(Closed) What is your daily meal routine??

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A typical day looks like this:

Breakfast – 2 pieces of multigrain toast with jam, a small glass of orange juice, and coffee

Snack – A piece of fruit (usually a banana), and a granola bar

Lunch – Big salad (baby spinach, cucumber, carrots, red pepper, croutons), and leftovers (usually stir fry, or spaghetti), sometimes if there isn’t leftovers I have a sandwich on whole wheat, with ham and tomato.

Snack – Yogurt and another piece of fruit

Supper – Stir fry of some sort, or spaghetti (with homemade sauce!), and another giant salad.

It sucks that you don’t like fruits or veggies! What if you blend it up into a smoothie? You could use a banana and strawberries and get some of your fruit that way.

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Oh and I wanted to add I always eat brown rice and whole wheat pasta!

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Breakfast – Usually just coffee.  If I eat anything at all it’s a yogurt or a protein bar.

Lunch – Most of the time I just eat a protein bar at work.  If I do eat something more substantial for lunch, I usually make up for it by cutting back at dinner.

Dinner – Whatever I want, although I tend to eat pretty healthy.  We cook at home instead of eating out a lot, which helps.   I love pasta, veggies, rice, etc.

I don’t count calories or anything, but I’m pretty mindful of what I eat.  Usually it’s just basically a tossup between lunch and dinner, so if I eat a big unhealthy lunch, I will really cut back at dinner.  Or if I’ve had a small lunch, I will allow myself to eat a bigger dinner.  I definitely notice a difference when I eat healthier, and I have really noticed a difference ever since I stopped eating meat.

ETA: Okay I just read my post and it sounds like I barely eat anything!  But really, I didn’t include snacks in there.  If I only eat a protein bar for lunch, I will definitely have a snack when I get home from work!  Usually eat something like almonds, or chips and salsa for a snack…basically whatever is around the house.

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Before you read my typical day…Is it harder to eat this way? Yes. But do I notice the difference in my appearence and they way I feel? Definately. Don’t think that I am super strict though… I only eat like this on the weekdays, and ANYTHING goes on the weekends. That’s a huge motivator…”just get to Friday and that cheesecake is yours!” sort of thing… If I get invited out for drinks or dinner on a weeknight, I eat normal and don’t insist on getting salads and diet cokes, haha… The best advice is moderation for everything.

Oh! And I definately eat frosted mini wheats for dinner some times!! Tips; use whole wheat pasta, and use turkey meat for your meatloaf and things… I have some great recipes that I use to make comfort foods lighter… my test is my SO who sees the work “healthy” and runs! If he likes it, it’s golden. I’ll message you some if you want… the favs? BBQ Turkey Meatloaf! And a good basic lasagna with turkey meat.

A typical day for me is:

Breakfast- Special K Granola, Yoplait 100 Calorie Yogurt, Cup of Green Tea

Lunch- Wrap with low sodium (LS) ham, LS Swiss, lettuce, mustard, in a low carb high fiber wrap, piece of fruit, chocolate rice cakes.

Snack- Either a low fat cheese stick and a banana, or honey wheat pretzels and peanut butter.

Dinner- Some sort of protein (salmon, chicken, occasionally beef), veggies, small amount of starch.

Glass of fat free milk before bed.


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My days usually consist of…

Morning: a fruit and coffee, maybe some soy milk

Morning snack: 1 handful of something “snack-y” to help curve my cravings, i.e. pita chips, teddy grahams, mini cookies…

Lunch: usually leftovers and a serving of baby carrots/sliced bell peppers, or some sort of a simple sandwich (nutella/jam/cheese)

Afternoon snack: ice cream (I work at an ice cream company and attend *mandatory* QA tastins)

Dinner: this varies greatly. Tuesdays and Thursdays are generally unhealthy because Boy cooks; other days, I cook. Usually I cook Japanese or other Asian dishes, but sometimes we eat pasta or hearty salads, or roast a chicken (if time permits)… It really depends on what recipe falls into my inbox that day 🙂

If you don’t like fruit, you can always make or buy smoothies! I used to make an orange-banana-carrot-yogurt smoothie with a teaspoon of matcha (green tea powder) to “get rid” of 3 servings of fruits/vegetables. It’s a lot of fluids, so I’d drink it all for breakfast.

