(Closed) What is the thing you love most and the thing you hate most about where you live

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I live in NYC-Brooklyn, to be exact.


Love: Everything.  The feel, the culture, the weather, the convenience of everything. I can get literally anything I want almost 24 hours a day.  All of my friends live within a 20 minute walk of my house, and my husband and I know our neighbors so well that we can be SURE to see someone we know if we go to a bar or resto in our neighborhood. I love the sense of community.


Not love: Not having a car- it sucks to not be able to drive to the grocery store and then park in a driveway and unpack your car.  We get a good workout carrying everything, though! I also do not love the cost of living here- we’re working on renovating our house and we’re going to be well into the seven-figures.  It’ll be worth way more than we’re spending if we ever want to sell, but it’s still depressing to think that we could have bought two mansions in NC for the cost of our 2600sqft townhouse.

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St Albert, AB, Canada

Love: Nice place, everything is easy to get to. Many walking paths. Lots of little shopping district strip malls. 10 minute drive to Edmonton, 20 minute drive to West Edmonton Mall. I like the Enjoy Center a lot — which is a natural food store, florist, and yoga studio in one building that also hosts craft fairs a few times a year. The library is nice. Their Farmer’s market is nice.

Not Love: The average price of houses here is $473,000. Needless to say, I am moving 500km south next year, to a somewhat nice place I had lived previously for 5 years (Lethbridge, AB), where the average housing cost is $267,000.

TLDR; Some places in Canada are wicked expensive to live.

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Buzzing bee

I live in FL so I love that we have no freezing temps, ice or snow in the winter but I don’t love the humidity and heat we deal with from April through September!  

I also like that a lot of people move to FL from all over so there is a good mix of personalities, experiences, ideas, philosophies, etc. I forget that I do live in the deep south thought now I am in a bigger city so I am around people more open minded than when I lived in a smaller town. 

Overall, I do like it here but wish it was a more liberal state, our public transit was better though the city I am currently in is trying to make it better, and that we had more than two weather seasons. I’m pretty used to it by now though, I’ve been here 10 yrs with no plans on moving anywhere! 

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Two places: Where I grew up, and where I am now


“Upstate” NY- So, not even kind of Upstate, really 45 minutes from the GWB, but everyone assumes if its not NYC, its Upstate….dumb…anyway…..

Pros: Loved being close enough to the city to enjoy the sights, plays, events, etc…but far enough away to not have to be around all those people all the time, its one the most beautiful places to live especially in the fall, awesome apple picking, great school system, better cost of living than the city. 

Cons: still a really high cost of living, the winters SUCKED, a lot of hidden racism up there, so overall I’m still glad I left.


Now I live in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia area) and I loveeeee it here.

Pros: Lots of restaurants, sights, nightlife, monuments, my alma mater. Lots of people to meet with really interesting life stories. Lots of hospitals for me to work at. Not as many people as New york, but still a good bustling city.

Cons: The cost of living really is quite terrible, even in your periphery cities (Silver Spring, Bethesda, Alexandria, Arlington), the traffic is possibly the worst I’ve ever seen in my life, especially on the Virginia side of the beltway. The speed of the gentrification going on in the city is getting really disheartening because with it, a lot of the culture that makes DC “DC” is getting stripped away, and that’s a tragedy. 

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ohmylanta13:  Yup…that’s where I juat moved from lol. 

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Love: location

Hate: cost of living

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I live in Maryland (actually between DC and Baltimore) and my fiance and I sorta really hate it. haha!


It’s cold to me like 8 months out of the year. It doesn’t seem to really get warm until mid-June, and then by the start of September it’s getting cold again. Everyone else is used to it though because even when it’s warm enough for a skirt, everywhere cranks their A/C so it’s super cold inside. So even when it’s nice, all year around I carry a sweater of somesort. Frustrating.

The people are NOT friendly at ALL. In NYC and L.A. they’re still way nicer! People are downright MEAN around here! EVERY OTHER STATE I’ve been, they’re nicer. Now if you go more out into western Maryland (Frederick or further) or the Eastern Shore, they’re typically more friendly. Here is just… bad.

