(Closed) What is your baby’s bedtime routine?

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We started a bedtime routine with Addie at about 8 weeks.  It went something like: bath (we only washed her once a week or so), lotion massage, swaddle, bottle with a story, rocking to sleep.  At about 6 month, we also started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star while rocking to give her a sleep cue.  I think at about 3-4 months is when I started putting her to bed earlier; before that, she went down whenever we went to sleep.

Henri is already on a bit of a routine, at 2.5 weeks, because of his big sister.  He gets a bath or a wipe down while she’s in the bath (6:30), and then we all go into her room to get dressed.  We all read a story together, and then one of us stays with Addie, while the other one takes Henri to be swaddled and he gets a bottle.  He’s rocked a little and put in the co-sleeper; both kids are usually out by 7:30.  Probably, as he gets a little older we’ll start making it a little bit more elaborate and singing to him/giving him a sleep cue, too.

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With muchkin, at 6 months and figuring out he has toes, hands etc to play with he is having a hard time going to bed now days. So we have started a routine (last night was the first night). Half an hour before bed time, we take him into our bedroom and prop him up half laying half sitting on the pillows and “read to him”, letting him look at books. No noise just us and him and books. We gentley remind him ni ni time is coming up and he will need to go sleepy.

When it is time for bed we then put him in his crib, turn on his sound machine and fan and sing either Twinkle, Twinkle or The Itsty Bitsy Spider…

We have been shooting for 8:30 bed time.

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Jellybean has dinner at 5:30, helps put away her toys at 6:00, in the bath at 6:15, drinks her last bottle of milk and a little cereal while in the bath, has her teeth brushed, clothes on, storytime, then lights out by 6:30-6:45. She usually “sings” for about 10 minutes and then falls asleep and stays asleep till 7:30 the next morning.

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We give him a bath at 6:30, then play gently while putting on his PJ, then feed him, burp and go to bed. In bed by 7:15. When I put him down, I swaddle him (I now leave his arms out for the night, but not for naps) and give him his pacifier, turn on the fan for white noise (this is more for me as I like the fan when I go to bed later), shut the curtains, and finally, I kiss him on the forehead and say “sleep well, little E”. Then I leave the room before he’s asleep. It usually takes him 5 to 15 minutes to fall asleep on his own, and he’ll sleep until 3 or 4 am for a night feeding then go right back until 6:30-7..

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We take our 18 MO up at 7 – brush his teeth, change into PJs, put on calming cream, read three books, sing three songs, put him in his crib and walk out! It took us a long time to get him to the point where he will sleep after this, but we did start it at about 4 months.

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It definitely gets easier when they start going to bed earlier. My boys are 19 months now and we do the following:

  1. bottle while I change them into their night time diaper.
  2. brush their teeth
  3. say “Vamonos” (let’s go) and they walk to their room
  4. sing a song (2-3 times upon thier request)
  5. read a book or two
  6. sing final bedtime song as Fiance and I lay them down and cover them up

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Since our little one is only 4 weeks old we are still on her schedule but we have been pretty consistant wtih this…

She usually is up for the majority of the morning. Then goes for a nap after a feeding around 12 pm. It usually is about 2 hours.. then up till about 3:30 then another nap until 5 pm… Then she is up from 5- 8:00. I try to feed her about 8:15 or 8:30 then in a perfect world she goes to bed at 9pm. This usually consists of just feeding her and burping her over my shoulder. She loves sleeping on my shoulder so a lot of times I just keep her up there after burping her. If that doesnt work. I rock her in her room and i recently hav incorporated a sound machine of waterfall noises. She usually doesnt stand a chance when this is on… its just keeping her asleep when putting in crib. If she goes to sleep at 9 pm. I get up with her about 2:30 am and 6:30 am…. but if she goes to sleep at 11pm she still will wakes up at those times. So its important to me to get her to sleep after that 8:30 feeding.

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Routine for my 2.5 year old and 3 months old,

6:30 dinner for my toddler.

7:00 bath for them both.

7:15 wash baby, brush gums, pajamas. (toddler stays in the bath while i’m doing this. and yes, i’m right there with him still.)

7:30 wash toddler, brush teeth, pajamas, use the potty.

7:45 pick up toys.

8:00 get in bed, read a story, nurse baby to sleep.

after story back rub for toddler until he’s asleep (8:30-9:00).

then go lay baby in our bed for the night.

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