What is the WORST accidental "text" you have mistakenly sent OR received?!?!

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Haha…I forgot this one! 

Last year I sent a happy anniversary text to my SIL and brother only thing is I got the dates wrong and sent it 5 days early. My SIL didn’t reply as she’d broken her mobile a few days before. My brother panicked because he knows I’m usually good with dates and he thought he got it wrong especially because his wife seemed very quiet in the morning before work. He started thinking she was pissed at him because he’d forgotten their anniversary. He literally book dinner  for that night at their favorite restaurant and came home with flowers due to my text. My SIL thought it was hilarious and played along. It was only when main course was served that she told him he was actually right on dates and I was wrong. 😅 

I tried it again  this year with my SILs birthday on her request but it didn’t work… She was hoping to get two lots of birthday jewelry this year!!!

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Okay, not a text message thing, but once my boss and owner of the company (and also my Ex!)  backed up his phone to our office dropbox. He didn’t realize it. So lots of pictures were showing up on my computer (because it syncs to my latest documents) and suddenly nude pictures of his new girlfriend were popping up. I called him to let him know what was happening. He was in a meeting and not answering his phone so I MADE THEM PULL HIM OUT to tell him he had to stop the back-up. He was soooo mortified and horrified and grateful I called. On the up side: his new girlfriend was really a hottie, so good on him! 😉 😂

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Not a text but last year I called my mum to ask where I could get a Christmas present for my dad, didn’t realise my dad had picked up and proceeded to ask him where I could but it. Surprise ruined 

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Not anything too bad! I took a screen shot of something ridiculous my best friend texted to me to send it to my Fiance. My Fiance and best friend names start similarly…(eg.Brian and Brielle) so I accidentally sent it to her! Luckily, I was able to play it off by adding more commentary to the screen shot.

Another time…on iphone there’s some feature where you can send a voice recording through text. I accidentally held down that button and sent a recording of me talking to Fiance about how I couldn’t wait to get drunk and make out with my girlfriends at the upcoming party….to my mom and sister. Luckily it was a little muffled so I don’t think they really understood what I was saying.

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A few months after DH and I started dating, I texted him a reminder to bring over the condoms we’d bought. Only…I texted the person above him in my phone — his MOM. I was mortified. To make matters worse, it was New Year’s Eve and we were supposed to see his family in a few hours. I freaked out, figured he’d break up with me, and started sobbing. His mom is amazing, and just texted back that we could keep it our little secret. I did tell him, he didn’t break up with me. (He said, “Well, at least she knows we’re safe?”). And when I saw his parents that evening, his mom gave me a BIG hug.   

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