(Closed) What is the WORST wedding you have ever been to??

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  • Wedding: September 2013

My cousin got married shot-gun style after getting knocked up by a guy she knew for two months. Yikes. And everyone knew about it. During her wedding, her entire bridal party (and herself) were all over 6 months preggo, so they alternated on who would stand and when. It was also August and over 90 degrees with no air conditioning in the church. While she was beautiful, her bridesmaids looked like a wreck.

The worst part for us, besides the heat, was that they put my brother, sister, and their spouses at the “professional” table. In other words, we ate with the DJ, photographer, and priest… allllll the way in the back of the room. We couldn’t even see the head table. AND we didn’t eat till an hour AFTER the head table had finished. My sister is a vegetarian and when she asked if they could bring her the vegetarian meal, the server took all the green beans from a couple extra dinners and handed it to her on a plate. It was miserable. No bar either!

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  • Wedding: September 2012

Oh dear.  We went to an unusual wedding last fall. 

It was in a vineyard, which could have been lovely, except that it was fall – thus, the vines were brown, dried up, mangled and not at all pretty. 

The groom strutted down the “aisle” (carpet runner on the grass) to a heavy metal song.  There was not enough seating and it was cold and misty-raining.  We had to stand on a cement pad near the doorway to the winery fifty yards away, under an overhang, with twenty other people who also did not have seats. 

But the weirdest thing of all was at the end of the ceremony, the preacher stated he was going to release two doves from a white cage.  He said these two doves would circle around our heads and fly back into the cage (I forget what it was supposed to symbolize).  Anyway, he opens the little door of the cage and a dove flies out.  Then another dove.  Then a THIRD dove.  (You could hear everyone gasp and say, wtf is the third dove about?) These three doves shot straight up into the sky. They did not circle around.  They were never seen again.  We snuck out of the reception as soon as the couple turned their backs, lol. 

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One of my cousins got married in the dead of summer in south florida.. not only was there not enough seating for the ceremony but there just seemed to not be enough of anything space, food drinks, fans. people were standing outside because there was not enough space AND it might have been hotter INSIDE. there were no seating charts and it just seemed like it was a free for all. Terrible Terrible

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Worst wedding I went to was my cousin’s a couple years ago.  It actually wasn’t THAT bad:

1.  Nobody knew it was going to be a cash bar.  In our family circle, this is HUGE!  We’re all for them, but we’d like to know IN ADVANCE (invitation, word of mouth, whatever).  Lots of guests left the hall to go find an ATM and/or bank, and some took out cash they had put in the card as a gift.

2.  They had 10 attendants on each side, which wouldn’t have been a problem if the we didn’t have to wait for the MC to call out every.single.one before they walked into the hall and take their seat.  No lie, it probably took 45min.

3.  After going through the horrendous act of calling out the bridal party, and a cocktail hour before that, we were STARVING.  BUT WAIT!  The caterer and her servers get to eat FIRST!  The meal was buffet style (whatever, the B&G were on a VERY tight budget) but while we were waiting for the tables to be announced to grab a plate, the friggin’ staff were filling up their plates and scarfing it down.  At least the food was good, when we FINALLY got to eat.

4.  I’m not even going to get into the 2 and 1/2 hour long program with everyone and their cousin having to say something…

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  • Wedding: March 2012

One of the worst weddings I went to was for one of my mom’s coworkers. It was the middle of summer in the south, in an old hotel with crappy AC. It was supposed to be a cake and punch ceremony, except they ran out of both while we were in line. They didn’t even have water! Horrible.

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  • Wedding: May 2012

My OWN first wedding when I was 20 years old!  The reception was lame, the music was a radio, the food was pot luck, my dress was a horrific 80’s hot mess, it rained, snowed, then hailed (talk about a sign of disaster waiting), it was on heck of a red neck wedding! HEE HEE  

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  • Wedding: September 2012

My parents went to an evening wedding in Memphis. Based on the formality of the invite and the time of day, they were expecting an elegant affair…

It was in a muddy yard with a cheap plastic tent…and my parents were WAYYYY overdressed. The only food was cold cut sandwiches and very drippy BBQ pulled pork (my mom only eats chicken and fish – and there was neither, so all she could eat was potato salad). The “bathrooms” were porta potties – about 10 feet from the tent – my mom said you could smell them after only an hour, and after a few hours of everyone drinking, some of them men couldn’t wait for a vacant portapotty and started peeing in the bushes surrounding the yard. A bit later, a few of them were puking in the bushes..and that was my parents cue to excuse themselves.

My mom was SO bummed – she had been all excited about a “Southern wedding” and was expecting either over the top or cute country style – it was….neither…heh.

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  • Wedding: May 2012

Is there a problem with buffet style?  Just curious.  I’m not on a “very tight budget” but chose a buffet as opposed to a formal, sit down dinner. 

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  • Wedding: April 2013

LOL!! These are all hilarious stories!!! I have never been to a completly horrible wedding but I have been to one where it didnt even seem like a wedding because the ceremony was all of 5 minutes and at the reception neither one of the families talked to each other and were seperated from each other by the dance floor. It was very distant and strange being there. Also the food was absolutely horrendous and no one at my table barely touched anything on there plates. People left the reception at like 10pm and there was even an open bar!!

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  • Wedding: May 2012

@Sunfire:  LOLOL. I’m sorry, this dove story is classic. 

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  • Wedding: October 2012

My cousin got married a few years ago in Richmond, Virginia; so a 4+ hour drive for most of his side of the family (local for the bride).  It was a 1pm wedding, so we headed out around 6am to get there.

As a pre-lude to this story — this is the cousin on the “wealthy” side of the family…

The first hiccup came when we got there are realized we had to walk almost a mile to the church because the parking lots around the chapel were under construction (chapel was on a college campus).

2nd hiccup – This was a August wedding and the chapel had no air-conditioning.

3rd hiccup – We waited outside for about 35 minutes for the bride and groom to come out of the church so we could blow bubbles at them before heading to the reception.

4th hiccup – After trudging back to our car, sweating, we found the reception venue and found there was seating in three different rooms that were not connecting.

5th hiccup – The only food served was a very large fruit, cheese, and cracker display (for about 250 guests). There was one bar (with a ridiculous line), and water pitchers on on the tables.  We stayed for 2 hours, and that was the extent of the food, beyond the cake, which was in a different room and then was served to us. We did not see the bride and groom cut the cake.

6th hiccup – We were in the room with the dance floor, which was just big enough for the bride and her 8 bridesmaids to dance on.  There was no DJ, just a stereo system.

Needless to say we left early and hit the first restaurant we saw (we were starving).

That wedding is still talked about.

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