and am literally planning my pregnancy around winter (NOT having a newborn in january. Just. Not. Happening). 


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Honey bee
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I grew up in the middle of nowhere, so I love having so many restaurants, shops, and activities at my fingertips. 

However, I HATE the cost of living. 

(I live in the DMV area.)

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Busy Beekeeper
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I live in Pittsburgh, PA.  I have been here for 3 years now.

What I love: The job opportunities and how much there is to do here.

What I hate: The proximity to my Mother-In-Law and that it’s not Bar Harbor, ME (we just got married there, and now we’re obsessed…).

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Helper bee
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I live in NYC (Staten Island to be exact)

I love the diversity and how you can pretty much get anything you want whenever you want and there’s tons of jobs here.

I hate that its so congested and the cost of living (and everything else) is ridiculous.

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Sugar bee
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I live in farm country New Jersey. I love love love how quiet it is, all the open fields and the beautiful old barns, the scenery, the perfect 4 seasons. I also live in one of the richest counties in america so the towns are quaint and well kept, clean, and gorgeous. We’re 40 minutes from the city and an hour to the shore yet we’re in the middle of no where. We have rolling hills, mountains, and flat country roads all in one area. My best friend moved to the blue ridge mountains which is supposed to be in one of the most “beautiful areas of the country” and she says it’s beauty can’t even compare to where we live in Jersey.

What I don’t like? Richest county in america = extremely expensive. Some of the people in our town are verrrrrrrrry stuck up snobbish (a few celebrities, high HIGH ups in major international companies, etc. that tend to keep their noses in the air a little too much). I’m not a fan of the ‘horse snobs’ in our area either. People move from all over the country to live here with their horses but they expect everyone else to bow down to their lifestyle and don’t respect those of us who farm the area or have lived here for generations. Very annoying. Then we have the city folks come in as tourists (especially during apple/pumpkin picking season!! ugh!!) to see our farms and our small towns…it gets way too busy for us country folks lol.

I also sometimes hate how long I have to drive to get to a store. And since we live across from a cow pasture we have FLIES invade our house in the summer months! grrrr… those pesky buggers. But I’ll take flies and cows over car horns and people anyday

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