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My daily menu doesnt change much from day to day, but sometimes i do splurge on one day over the weekend.

B: Either a protein shake and a string cheese or special k with fresh strawberries. If i am on the go i take cottage cheese.

S: Cottage Cheese

L: Green salad with tomato, cucumber, cottage cheese, feta, and some sort of vinegarette

S: Usually i dont need one after lunch, but this varies…

D: Protein, veggies, NO CARBS! (At least for the last week ive been off carbs after 1pm 🙂


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breakfast: oatmeal or nuts, plus coffee

lunch: turkey sandwich, chicken and veggies, soup. I stay away from carbs for the most part. Sometimes i do whole grains.

snack: greek yogurt

dinner: Protein and a veggie or salad. again, no carbs

and, always, 8+ glasses of water

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Fiance was never a big breakfast and lunch person. His only meal used to be just dinner which meant he had a pretty big serving because he was hungry!
But in the last year or so I’ve got him to start eating breakfast with me and taking lunch. He’s noticed a big difference. He feels better and has more energy throughout the day.

I really think small meals throughout the day makes a huge difference!

Our typical meal day:
Breakfast: Bowl of cereal or eggs with some bread (toast, bagels, etc)
Snack: Some kind of fruit usually a apple or a orange
Lunch: Salad or leftovers from dinner the night before
I usually also have a afternoon snack. hehe
Dinner: Greatly ranges. Depends on what we’re in the mood for. But almost always healthy and never fast food. We might do takeout or eat out maybe once a month?
Last night we had broiled mackerel basted with a soy/sesame dressing I whipped together with veggie stir fry
Night prior was Pork Stir Fry fry with cabbage and jasmine rice

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I consider myself really lucky that I prefer veggies so incorporating them into my meals is a no-brainer.  I eat a mainly vegetarian diet just because I tend to like them better, and Fiance has to remind me to eat more protien (plus I take a supplement cause my hair started falling out.  Oops)

Breakfast: alternate between bowl of cereal (either Cheerios or Special K both w/ blueberries, banana & strawberries or Raisin Bran) OR egg whites with ketchup on on a wholewheat english muffin with 2 slice or watermelon.  To drink, either coffee or tea both with skim milk & 1/2 packet of equal

Lunch: Usually 1/2 a veggie wrap (different everyday), small side salad usually with tomatoes, cukes, corn & onion, steamed or grilled veggie (again different everyday).  Sometimes grilled salmon, side salad, assorted veggies

Snack: small cup of soup OR piece of fruit

Dinner: Usually alternate between grilled chicken with brown rice & side salad OR bowl of cereal with cranberries or raisins OR large salad with assorted veggies and sometimes grilled chicken or tuna.  We save our “bad” meals (steak, sloppy joes – a Fiance fav, carb-heavy pasta meals etc) for the weekends when we usually only eat 2 meals anyway (and dessert.  ALWAYS dessert!)

Dessert: I usually have 1 cookie while I’m at work AND Fiance & I usually have a small bowl of lowfat ice cream or sherbet most nights

**My breakfast, lunch & snacks are all catered at work.  Lunch is my largest meal of the day M-F, and since it’s all restaurant-quality, I’m sure there’s much more oil/butter and fullfat cheeses & sauces etc used (even in the “grilled” veggies) than I would use myself.  I gained about 8 lbs since I started here 4 yrs ago and anticipate losing it pretty quickly once I leave.

