(Closed) What is the worst thing you witnessed at a wedding?

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Okay, I’m going to do my very best to return this thread to ‘hilarious.’ All the following occurred or are related to FBIL’s wedding last year.

*We live two states away, had no idea when/where the wedding was happening, and had to ask for an invitation. The bride’s name was spelled wrong on the invitation and they only wrote my first name on the envelope. We knew it was an awesome start. PS, Fiance was a Groomsmen and I handed out programs and since we were ‘in’ the wedding, they didn’t think we’d need to get an invitation.

*Bride and all (7) bridesmaids wore full ballgown skirts with pickups. The could have built a fort out of their skirts!

*Wedding party rode a ‘booze bus’ aka a converted school bus that said ‘penitentiary’ on the side but the bride didn’t want to actually buy us booze, so we all trucked into the town liquor store right after the wedding to get ourselves some beer. A bride in line with a 6-pack? Priceless.

*The bride got dirt down the front of her dress after grinding on the stripper pole in the bus. Oh yeah, and there were children (ages 10, 8 and 7) on the bus as well.

*Wedding party bus had to make an extra stop since the reception had already run out of Diet Coke and no one wanted to leave to get more.

*The food was a buffet which is fine, but it was AWFUL. I don’t have the picture anymore, but my favorite thing (and by favorite I mean, most disgusting) was a cold pasta/taco salad that had soggy doritos laid across the top in a ‘decorative’ fashion.

*The ‘bar’ was 16oz. cans of beer and 5 gallon jugs of ‘whiskey sweet’ and ‘whiskey sour’ served in 6 oz plastic cups.

*The tables were lunch room style and there was no seating arrangement. This would have been find, but the wedding party (my FI) sat at an extremely formal head table, on a stage, 100 feet
away from the rest of us and had champagne glasses for a toast. No one else got champagne though! And I had to sit with the parents and had to text Fiance in order to talk to him.  

*After dinner the wedding party did a ‘grand march’ or ‘entrance’ which was weird. We’d already eaten.

*After the entrance the dancing started. So, dinner is over and they did a first dance. Then a father/daughter. Then a mother/son. Then just bridal party with escorts. Then they did their dollar dance which lasted quite a while. So it was an hour between dinner and when the rest of us could start dancing. NOT FUN.

*And my very favorite thing….the 28-year old twin brother of the groom disappeared with the 17-year old sister of the bride to the ‘booze bus’ for a rather lengthy amount of time at the end of the night.

The whole thing combined was just a complete train wreck.

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  • Wedding: May 2012

Groom’s grandmother slipping on the dance floor and broke her hip… they had to call an ambulance.

Bride’s SIL wore a white dress to the wedding…

Bride and groom had a DJ play 90’s pop music during the ceremony, and the DJ would abruptly stop and start the songs throughout the ceremony.

Skinny groomsman traded clothes with a bridesmaid for the night.  He wore her dress and she wore his tux.

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  • Wedding: July 2010

I may be horrible for telling this, but it makes me smile and I’ve kept it to myself for over two months.

When I went to show my best friend, T-Tron, the deck I was getting married on, there was another group there. I was going through how things were to be set up and get asked “are you getting married here too?” I say “yes, on Sunday.” The woman responds “she’s getting married tomorrow.” I jokingly say, while smiling and laughing, “you stole my date.” I then proceeded to get harassed about why a tent was being put up and that I needed to get it taken down because it’s not what they paid for. I said “sorry, I was told there’s a 40% chance of rain on Sunday and they don’t have anyone to put it up then, so they’re doing it now. You should talk to the venue.” They get all huffy, so we just walk off.

Here’s the funny part which the venue head tells my husband the next day: the tent gets taken down even though it’s overcast. Then, after the processional, it pours down rain while everyone just sits/stands there. All the make-up, hair, decorations ruined. Guess that was the bad wedding juju she got for being rude to me the day before her wedding. Also, it turns out the bride locked herself in a room and had to be drugged in order to get married. Her family felt that they had paid for everything and this was happening whether she liked it or not (that part isn’t funny though).

The venue head finds it ironic because the other couple didn’t have any problems when planning their wedding while we had TONS of them because the venue coordinator lied to us A LOT. He thought the other cuople would be eay to deal with and we’d be difficult. Turns out we meant it when we said we’re not hard to please, we just need answers that are truthful.

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  • Wedding: June 2011

I’m reading these to my fiance and he and I are both laughing.

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  • Wedding: August 2010

Either when the priest couldn’t pronounce their new last names because of his thick chinese accent or a bridesmaid bringing up past boyfriends in the toast to the bride speech.

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  • Wedding: November 1999

One I remember from when I was young, like 7, was waiting forever for the bride and groom to get to the reception after the wedding. Now, I was little, but it was clear to even me that when they finally arrived, they’d been doing much more than taking pictures in that time. Oy!

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This isn’t so bad, but at the time I thought it was horribly tacky.  Last year I attended my cousin’s wedding, and during the ceremony (which was held at the venue), the bride’s step sister was slurping from a giant Big Gulp from 7-11.  I swear! Who brings a 2 liter plastic soda cup with a straw into a wedding ceremony??

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maureen9004 (message)    December 18, 2008  

Short version: My sister made a complete ass out of herself and my family at the end of our reception.

Do tell!!

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  • Wedding: June 2011

A lot of my friends are Indian.  The guys have an agreement that they will protect the shoes at any cost.  For those of you who havent witnessed the shoe stealing at indian weddings, basically the groom has to take off his shoes to go up on the wedding dias.  To come off the dias after the ceremony, he needs his shoes.  So the bride’s sisters will steal the shoes and hold them randsom.  So one shoe protection fight brought down some speakers and had one of my friends saying, “I have blood on my shirt… and its not even mine!”  If anyone is worried, this happens before the bride comes into the room.

At my friend’s wedding, her husband decided to surprise her by singing his vows.  It just struck me as…not respectful of the words he was saying.  Plus he wasn’t able to stay in tune.

The priest introduced the couple as “Mr. and Mrs. Paul Simon” instead of Paul Stein. 

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