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I use benzole peroxide when I feel a tender spot (how I know a breakout is forming) and I ususaly don’t end up getting one. 

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Blushing bee

I used to get bad cystic acne on my back. It completely cleared up permanently when I started changing all my bedding at LEAST once a week and sleeping naked. I don’t know if it will work for your face, but it’s worth a shot!

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californiabride2013:  Time, clean eating and a lot of water.  Unfortunately, nothing has quickly worked for me either. 

A steroid injection from the dermatologist works too.  It does take a few days and gets worse before it gets better, but it will help.  

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californiabride2013:  A medicine called spironolactone. It’s prescribed from a dermatologist and changed my skin and honestly my life too. I suffered from cystic hormonal acne. I would get them before each period and they would take 2 to 3 weeks to heal – just in time for a new batch to crop up. This drug completely cleared my skin. It will only work if your cysts are hormonal, but if that is what you are suffering from I highly recommend it!

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californiabride2013:  In my experience, cystic/nodular acne is linked to some sort of internal cause — hormones, diet, etc, and therefore it’s tough (if not impossible) to treat with a topical product. Hence why it takes forever and doesn’t completely clear. best to figure out what’s going on inside and make changes to prevent.

<br />Do these types of breakouts correspond to anything you can think of, such as your mentrual cycle, stress/seasons/times of the month, dietary/exercise habits? If you can pin this down, you can get some insight into what sort of changes to make.

When I was very young (high school/early college) i took accutane and it completely changed my situation. No more deep rooted cystic acne. Accutane is a pretty serious med though so I wouldn’t jump right to that, but if this is a long term problem for you I woul at least talk to my derm about it.

If you can figure out that it’s tied to hormones (menstrual) than I recommend a bamboo extract supplement. It’s basically a supercharged does of silica, which does incredible things for your body, such as help facilitate nutrient absorption, promote cell turnover and collagen production, and balance out hormones. I used to like CLOCKwork have a little topical breakout a few days before my period, but since taking it this no longer happens. Even cramps are significantly reduced.

As for red spots, yes, there are laser treatments that will help but I would recommend a good AHA/BHA exfoliant regimen before jumping to that extreme (and expense). Lately I have been loving Dr. Dennis Gross Retinol and Ferulic Serum and Peter Thomas Roth 10% Glycolic Moisturizer. (You must wear sunscreen every day if you use any of these types of products).

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I did accutane.  Also had steroid injections as well.  Haven’t had a problem like before.  I still get them occasionally, maybe 1-2/year.

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For cystic acne(usually hormonal), i take spironolactone and i havent had ONE zit in MONTHS.

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A friend of mine says tanning in a bed helps. For me, I think bk mine is 100% hormonal. Hmm. 

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Mine was linked to hormone issues and food sensitivities. Once I got my diet under control, my skin cleared completely. I stopped eating anything processed, anything with added sugars, anything grain, anything dairy, and anything soy (no more edamame for me!). I know that sounds very restrictive, and it is to a certain extent, but I quickly got used to it. It is worth, to me, it to make these changes in what I eat rather than face medical manipulation of my hormones. I can literally see in the mirror when I’ve accidentally eaten something with dairy or soy, or when I’ve gotten a little too liberal with my sweets intake ( I like to tell myself that honey is natural and okay to eat, and then I get carried away sometimes. oops).

I also had some luck (pre-diet change) with switching to raw honey as my face wash and making sure I kept my skin well moisturized (GlamGlow Thirsty Mud as a mask once a week, Elizabeth Arden Ceramide capsule every night, CeraVe moisturizer for dry skin every day). That got me down to only having 3-4 at any one time, with at least 1 being the deep cystic variety.

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Buzzing bee
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Not touching them (the hardest part!), eating well, lots of water. I used to get cystic acne a lot when I was not on BC and then when I was on combination BC. Once I switched to my IUD, I haven’t been getting them.

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I’ve tried a lot of prescription medication to get rid of mine (especially on my back), and at first it worked. Many years ago. For some reason after being on topical prescriptions, I started to break out terribly again so I gave up on them. Then I tried more “natural” remedies such as apple cider vinger with water as a toner, green clay masks, and raw honey masks. Again nothing was really working. If anything, my skin started to dry out and flake. So I tried tea tree oil because I heard it works great as a spot treatment. While it did work, it also made my skin dry out in patches (I learned the hard way that tea tree oil should be diluted with something, because it will burn your skin if left as is). My new remedy is the oil cleansing method, which has helped with taking off my makeup and preventing my pores from being clogged.

Now I tried something new, and it is working! Argan oil! It’s not as oily as the other oils I’ve been using, and it has made my skin super soft. It also is helping with fading my dark spots from older acne scars. The only con is that it is very pricy depending on where you get it from. I currently use Now Foods Organic Argan Oil (2 oz), which was $12 a bottle on Amazon. Other brands are far more expensive, but I am satisfied with the Now Foods brand. A little goes a long way with that bottle, you only need a few drops to get the right coverage.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

The products from acne.org. I tried everything previously in my 19 years of acne, gave it a chance and now I’m acne free and my scars are fading. Best decision I’ve made!

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Blushing bee

californiabride2013:  All a cream can do is to help speed healing time and to help a scar fade. It cannot prevent cystic acne. And please, oh please, do not use a cream called Differin. It will make you “purge” like crazy, and is the reason I have some scars.

I got mine under control with the following treatments: spironolactone (I discontinued use), and birth control pills. I do take vitamin supplements, and the ones I’ve used to help balance my hormones are vitamin D-3, licorice root extract, and evening primrose oil/omega 3 mix.

I also found the website skinacea.com really helpful in changing my habits (no picking at your face, wash sheets and towels frequently, wash cosmetics brushes).

Like pp’s, look at your diet. Do you eat a lot of dairy? Maybe cut it out of your diet and see what happens. Do you drink a lot of coffee? Maybe swap coffee for green tea.

Also, does your acne occur at a certain time of the month? That may be a clear indicator it’s a hormonal issue.

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Blushing bee

Also to help scars fade quickly, look for something with hydroquinone in it (it has to be less than 2% otherwise it’s dangerous and I think illegal).

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