(Closed) What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to your parents?

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Busy bee
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When my mom and I talk on the phone, she will talk talk talk and never listen. She called me last night, talked about her work, and as soon as I started to respond she said she had to go. 

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Buzzing bee

My mom waits to talk to me about stuff until I’m busy doing something and can’t give her my full attention. But if I’m free then it’s like she’s got nothing to say.

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Bumble bee
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Mom: Assuming I’ll patiently drive her around all day long.

(I only signed up to go to the pet store! This errand should only take 30 minutes! But then she wants to get groceries… And stop at the drug store… And the book store… And the other grocery store because the first one didn’t have the correct potatoes… Then stop for lunch… And at each store she wants to go up and down EVERY AISLE.)

I have my own house errands to run on my day off. There’s no reason she can’t get her own car. She just has never had one. But I do think that she’s dragging things out partly because she wants to hang out with me. Sigh. It’s infuriating, I love my mom.

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Sugar bee
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My dad has a super short temper/ is very judge mental. So I’ve never really got a long with him. 

I love my mom on the other hand, but ugh it gets on my nerves when she comments on my weight. I weighed 130 & she remarks “I weighed 120 when I was your age” uggggh. Or recently I have gained weight & she asks if I’m prego -_-  

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My father divorced my mom when I was really young. We lost contact by the time I was 2. I am now 42, and live in the same state. Probably 45 minutes away. He was never tried to ever contact me. I’m not hard to find, we did have the same last name for many years. That pisses me off. I’m a pretty big  fan of myself;)

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Bumble Beekeeper
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My mother is an overweight diabetic.  She likes to tell me how I should eat, even though I weigh far less than her and am not diabetic.  She will go on a cleanse diet all week long and then go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast on Saturday.  Her latest idea this week was how she thinks that I might be allergic to gluten.  Why she would think that I have NO IDEA. 

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Buzzing bee
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I really really love my mom and dad but there are a few things that drive me nuts. 

My mom says “Bah” instead of bye on the phone and it makes me want to scream.

She tries to monitor what I put on Facebook such as “Don’t post anything about grandpa passing on facebook until Aunt Liz does” (I wouldn’t) or “I you sure you want to post that on Facebook?” AAARG

Also my Darling Husband recently decided my mom and dads family motto is “Don’t get your hopes up!” They are constantly taking abou things that could happen and they ALWAYS fallow it up with “But we don’t know for sure, so don’t get your hopes up!” Its actually gotten pretty comical. 

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Busy bee
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My parents sometimes tend to devalue my eduation. I only have a bachelor’s degree, but neither of my parents or siblings have done the college route so they think it’s sort of pointless since you’re not guaranteed a job and now I have lots of loans. Also I get the sense they think it’s really easy. They just think I can click on the computer a few hours a week and get a master’s degree that magically makes me rich. They don’t get that it’s wicked expensive, hard to get into, and that there’s more than one program.

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Honey bee
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Wow, you all have some good stories! 

My mom drops stuff off at my house- leftovers, garage sale shit, clothes for my husband, Real Simple magazines from 2008 (but it was a good issue!)…


Actually, that’d kind of a nice thing. She has good intentions. I should stop being such a twat to her. 

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Sugar bee
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My mom is really cool. We live ten hours away from each other so we talk on the phone almost every day, usually for at least an hour. We talk about everything. The one complaint I have is when I need to vent about the future in laws and she defends them or tells me not to take things so seriously. She has never met them and doesn’t understand their views on family and she just doesn’t get it. I know sometimes my judgments on them are a little harsh but I feel like I’m only so harsh because I don’t have anyone to talk to about it…my Future In-Laws aren’t very good to me (they aren’t horrible either) and I feel so alone so much of the the time since I can’t talk to anyone about it. She just doesn’t get that she’s the only person I can talk to and she doesn’t let me talk about it, or when she does she doesn’t support me, and it’s all because she thinks I’m dramatizing the situation…mom is foreign so she doesn’t get that families aren’t all like us, so close-knit no matter what.

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alpinebride:  my mom does not know how to keep something to herself. She will promise and swear she won’t say anything and then everyone and their mom know … When she’s the only person I’ve told. She will also lie about telling anyone and deny it til her dying day. 

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I love my dad but every time I’m sick he immediately thinks it’s because I’m drinking too much alcohol.  I just had intestinal issues and my dad immediately responded it was from drinking to much.  I went to the doctor and the doctor said it’s IBS and recommended increasing my fiber and water intake.  My 2-3 nights per week of wine/beer drinking is fine.  But my dad will be convinced that I’m an alcoholic until otherwise proven.  Hopefully he won’t think I’m drinking when I get pregnant!

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Blushing bee

eeniebeans:  My mom recently decided I was allergic to gluten to! She sent me all these articles on how it HAS to be what is causing my acne. She means well, but…



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Helper bee
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likewoah:  OMG, mine too! I have actually gone through a 45 minute conversation with her saying nothing but “hello” and “okay.”  Then, she is actually offended that she has no idea what is going on with my life! What’s really funny is that she spent a couple of days being pissed that we were eloping because she “wouldn’t be there.”  I’ve tried to keep her in the loop as I make the girlie decisions like a dress, and all that, but she doesn’t have time for that either.  She was in town for a night and it was important for her to go dress shopping so we went and I actually couldn’t get her attention because she lost interest.  And people are surprised a traditional wedding quite literally never crossed my mind?  She did ask me, and paused for a reaction, what I’d been up to. I mentioned that my Fiance was unpacking and we were making room for his stuff. She asked why. I reminded her THAT WE WERE GETTING MARRIED so we thought it might be appropriate if we lived together. Her response?  “Oh yeah.”  Sigh.

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