(Closed) What is the weirdest rule your parents had?

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Blushing bee
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We use to have to get changed for dinner, like as in put on a dress and everything. (I have a pretty old school family lol)

Also my grandmother wouldn’t allow us to have anything with birds, ie if you got a card with a brid on it she would cut the bird out, same with books, ect. She grew up in a very superstitious family, and it’s carried on for generations lol. (FYI I have nothing aganist birds lol)

Also if one of us got grounded, like my parents would ground us from the computer, they would unplug the keyboard and keep it in the trunk of their car, so there was no way we could use it. lol 

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Bee Keeper
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I like the one pop per day rule! I think all parents should do that.

The weirdest one I can think of right now is that my parents never let me watch soap operas or MTV the entire time I lived at their house. I understand limiting TV like that during elementary and even middle school, but when I was a senior in high school i would get in trouble if I was caught watching either. I thought that was weird. Meanwhile, they didn’t care much if I drank with friends.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I honestly can’t think of any weird rules my parents had for us.  I’ll have to ponder ……

Curious to hear everyone’s answers though!

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Helper bee
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i wasn’t allowed to watch “jem” because she had pink hair and my dad said that she was a social misfit hahahaha


ETA:  just thought of the irony because my little sister has pink hair now and no one seems to care ha

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Helper bee
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My dad declared no starting on homework after school until I watched the Beetlejuice cartoon first, and no playing on Saturday until after Bugs Bunny was over. I didn’t really mind those weird rules. 🙂 He did know what was important sometimes.

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Honey bee
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lol I can tell this is going to be a funny thread.  I always felt like my mom was quite strict with us growing up compared to other kids mom’s.  She was/is a clean freak.  Mainly she didn’t let us have a lot of sleepovers in the fear of getting lice from other children.  She also didn’t like us trying on hats at the store in fear of lice hiding in the hats haha.  We always had to put toilet paper on public washroom seats or squat because she didn’t want us touching it.  Had to open the door with paper towel (I still do those two things lol)  Oh and she wouldn’t let us play in the ditches to catch tadpoles and so we got upset because ALLLL the other kids got to and we weren’t allowed. haha omg looking back it’s hilarious

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Bumble bee
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I didn’t have too many weird rules, but my mom was pretty anal about some things. Not allowed to leave your toothbrush out of the cupboard or drawer because when you flush the toilet it spreads germs, not allowed to touch the shower curtain before washing your hands even if you’re about to have a shower (fancy white one), etc. etc. CLEAN FREAK! lol

Also, I was a straight A student so my parents had this rule with me that I could have a lot of flexibility as long as I kept my grades up. If I didn’t feel like going to school one day I didn’t have to go. If I wanted to drink I was allowed in moderation. If I got a a B, however, well I was on lock down. No friends, no phone, no computer, and driven to and from school for a month. lol.

It all worked out in the end. I think I’m pretty well-rounded…most of the time!

Edit: Oh the bird thing reminded me of something! My grandmother wouldn’t allow me to have anything with butterflys on it…especially not for your hair. I guess when my uncle was young his girlfriend was abducted and later found murdered (sad, I know)…she was wearing a butterfly in her hair. Superstitious grandma!

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Busy bee
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My parents hated call waiting and we weren’t allowed to have it on any of the phone lines in the house.  They thought it was rude.  My mom would actually hang up on people who would put her on hold for another call.  They finally got it but they still won’t pick up another call, but they know to check the caller ID after the call is over.  So needless to say I am still not ‘allowed’ to pick up another call if I am on the phone with my parents. 

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Blushing bee
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my parents also had a rule that we weren’t allowed to have tv’s in our bedrooms, my little sister is 20 and just moved back in… they still won’t budge on that rule lol

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Buzzing bee
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We weren’t allowed to watch Looney Toons because my mom said the characters didn’t respect each other.  But Pulp Fiction was just fine.

Also, we had to unplug the TV every night.  Something about sending negative cancerous energy throughout the house.

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Sugar bee
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@Lovebird724: Aww Jem was my personal hero! She was all kinds of awesome.

I wasn’t allowed to watch Tiny Toons when I was little because my mom said they were “disrespectful to authority” and in one episode they had a séance.

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I have a funny one from my Mum. I don’t know how much of a “rule” it was, but she would say it all the time. Before we went to sleepaway camp. Before our first day of school. When I left for collage. And it was not reserved for just my siblings and myself either, she would say it to our friends before we would go out to parties, etc….

From my mum, “If it’s wet, and not yours, don’t touch it.”

Can you tell she is a teacher?? I used to get so embarrased and weirded out as a kid. But now I think it is hysterical!! Oh her other rule was “no open mouth kissing if you or the other person has braces.” Hahahaha. Oh mum, I love you.

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