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Let’s see. Usually looks like:

Breakfast: yogurt and tea (Irish breakfast)

Morning snack: ½ of an English muffin with PB, or cinnamon toast with butter, or ½ bagel with cream cheese, or hard boiled egg. More tea.

Lunch: sandwich (usually ham with mustard), handful of chips

Snack: pita chips, leftover pesto pasta salad, veggies, FiberPlus chocolate chip bar if I want something sweet.

Dinner: varies everynight, but usually meat/veggies and a big salad. Lots of tacos (fish tacos, carne asada and a wilted greens/chicken tacos mostly). Sushi or Indian takeout about once a week. Homemade pizza about once a week.

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Well I can tell you this week, but it changes a lot.

Breakfast:  1.5cup kashi Heart to Heart Cereal + 1 greek yogurt cup (370 cals)

Lunch: 1 can Campbells Select Harvest Light Southwest Vegetable + egg salad (1 full egg, 1 egg white & 1 tbsp of fat free miracle whip) on a whole wheat bun (320 cals)

Dinner: Steamed Veggies & Rice, or Rice, Pinneaple, Mozzerella & Soy Sauce, or veggie burger on whole wheat bun with hummus & cucumbers sliced on the side, also with hummus (usually 400-450 cals)

Snack:  1 cup of yoplait yogurt, frozen (100-110 cals) or organic chocolate (120 cals) with tea or decaf coffee.

Sometimes I do oatmeal w/ fruit & honey for breakfast, sometimes I do BIG salads for lunch, sometimes I like to steam my favorite veggies in the microwave, get a great spicy marinade or dip and wrap them both in a pita or tortilla wrap.  Dinners are all over the place.  Sometimes I’ll use a bagel to make a veggie burger sandwich.  Sometimes I’ll do a veggie sausage with home made fries (just sliced potatoes w/ olive oil, chilli pepper & seasoned salt).. so many things.. but I LOVE veggies.

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I def do not drink enough water! I’m so bad about that.

And I really wished I liked yogurt because it’s so good for you. But no can do, I can’t stand the taste of it. Fiance loves it though!

If you believe it:

10 Super Foods You Should Have In Your Diet

  1. Low Fat or Plain Yogurt
  2. Eggs
  3. Nuts
  4. Kiwis
  5. Quinoa
  6. Beans
  7. Salmon
  8. Broccoli
  9. Sweet Potatoes
  10. Berries

Here’s one article that talks about it.

Love em all except yogurt!

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I agree with PPs that smoothies are an awesome way to get in your fruit. I’d make them all the time if I could.

A typical food day for me is:

Breakfast – Toast. Usually with peanut butter and jam but sometimes with avacado (if I find them cheap) or a bowl of fruit (usually papaya – again, if it’s in season and I find it cheap) and a cup of tea. 

Lunch – Something warm. Anything from leftovers to sausage and roast potatoes to bacon sandwiches. It’s pretty rare that I don’t have a warm lunch though. 

Afternoon Snack – Cup of tea. Bowl of fruit (in the summer it’s usually grapes, plums and strawberries

Dinner – Something warm if I didn’t have something warm for lunch. Otherwise usually something light. Sandwich hams and cheese and crackerbread. 

After dinner – Cup of tea.

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Breakfast – I always take a travel mug of coffee with one splenda and soy milk in it with me to work. These are three of my most common breakfasts:

1. Laughing Cow light cheese wedge (so yummy!) with two wasa toast crackers. Piece of fruit.

2. Instant Oatmeal and a piece of fruit.

3. Plain yogurt with one splenda, and granola mixed in. and a piece of fruit!

Lunch – At work I normally eat a lean cuisine or left overs from last night’s dinner. I also bring a salad or frozen veggies to eat with it.

Snack – Granola bar, almonds or fruit

Supper – I try to fill half my plate with veggies, a quarter with a lean protein (fish, chicken) and a quarter with a whole wheat grain.

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