(Closed) What is the worst gift your SO has ever gotten you?

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A game. Now don’t get me wrong I loved the game. But he gotbit for himself nore I think. He REALLY likes me playing ganes because I’m not as into them as him. He wants us to play together.  Anyway he kept asking me to play it or when I’d play it and sort of ruined it for me. Silly man. Now I tell him not to buy games unless I ask and not to bug me about playing them.

Not as bad as highlighters though!  Hahah sorry!

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Not my current SO, but my last boyfriend gave me the worst anniversary gift EVER. We agreed that we were going to exchange small gifts for our 2 year anniversarry. He asked what I liked and I said “a cute stuffed animal would be nice”.

He then got me a stuffed RAT with a scary face! The description does not do it justice. It was awful. That was nearly 8 years ago and I can still see its beady eyes.

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My Darling Husband is actually an awesome gift giver…and I really suck at it. I once gave him a toaster oven because he likes toast. I also gave him a milk shake maker because he likes milk shakes. He didn’t really love either gifts, despite their practicality.

The difference is he is really good at listening to my interests and what I want, bug he doesn’t tend to vocalize what he wants. I can’t think of a bad gift he has given me.

But the worst scenario was that last Valentine’s day we originally said no gifts. Well, I picked him up two bags of his favorite haribo gummy bears and a card, thinking I was good to go. Well, he created an elaborate scavenger hunt that lead to…a kitchen aid stand mixer! I loved my gift, but felt like an ass. 

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Normally he does really well, but early on in our relationship he got me some bra and panty sets from a department store.  The panties were great, but the bras. . . lets just say they disappeared fast.  It really threw me off when he got them for me, because at that point in our relationship he already knew that I exclusively wear victoria’s secret bras.  i just kind of looked at them and smiled, and thought to myself “WTF”.  

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Fiance rocks at giving gifts, I suck when it comes to getting him gifts ๐Ÿ™ My main problem is that any time he decides he wants something or I think of something he’ll want, I put it in my gift idea section of the brain and then the next week he goes out and buys it for himself!!! Last time this happened, the week before his birthday he started talking about these movies he really wanted so I was just going to get those for him.  Well I go over to his house 3 days later and he is sitting there watching the damn movies!  Ugh I could’ve thrown the box at him, I straight up told him “You couldn’t wait 3 days for your birthday you PITA!” He just shrugged and laughed, grrr.  For that birthday he got car mats and some movies I probably wanted more than him.  I swear this happens around every gift giving holiday and it has turned me into a terrible gift giver because the man wants very little and just buys it all himself.

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Ohmigosh…these are hilarious.

I normally could give 2 shits about VDay, and my SO and I dont celebrate it, because my birthday is so close(the day before) and I think anniversaries and birthdays are more special.

But my ex one year gave me a “joint birthday/Vday” present…which I dislike, for anyone. 2 totally seperate days, two seperate celebrations. I could have understood if it was expensive, but it was a DVD….of a movie I clearly stated(previously) I hate. Good to know he listens when I talk…hahaha. Maybe thats why hes an ex??

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our first Christmas together he got me an Amex gift card. Don’t get me wrong I love gift cards but I was like are you serious? LOL

We had a little convo about it and needless to say I’ve never gotten anything like that again! He now gets me amazing gifts. I’ve always been the type to watch everything he says he wants or likes and make note of it so he always loves my gifts.

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alyssaC:  My Darling Husband does the same thing!!! I wanted to get him a really nice sight for his gun, and as I’m doing research and figuring out which one to get him, he gets a package and, ta-da! New sight! He does this with all of the practial gifts I could get him (which is all of them, because, liek your guy, he doesn’t really want much). A duty bag- bought. A new headset- bought. New work boots- bought. 

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gingerkitten:  Hahaha don’t you just wanna punch him because he is so self sufficient?  I’m like you don’t have to buy everything for yourself, there are people who love you and will buy a lot of this stuff for you!  Ugh… part of his problem is that his family never had a lot of money growing up so now that he has a good chunk of his own money he likes to use it when he needs/wants something Men, gotta love them ๐Ÿ™‚

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My Fiance always makes me give him a list for birthdays and Xmas, but I have to make the list bigger than what he and out parents will actually buy so it’s still sort of a surprise what I’m getting. He’s not particularly great at getting things off the list lol. Although for Xmas I put on the list I wanted a new handbag thinking my mum would choose that and she would pick a good one. My Fiance got me a gorgeous Cath Kidston one for me ๐Ÿ™‚

the only bad gift he really got was when we were on holiday a few years ago. Is over done it in the sun and decided to stay in the room to sleep it off in the shade and aircon, so he decided to walk off into the town and do some gift shopping. He came back with the most hideous necklace for me. I only really wear dainty stuff and this was one of those tribe type things with a giant flat sea shell center and two pieces of wood either side instead of like a chain or rope. I thanked him graciously and kept it hidden in a draw for a few years lol

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This horrendous turtle neck sweater that had these shiny buttons. Was bright white cable knit….my description does not do it’s ugly-ness justice. Hahaha. I knew his mom just ran to the department store and picked it out for me(she does not have the best sense of style.)  It just cracked me up because he knows how I dress really boho and trendy & weeks later he admitted he knew I would never wear it. This was back when we were in highschool, like 16 years old or so. Luckily the other part of the gift was good! A couple years ago we actually found the sweater in my attic when we were packing up stuff with the tags on it and everything. It made me smile big time. We’ve come a long way!

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Last year for Christmas, my Fiance (then boyfriend) was panicking about what to get me. He ended up getting me the most horrendous necklace and earring set I have ever seen. It’s like bad costume jewellery that your grandmother would give you. I was grateful for the gift, but there is no way I would every wear it. We talked about it later and I explained (gently) that it really wasn’t my style. He said that he was panicking, and he knew that I liked jewellery and I liked purple. He paid way too much for it and it was non-refundable. 

His other jewellery choices and gift giving has been quite sweet and thoughtful and I love them. I don’t know what happened with this!

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Jeneexoxo:  Funny you should mention highlighters….I get Fiance a single highlighter with every gift….it’s an in joke though!

mildlybookish:  Pass it this way! I think it’s gorgeous and would wear the hell out of it!!!

Fiance is great at pucking gifts, however the last straw with my ex was when he bought me dead brown chrysanthemums from the petrol station for my birthday.

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