(Closed) What is the thing you love most and the thing you hate most about where you live

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We live in Denver, CO.

Love: Proximity to the mountains and all sorts of outdoor activites including RMNP. We love hiking and SO is big into snowboarding (I’m attempting to learn!) so it’s perfect for us. I also love downtown Denver – not too big but there’s lots to do, great food, nice people and an awesome beer & sports scene. We moved here from Iowa a couple years ago, so it’s been a lot of fun.

Hate: It’s getting really crowded. Traffic is getting miserable – not only commute times, but if you don’t leave super early on the weekends to get into the mountains, you’re going to be stuck. With the influx of people, it’s also driving the cost of living up quite a bit. The housing market is crazy – the minute we find something, it’s already off the market with a cash offer 20K over asking.  

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Chicago Bee here…. I LOVE the diversity here. Not just with the people but the area we live in geographically. We have a beach (lake michigan) we have the dunes a jump skip and a hop away over in indiana. We have the best of both worlds, big city life in downtown chicago and so much natural beauty and coastal land too.

I HATE the weather. I hate it. I actually don’t mind the cold. I could deal with it if we just had fridgid temps during winter if it stayed dry. But we get some epic snow storms here and icy roads are just a given during winter, it all just really stresses me out. Granted, Chicago is amazing at maintaing the roads for us even during the worst of the worst. A blizzard that would normally knock out a city for days, possibly even longer, won’t affect chicago for mroe than a day or two. And you can rely on our plows to be out when you need them. So at least there’s that.  

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I live in Boston, and I LOVE (almost) everything about the city, but I particularly love the charm. It’s such an old (for America) city and so much of it has retained its character of the past. Each neighborhood has its own unique identity, but they also share something that’s uniquely Boston and I love that. Plus, I’m a history nerd, so all of the American history everywhere makes the charm even more special.

I don’t love that it’s so expensive to live here. And I don’t love the cold weather – I don’t mind the snow, but the actual cold gets old…fast.

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I live in the SF Bay area (I work downtown and live in the suburbs).  I just moved here this year!

The biggest thing I love is the WEATHER!  It’s so sunny and lovely here but you still get a bit of seasonal change.  I also love the unique cultural/arts events, and the job opportunities are great.  For example, I was looking for something unique to do for halloween that didn’t involve being scared out of my mind or binge drinking – I ended up booking tickets to the SF SF Symphony Orchestra’s event that night where there will be a concert of halloween-ish pieces and a screening of the RHPS.  I mean really, how cool is that?  I also love that you feel like you are seeing the front edge of a lot of trends/technologies.  And I liek the fashion in this city – it’s casual but pulled together in a way I aspire to fit into.

The thing I like the least is the cost of housing.  It’s nuts.  I also don’t love having a long commute (although the public transit is pretty good) and being far away from my friends and family.  I’m new here and haven’t made any real friends yet, so that’s a bit of a bummer.  And though a lot of people would say this area is great for outdoorsy pursuits, so far I think it’s no-where near as good as my home city, so that’s a downside for me.


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I love that I don’t live in the city but hate that I don’t live in the city. Confusing, right? I’ll explain…

I love that we live in a decent sized house with plenty of room and a big yard. I love that we live in a area that’s in between suburb and rural because it’s not way out in the country but there’s not a ton of traffic or anything like that. However, I also hate that we don’t have some of the perks of the city. I love that the city has so many different and diverse places to eat and little pubs/bars all within walking distance to your house (assuming you actually live in the city). I hate how the cities host all the fun festivals and we can’t just walk or get a short Uber ride to them. But I don’t like how you have to live in an apartment or condo that costs the same as our house.

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Helper bee

As you might be able to tell from my username I really love living in Buffalo!

Most of our sports teams kinda suck but I love every single one of them; Bills, Sabres, Bisons, but most of all our lacrosse team the Bandits! We used to go to games all the time and this will be our third year getting season tickets, the experience and energy at every game is so great and lacrosse in general is so fun to watch. I love that the city is becoming more bike friendly and the waterways are very kayak friendly. I love being around the water and there’s so many options for that. Oh and we can watch the sun set over the lake, how awesome is that?! Niagara falls is ridiculously close as well as a ton of other areas we can go hike at- just this weekend we went to the niagara gorge saturday to hike and Letchworth State Park (USA Today Readers Choice Best State Park award for 2015) on sunday to hike.  The low cost of living is nice and there’s always so much to do, especially in summer! I think at this point there’s at least one free concert series every day of the week in summer within easy driving distance and there’s a huge variety of festivals all year. And people will probably think I’m crazy but I actually love all the weather and having four distinct seasons. We get phenomenal summers (most of the time), nice springs and falls, and I ski and snowshoe so I even love winter (plus winter means Bandits season starts!). Oh and of course the food, and all the famous Buffalo connections that gave us so much great history/architecture (Frank Lloyd Wright, Frederick Law Olmsted, etc).

I could definitely go on about the things I love but I’ll stop. Things I don’t like? 

