(Closed) What is your biggest and smallest regret?

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    Biggest in life: Getting a degree in business and not taking more classes in art and design.  I wish I had at least explored it more, but now I am stuck in business.

    Smallest right now: Catching a cold (though I don’t know how much I could have prevented it).  Being sick is the worssssst.


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    Biggest regrets:  My college major, and not choosing the right career earlier.  I started off pretty naive when it came to what I wanted to do with my life.  I took a major and internships that ended up not being very helpful in life, and am paying the price trying to make up for it now.  I’m job hunting now and find that the field I really want to go into, I don’t even qualify for most entry level jobs. 


    Smallest:  Wearing this shirt today.  It’s kinda itchy.

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    @Artificial-Sweetener:  Oh my gosh, the retainer thing! Same! We moved to another state right after I got them off, so I never had follow ups with an orthodontist. When my wisdom teeth came in, it made my bottom teeth crooked again! Ugh! It bothers me SO MUCH but i don’t have to cash to get invisalign or similar. 

    I also wish that I had decided what to do in college sooner. I started getting a business degree, quit school because I decided to do something different and didn’t want to waste money in the meantime.. now I have yet to go back and have years of schooling to complete to become a nurse(which i’m stil not decided on!) and most of my friends are in their career jobs or completing their masters!

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    Biggest regret: Having my wedding in the same year as my former best friend. I thought it was going to be wonderful to plan together and etc but it ended up coming between us and becoming a weird competition from which we haven’t fully recovered… I wish I would have either had a longer engagement or had a small, intimate destination wedding so it wouldn’t have been such a drama fest between us and we might still be best of friends now instead of in an awkward inbetween… Embarassed

    Smallest: I wish I would have taken off my chipped nail polish before coming to work… its bright yellow from halloween and looks horrible! 

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    In Life – Dropping out of highschool. That was the worst single mistake I had every made in my entire life. 1.5 years ago I passed my GED test and am now at 23 starting college. I work a full time job and make great money due to my experience and customer service skills but on top of that 45 hours a week that I work, I am also a full time online student. Its really hard.

    Marrying young – I married my ex husband when I was 18 years old and got pregnant with my son when I was 19. I loved him back then and everything was amazing with him so it seemed right. Now that I am a little older and I look back on that part of my life I just wish I took everyone’s advice although I am very happy I have my baby boy.


    I wish I showered, put on make up, and did my hair nice this morning (ew I know) I didnt shower because I showered yesterday afternoon and I didnt think I was going to have meetings today but I ended up having 2 meetings and meeting someone from the home office today and I feel like I just looked horid. I guess thats what I get for not getting home from out of town until 9pm.

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    +1 with the retainer. My dog chewed mine up and I was too embarrassed to say anything. My teeth were okay until my wisdom teeth came in and now my teeth are REALLY crooked 🙁 I hate open-mouth smiling, and even avoid talking a lot people I don’t want people looking at them. 

    I don’t think I have a small regret right now. 

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    Biggest Regrets:

    1. Going to an expensive Christian college instead of a cheap state school.  I could have graduated without student loans.  🙁

    2. Marrying my ex husband.

    Smallest regrets (currently):

    Having TWO lattes this morning… both venti…

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    Good forum!


    Biggest regret? That I followed a career because of money as opposed to true, innate, desire.  Instead of pursuing teaching (for a myriad of reasons including because I believe teachers get treated so poorly), I am doing finance and I.Hate.It.  To add salt to the wound, I am now pursuing my Masters in said Finance because I don’t want to start over – plus I am 35 already. Uggh…

    I have also tied that regret with my past marriage but then again, I would not have my wonderful kids so ehhh…


    Smallest regret – that I did not push my 5 year old to start reading before kindergarten. He is in an extremely competitive school and he is struggling and even though he was in preschool, I thought that time was more for fun and learning with your hands but if I knew then what I know now, I believe it would really make a difference.  At least I can make it happen with my four year old….

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    My smallest regrets would have to be eating things I didn’t need to eat but tasted good. I do that all the time and I get these tiny pings (not even big enough to be pangs) of regret which I immediately laugh into oblivion. Because I refuse to beat myself up over something as wonderful as food.

    My biggest regret… hmm, it’s kinda personal, and I’m not sure there was anything I really could have done to change it… but there’s a person in my family who I should have told off long long long ago. But I was just a kid. And I gave them the benefit of the doubt like any normal kid would. I don’t think I did wrong by doing that, I just wish I could go back into my kid-body as the person I am now, and tell them off clearly and loudly.

    I find it weird when people say they don’t have any regrets. If you don’t have any regrets how are you learning? Do you think you’re all done learning?! If so, that should be your biggest regret!

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    My biggest regrets are not doing charity/mission in the Ukraine when I was younger & marrying my first husband…urgh…that was an awful chapter in my life. 

    Regret now…my grandmother is in the hospital & I regret not spending time with her. 

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    Biggest Regrets-

    Waiting for marriage. I’m torn on this because I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t waited, it would have changed the trajectory of my life. But in the simplest form, yes, I regret it.

    Not trying in college. I never went to class…never did assignments. I got by on my exam scores which were only weighted but so much. I was pretty arrogant in my intelligence. Too bad all the awesome jobs out of college that wanted a CV and a 4.0 GPA couldn’t have cared less about my IQ

    Smallest Regrets-

    Paying for lunch with an old acquaintance from my old job earlier today. Didn’t think he’d actually take me up on my offer. F*ck.


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    Biggest regret: Moving back to Vermont/away from my dream school/in with my ex (this was all one very stupid choice)

    Smallest regret: Dating a guy off Craigslist (Creep tied me up and peed on my face. Yeah, I should have seen that coming…)

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