(Closed) What is your best waiting advice/reminder when you're feeling impatient?

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Hmm.. I’m waiting and it sucks. My mind is constantly consumed of when and how it’ll happen. Going on weddingbee has helped some. I also text my friend a lot about my thoughts and worries. She usually will stop responding but it helps me to get it out even if she doesn’t read them. I’m a student and work weekends, so being off for summer doesnt help any. My bf told me he would propose by end of summer a couple of weeks ago, so that has made me more obsessed with rings and diamonds. I’ll be so happy and relieved when it finally happens. It’s been a tough summer. 

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ClassicCorvette:  What I did was this- remind myself that I am being given and using what I pray for all day- patience. It paid off with no drama. 🙂

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Sometimes I drove myself crazy with impatience while waiting, but I always had to tell myself that we’ll spend much longer as husband and wife than we did as boyfriend and girlfriend. 

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In my situation, I find that reminding myself of how far DBF and I have come since our relationship began helps a lot. When we first started dating over two years ago, we were high schoolers; I was 17 and he was 16. Neither of us could work, let alone drive ourselves anywhere. I just turned 20 this month, and even though these past few years have been full of setbacks outside of our relationship (mainly, I failed out of university due to poorly managed depression and had to move back home), I’ve come a long way. I’ll be getting my driver’s license soon, and that will certainly help me out immensely. DBF’s growth seems more obvious to me; he has a job, can drive, and will be 19 in a few months.<br /><br />Chances are that you’re older than us, though, so looking back like that may seem sillier to you than it does to me. Aside from that, I like to remind myself that we will spend most of our lifetime together as spouses, as one PP said. I also find it helpful to just focus on how our relationship makes us so happy as it is now.

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ClassicCorvette:  we moved in together this past October. We had talked of getting married this summer but bc I prolonged the moving in process, he said it prolonged him proposing. I was then under the impression that he would propose asap, but nope. We’ve looked at rings in April and that was a nightmare. So, I finally know what I like in rings and sent him links/photos. Picked out a diamond from a website, and he hasnt had time to look. It fruastrates me, bc in May he was going to purchase an oval diamond online, but I interfered freaking out about bow ties and he didn’t. So now I have found the prefect setting/ diamond and he does nothing. We have been together three years in October/November. We’ve been talking about marriage since day one, and had talked of getting engaged two summer’s ago to be getting married this summer. So, even though we haven’t been together too long, it feels like I’ve been waiting.g an eternity. Lately, he’s been so sweet, supportive, loving, caring, etc. However, I have a lot of negative emotions. We’re not young, I just turned 28 and he’ll be 31 in November. I also just graduated in May but I got into grad school. 🙂 Ifeel like I should be relieved that my waiting period is almost up, but I’m filled with doubts and wondering why he hasnt been interested in looking through the emails I’ve sent him. I feel like I’m turning into a crazy person, obsessing over getting engaged and married. Lol. I love him so much, and have been ready to marry him for so long, so why is he dragging feet And how can I make him move faster. Lol. I have stopped mentioning engagement all time except about diamond.lastly, he gave me budget so why won’t he jus buy perfect diamond that I want, lol! He spoils me. Sorry for rant, as you see I’m not handling the wait very well, I’m an impatient person who dislikes surprises 

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Oh man…I can relate to the feeling! SO and I have discussed marriage and a proposal could be eminant at any time!

So far reading the posts here on Wedding bee and staying active has helped me keep my head on straight (working two jobs, excercising). I’m also allowing myself to spend lots of time on Pinterest and splurging here and there on makeup and perfume. An addiction feeding another addiction, haha!

Basically anything I can do to remind myself my life is fabulous as it is right now. Yes, there’s so much to look forward to but there’s beauty in the “wait”! 

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It was when I finally shut up about it to my now husband – that’s when he proposed.  I never nagged but I would get bummed out and he could tell and then it would lead to super long discussions (actually, haha, I guess I did nag) and then I just stopped talking about it…for a solid 3 weeks.  By week 4 he proposed.  He said he noticed me stop talking about it/being bummed and he said it gave him time to clear his head and really think about what he wanted.  I gave him some PEACE.  So he went out and got a ring.

Shutting up worked for me

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I remind myself that I already have something that most people never find. 

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ClassicCorvette:  I guess I did technically wait, knowing a proposal was going to happen. I just didn’t know when or how he was going to propose. I was super excited and very nervous about an impending proposal. This is a lifetime commitment and the best decision we’ve made.

Take it day by day and enjoy what is in front of you. Be lucky and thankful for all that you have and know that you will soon be engaged and thrown into wedding planning. Enjoy your last few day/weeks/months of being boyfriend and girlfriend. I know it’s easier said than done, but don’t let an impending engagement consume your every thought. Enjoy what you 2 have at this very moment, make some new memories now that you’ll be able to look back on and smile about.

Best of luck to you 🙂

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I posted this in another thread but it is the best advice I have: 

The best waiting advice I ever heard is actually something I stole from a mommyblogger talking about spending time with her child but I love it and try to remember it all the time. It might sound lame but if you reslly think about it, hopefully it will help.

In 10 years from now, the wedding will be over, you’ll have been married for years, perhaps you’ll even have kids, and although life will be awesome because you are husband and wife, you will never again be able to enjoy the anticipation of the proposal. These are your last fleeting days as boyfriend and girlfriend, the last days when you can day dream about the proposal and what it will be like, the last days to think of him asking the question and getting giddy from the anticipation. The last days to catch the bouquet at weddings, the last days tease him about proposing. You will. Be married for much longer than you were dating and certainly longer than you’ll be fiancés for, so when times are stressful and you just want to press fast forward already – try to picture that you ARE married and you’ve been allowed to come back to your days of dating, just for a few minutes, to remember what it was like. Try to see your life through those eyes, looking back and cherishing the anticipation.

Read more: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/can-i-get-some-things-off-my-chest/#ixzz38pMB8UDa

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ClassicCorvette:  My coping technique is kinda a cliché now; keep yourself occupied with other things.

SO and I are renovating our house, and until then we are too busy to be thinking about a wedding. We have had loads of conversations about proposals and weddings, and I know where I stand mostly.

Just have some frank conversations, not pushy, my SO just knows I’m excited for it, so just thinks it’s cute when I winding him up about not being engaged yet. We know it’s only teasing because we’re so busy with other things still. 

Sorry that was much more rambling than I intended. Good luck x

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