(Closed) What is your biggest insecurity?

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  • poll: What is your biggest insecurity?
    Weight : (136 votes)
    56 %
    Skin : (38 votes)
    16 %
    Teeth : (27 votes)
    11 %
    Hair : (9 votes)
    4 %
    I don't have any, I'm perfect! : (10 votes)
    4 %
    Other - see below : (25 votes)
    10 %
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    @Fluffy Mittens:  I understand exactly how you feel. Try to focus on staying healthy and fit, b/c being ED’d is NO way to live:( Its just a sad, low, scary place. I know too well from my past. Pm me anytime!

    @ShellVee:  I completely agree. I have to do alot of self talk ALL the time, everyday, every second I look in the mirror. Its really really hard but I wont give up. We are lucky to have amazing FHs who love us just the way we are!

     @littlelucygoose:  I agree with you! We are lucky, just need to keep reminding ourselves. Also I live in Canada and I do find sizes are smaller then the US here. When I shop there Im usually small but then thats triggering b/c I feel huge at home:(

    @theredhead:  Im the same. Although when I stopped dancing I actually lost alot of weight– partly b/c I became obsessed with exercise, lost muscle tho (?), and became a vegetarian. Then ended up in the hospital on my death bed. I hope we just continue to remember, we are perfect the way we are!


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    @chancehere:  I can be that way about small talk as well. I don’t know what to say.

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    Wow, I can’t believe I am the only one on here most insecure about my cellulite! Either i am the only one with it or it doesn’t bother anyone else. Now I am even more insecure lol.

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    I’m not so much insecure of weight, teeth, hair, etc. as just how put together I am. Strangely enough, I get insecure if something is out of place. Like a mussed hair, bra showing, bending over and showing the world my buttcrack. I once had eczema on my face and I went nuts trying to get that off. Recently it’s been my toenail. It popped open and I lost it, so now I have a…2mm toenail growing out. No sandals for a few years 🙁

    Or more commonly, an oil or sauce spill on my shirt. I HATE THOSE!

    I’m not OCD, but if I’m supposed to be put together, I need to be put together 100%!

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    @cirk:  My son’s hair is this color, and every day I brush it and tell him how beautiful it is. I know he will hear otherwise later, but yesterday the lady at the bank gave him a sucker and he said “it’s orange!” and she said “yep, like your hair” and he just smiled back at her and said “yep, like my hair!” He is 3…and I think his (and your) hair is just lovely.

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    My weight. I’m 5″3″ and used to weigh 265 pounds… I lost about 120 pounds, then gained 15 back (thanks college).

    It seems like I’m more self concious about my weight now than I was when I was big. It’s something that I can’t ever stop thinking about. I don’t remember one single day that I haven’t thought about or stressed over my weight… and now, it’s not so much the number on the scale but the left over skin, stretch marks, and sagging that a normal 21 year old shouldn’t have.

    I’ve worked and worked to try to “tone up” but nothing has helped, so I’m at the point where I feel pretty helpless. It’s sad to me that after all of my hard work I’m more unhappy with myself than I was to begin with. :/

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    My teeth – they’re horrible! I actually had braces for a few years but I never wore my retainers and now you would never even guess I had anything done with them! Argh.

    I actually hate dentists in general and (I know it’s bad) but I avoid them. I had a dental cyst when I was little and suffered all sorts of teeth problems because of it. It was a big deal and pretty rare so I felt like a guinea pig/test subject for years! I’ve seen so many experts and taken so many x-rays. In the end I had surgery done by a high profile dentist that was the only one confident enough to undertake my operation.

    Then I was tortured because they had to literally pull a tooth back in place … with wires. As in a tooth was stuck facing somewhere else near my nasal passage and they had to attach wires to it and pull it slightly every few weeks until it finally came down. Argghhh. Yeh. I hate dentists.

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    My weight.  I’ve struggled with it all my life. 

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    I voted other because my weight, teeth AND hair are huge insecurities for me. Skin as welll, but not as much as the other 3. *sigh* I didn’t take care of myself at all for about 5 years through high school and into college, and it shows. I’m very overweight (though I am doing something about that – lost 31 lb. so far, only 140 more to go…) and my teeth are in horrible shape due to no dental insurance since I was 14. I’m trying to get that fixed as well, but money is tight and it’s not really high up on my list of expenses yet. I’m getting full dental coverage through my job by the end of May, so I’m going to make it a top priority once that’s in place.

    And my hair. Oh, my hair. It’s always been a bit thin, but a few years ago I noticed it was looking like I had a balt patch right in the front-center where my part normally is. The thinning has become more and more prominent and nothing I’ve done to try and help it has worked. It’s probably my biggest insecurity because I feel so helpless about it. Teeth can be fixed. Weight can be lost. But my hair? Never coming back unless I go through really, really expensive treatment that (once again) I can’t afford.

    I’m terrified about my wedding pictures and what I’ll look like in them. Ugh. Now I’m freaking out after writing this. Bahhhhhh.

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    Definitely my weight & overall body image…. I wanna know which 9 people said they were perfect on that poll, haha

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    @KatyLovesJoey:  That’s SO exciting!! My SO had crooked teeth when we met…he never had dental insurance, and his mom had a stroke when he was young, so he never got braces. He went with Invisalign in 2007, and he has the most beautiful smile/teeth ever now! You’ll love it! Make sure when you get to the last set, you continue to wear your retainers every so often..sounds silly, but he let it go for  a few months, and says he can feel that they shifted slightly and now the retainers hurt a little. Congrats tho!

    I was always insecure about my weight, but looking back at older pics of myself, I had nothing to be insecure about. I wish I could have that body back! I’ve always been the shortest of the bunch at barely 5’1, and I’ve always had D-cups….so, always known as the short girl with the boobs hahaha…when my grandma became very ill and passed, I didn’t take it well. At first, I dropped 10 lbs in a matter of 2 weeks, then within the next 4 months, I gained that back + an additional 15-20. It’s stuck around now for the last 3 years, and I don’t like it….but I despise working out more than anyone I’ve ever met.  I’d like get back to my normal weight by the time me and SO take engagement pics and I go dress shopping.

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    What a great post. I had my biggest insecurity actually surgically repaired this morning. I have one droopy eyelid and it looks like I’ve been drinking in almost every photo I take. Friends don’t notice it bit Ibe learned to hide it well. Surgery was covered bu government so we were lucky however Fiance is so supportive of me that it wouldn’t matter the cost as long as I’m happy.

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    Eyes. Or, specifically, eyelashes. 🙁 

    (I have an awful habit of pulling them out sometimes; I blame it on itchy contact lenses!) 

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