The amount of separation in the city- there’s basically an entire half of the city that people don’t even think of as part of Buffalo. The single straight short line of metro rail drives me crazy and they’re constantly cutting bus lines or redoing routes so it’s almost never worth it to take public transportation if you have another option, and if you don’t have another option you’ll most likely have to plan hours in advance. And I don’t like the politics in Buffalo, change seems to come so slowly. 

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Orange County, CA

Love: the things to do (beach, Disneyland, etc.)

Hate: I am sweating it’s still almost 100 degrees, traffic, and cost of living.

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mrsmfsh:  wow. i am an former Iowan myself and I live in the Denver metro area. I have moved a lot. I’ll tell you all about the places I lived and what I liked of each area. 

Michigan- that’s where I grew up and lived there for 14 years. I liked that my family is up there and I miss them a lot. And I enjoy their restaurants and ice cream places thats offered in my small towns. I like the fact that they have lake beaches. The thing I didn’t like was the harsh winters. 

Ashburn/Stafford Virginia- it’s close to Alexandria/DC and Alexandria and DC are historical and has beautiful views. I love the milder weather that Virginia had when I lived there. What I didn’t like was the traffic, cost of living and the grading scale for grades in high school. As I did some high school in va. 


Cedar Rapids Iowa- I love the people their and the people I met in high school when I moved there from Virginia. Cedar Rapids has good parks and community pools and great schools. I considered myself lucky to have spent a majority of my high school years in Cedar Rapids. Cost of living is low and grading scale is better then Virginia. The things I didn’t like are the winters and the scenery as well as a lot of country outside the cities. 

Omaha- I love that there was so much to do. I love the zoo and I have met some of the best Jr. College friends in the Omaha/council bluffs area. I hate the weather though. 

Des Moines Iowa- similar to Omaha and Cedar Rapids. Theirs a lot to do in Des Moines and I got my first part time job in Des Moines. I also liked that it was half way between Omaha and Cedar Rapids. 


Colorado/Aurora Denver area- I haven’t moved there yet as I live in Westminster but I love the weather, scenery and it has lots to do. I absolutely hate the traffic and that dia airport is so big. But everything else I love. 


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I live right outside of Fort Lauderdale, about 30 miles north of Miami. Fiance and I moved here about 3 years ago.

Love: the weather. Everyday is perfect. Today was in the low 90s and it was so beautiful all day long. We rarely get below 75 and never higher than around 100. It took a little adjustment, but it’s so amazing to have heat and sun all day, all year. I’ll never get tired of the weather here. 

Hate: the people. The culture and diversity is amazing, but the traffic is terrible and people aren’t very friendly. Most people from this area are always in a hurry, moving quickly and completely into their own lives. People don’t often say hello or act politely in stores and the like, and are constantly interested in themselves above all else. This is a huge difference from where I grew up (Ohio).

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south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia

love- being 45 min from the city centre (non peak times) 10 minutes and we are in the country with cows and horses, 15 min and we are at boat ramps, 25 min and we are at the beach – can it get any better?? I love Melbourne for the AFL and concerts, food, theatre, museums but then I can go and chill on beautiful beaches 🙂 

hate- hmmm, I hate how long it takes me to drive to work (1.5hrs) because of congestion and the cost of housing (although the cost was what drove us furher out and closer to the beach/country so can’t complain too much!) 

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I live in San Francisco and what I hate most is what almost every native has complained about…

The influx of “techies”. I don’t mean to be racist but I have never seen so many white people in  my life in the last few years!! That’s okay. But when things like the following happens makes me facepalm so hard…

I was at a Vietnamese Pho resturant. For those that don’t know, Pho is basicly noodle soup with some herbs in it for flavoring. The guy asked to have everything except the noodle and chicken removed. WTF…. 
I even understand supply and demand of the high housing prices, which is ridicolous. But most of all, I hate how we are losing so much of the culture here. 

Oh and the poop on the street… oh god the poop…

The thing I love most is the culture, which we are losing. If I lived anywhere else in the country, I doubt I would know and understand so much of my own culture or be able to speak my own language so well because most of my friends are my own race and I pratice my native language with them. 

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Kandykane: ohhh the poop!

I too live in SF. Apologies for being one of the tech set — we aren’t all douchebags, promise!

Hate: Poop, shitty transit (literally), tech douchebros and the cost of living. 

Love: Everything else — my work, my husband, the weather, the food, the cultural and intellectual opportunities and creativity. 

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I live in beautiful Northeast Ohio! Consider us the armpit of the state.

What I LOVE: Living right along the shores of Lake Erie we get to  have 4 seasons a year, the beautiful scenary, living in the boondocks!

What I HATE: LAKE EFFECT SNOW FOR 5 MONTHS OF THE YEAR. Granted we are all pros on the driving, it gets old. And fast. Lake effect is SO different than regular snow. You don’t want it and it is not pretty.

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I live in Limerick, Ireland

Love: Friendly people (we really are a super friendly nation, it’s not a myth!), great restaurants, lots of heritage (castles etc), small country so never too far from beaches/forests etc. Job is great, area we live is lovely.

Hate: The Rain (I capitalised it because it’s like a living entity). I suppose Ireland has to stay green somehow *sighs*

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