(Closed) What is your biggest and smallest regret?

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    @BrandNewBride:  Surprised

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    Biggest: 1. wish i would have spent more time with my dad before he passed away….and handling it better when he did. (i drank a lot)

    2. putting a life jacket on my dog when we went boating. always!

    Smallest: I wish i wore flats today.. also gaining lbs after marriage. 8 but still!!

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    Biggest: My first marriage. That whole chapter was a huge regret, ughhh. Moving on ……

    Smallest: Getting upset enough to cry last night that someone I really really wanted to be at our reception declined because of work. Sigh. Destination Wedding was like um, it’s really ok, you really can get over that, can’t you? Embarrassing, lol.

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    1. Taking out $80K in student loans.  I feel trapped and suffocated by debt.  STUPID
    2. Beating myself up for being “fat” all these years.  I should have just rocked what I have



    1. Forgetting to wear my engagement ring today!  So naked!

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    Biggest regret: dicking around first 2 years of college. I should have studied my butt off and gotten better grades, so I would have gone to med school and become a doctor like pretty much everyone else in my family. Instead, I wasted my time and attended a bunch of stupid parties which I should not have gone to. I ended up getting a worthless business degree which I could not care less about. 

    Smallest: I probably could have survived without all that ice cream I ate this morning. But oh well, I will get over it. 

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    Marrying my ex

    Not having a more traditional college experience



    Not eating healthier for lunch – but it tasted so good!!

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    My biggest regrets contradict each other:

    1. Stopping after getting my nursing license and not going on to get a BSN/ MSN or become a nurse practioner.

    2. Being in school for 6 years and missing my kids’ early years.  I really wish I would have had more time with them when they were little and really cherished those days.  I was so busy working full time, going to college full time and being a full time single mom that I was on auto pilot most of the time.

    Smallest regrets:

    1. Not getting better grades in high school to go to a University for medicine.  Instead my grades were enough to pass, then I went to a community college and eventually a private college which cost me the same as going to a 4 year university in less time.

    2. Not jumping at the chance to be manager at an old job.  Instead I quit when things really got bad after they hired someone else and now I’m trying to work my way back up to what I could have been doing now.  And the person they hired to be the manager at my old job is now working for the same hospital I am in another dept and I have to see her everyday Undecided.  Lets just say we didn’t see eye to eye, and I don’t think she was a good manager.

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    I don’t really have any big regrets right now, mainly because I was able to undo them eventually. I guess one regret I have is that I wish I hadn’t been so obsessed with dating when I was younger, and feeling like I was too fat and unnatractive. looking back on it, I feel like that aspect of the younger me was boring and annoying.

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    Biggest: Not agreeing to donate part of my liver to my dad. He ended up not being able to get a transplant anyway because he ran out of time, but the fact that I told him I wouldn’t give him part of mine makes me feel ashamed even today. He was very abusive to me and I thought he didn’t deserve to have anything of mine, even if it would let him live. I was so wrong. (for those of you who don’t know, the liver regenerates, so parts of it can be taken from a living donor) 

    Smallest: Eating the rest of those chips. Yuck. And not doing the laundry…it looks like the Mount Everest of dirty towels piled up in that basket.


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    Biggest regret: Not studying abroad more during college. I went abroad for a total of 12 weeks (to Vancouver, Canada; Santiago, Chile; Lima, Peru), but I really wish I had done a semester abroad. At the time it wasn’t really cost effective, but now it’s hard to do extended travel and keep a full time job.

    Smallest regret: Too Much Information here….waiting to go to the bathroom for too long/too often (which I am doing as I type) and forgetting to drink water. I have yet another UTI. It really sucks. 


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    Biggest regret: Telling my parents almost EVERYTHING about my now-FI when I had first met him. If I’d been more discrete, they would never have found out about his target shooting hobby which is the only reason my mother refuses to like him STILL! (After almost 5 years, and now we’re engaged). So stupid.

    Smallest regret: Buying this yucky heavily scented lotion to keep on my desk at work. My hands get so dry with all the typing and paperwork, so I need lotion, and I thought that bottle looked interesting in the store. . . I stupidly neglected the fact that it didn’t say fragrance free. Well it STINKS and I threw away the bag that had the receipt in it, so I can’t even return it to get my $8 back now. 😛

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    Biggest regret would be not buying a house this March when we qualified for a mortgage and had a hefty downpayment.  (We entrusted my father whom wanted to pay for 3/4 of our wedding, he backed out, we coughed it up)

    Second would be not following my gut and going for a low key intimate style wedding, not the traditional reception hall style.

    Ah well.

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    Biggest regret: never trying to lose weight until my DH proposed. I feel so much better about myself now (50 lbs down).

    Smallest regret: Ummm…I wish I hadn’t looked at all my emails this morning, because now I have coupons for shopbop, express, and kate spade and I want stuff from all of them! haha

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    Biggest regret:  Not keeping up with my interests during university.  I was so focussed on school and doing well, that I let a lot of my interest from highschool fall by the wayside (sports, music, other hobbies) and now am trying to get back into it.  Not only is it hard to start again (I used to teach piano, and now I can barely get through pieces which were a breeze when I was 17).

    Smallest regret:  Getting a chocolate chunk cookie with my morning coffee this morning.  And eating it too fast!

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    This is a great post and there are some interesting answers, espcially 

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    BrandNewBride and the pee thing. That was tragic but funny too.

    Biggest regret: not pursuing dance as my career. I absolutely LOVE to dance and I would have given just about anything to have the talent to compete on SYTYCD. Absolutely amazing talent.

    Smallest regret: eating such a big lunch. Its almost 2 hours past the time I ate and I still feel full as hell. This bloating thing sucks monkey balls!

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