The traffic SUCKS. Ugh! Don’t bother driving anywhere between 3 and 6pm at all, and stretch that from 2 to 7:30 for some places. My friend and I thought L.A. traffic was way better. There, they actually LET YOU MERGE. haha. And there’s not gridlock and people up on your bumper. Yeah, it’s slow, but people are almost always moving, and merging isn’t an issue, unlike this area (again, people are mean. It’s like they gain pleasure from cutting you off or just sucking up to someone else’s car as much as possible so you can’t possibly get in).


There’s a lot of restaurants and stuff to do. You can go to the ocean in 3 hours or the mountains in less time. (Con again: The ocean sucks though and we never go because it’s murky and often too chilly to really enjoy. Ocean City and nearby is full of grossness and crammed with people, and a crappy hotel will still cost you $200 a night. They don’t even have 4 star hotels or higher there. So your best bet is a 3 star, which is fine, but it costs about $300 a night when it’s warm enough to enjoy. And there’s just over-priced crappy food, and the beaches are just packed. Forget relaxing.)

The mountain areas are nice ^_^

Restaurants are plentiful and pretty awesome.

There are of course a lot of jobs around, in comparison to everywhere else. Also a lot of good colleges.

If you like partying and drinking (we do not) then D.C. has really great scenes like that. Getting TO D.C. is a different story though. haha.

But jobs are here, our families are here, etc., so we’re gonna stick around for a few years anyway. I’d recommend northern Virginia though, if anyone is interested in the D.C. area at all. Don’t go north of D.C. into Maryland unless you head to western MD, and Baltimore is honestly just sort of a waste. I’d never recommend anyone live in the Baltimore metro. Baltimore offers very little for more than a couple days, and it’s dangerous, and sorta seedy-feeling overall, mostly. 


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Love – right outside city

Hate – cost of living/crime

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rubyrane:  LOL yeah traffic sucks here.  My commute to work isn’t too bad.  With traffic its a 30 min drive and without about a 20 min drive.  My Darling Husband went to school at Texas Tech.  He said he liked it there since it was nothing like Houston.  Want to go visit soon Lubbock since I never got to go visit him over there.  I been to smaller cities and I absolutely love it.  Wouldn’t trade Houston for anything though.  

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MrsNino:  My Darling Husband went to Tech too! Now is a better time to visit, the weather is perfect in the evenings. And of course, game day is always chaotic fun.

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rubyrane:  LOL yeah I heard this time of the year is beautiful!  Heard summers are HOT though. 

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I live in Los Angeles, Ca (specifically West Hollywood)


I love the gorgeous weather, beaches and that there is ALWAYS something to do here. All my family and friend live close too which is amazing. The people in my neighborhood (WEHO) are EXTREMELY friendly, I absolutely love it.


I hate the horrid cost of living, rude snooty people (big problem here), and ‘the industry’ most of my friends work at a studio and work the most awful hours so I feel like I never get to see them, they’re always free on a random Tuesday night or something so I never want to go out then. Oh and traffic….traffic sucks but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be if you know the city well. 

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I live in Auburn, California, about half an hour northeast of Sacramento.


What I love most about it:

-The weather – plenty of sun, usually not too hot or too cold, not too much rain

-The people are nicer than they are in California’s bigger cities

-Most of my family lives pretty close


-We’re a lot less affected by earthquakes than many other places in California

-It’s enough of a city that there’s plenty to do in my opinion, but it’s also right on the edge of the wilderness

-The history, especially the Gold Rush history – and I love how so many things around here are named after Gold Rush things (the beers at one of my favorite restaurants here are named things like Fool’s Gold IPA and Gold Digger IPA)

-The scenery is BEAUTIFUL. The American River Canyon is right next to us. I love it and there’s nowhere else quite like it in the world. We also have the Foresthill Bridge – the highest bridge in California, which Vin Diesel jumped his Corvette off of in xXx

-Go an hour east on 80 and you’re in Truckee (SNOW CENTRAL), go 2.5 hours west on 80 and you’re in San Francisco!


What I like least about it:

-Even though I complain about getting rained on, we aren’t getting enough of it. The drought in California is horrible right now

-Sometimes it’s WAY too hot in the summer

-People are more rude than they are in smaller towns

-Traffic (although it’s mild compared to many places in California)

-It’s too expensive

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