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hey guys if you want a cleanser not too expensive try dove extra sensitive soap its so effective to me i use this also in my body im free from acne now!! i try anything in the market before but it doesnt work for me. i also try proactive it works but its so expensive try it then use also bensac cream or steva A for a fast result. pls suggest me moisturizer for super  sensitve skin too

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hey guys if you want a cleanser not too expensive try dove extra sensitive soap its so effective to me i use this also in my body im free from acne now!! i try anything in the market before but it doesnt work for me. i also try proactive it works but its so expensive try it then use also bensac cream or steva A for a fast result. pls suggest me moisturizer for extra sensitve skin too .

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I have super sensitive skin – I have fund Dr. Weil’s mushroom formula from Origins works wonders.  You massage a serum onto your dry skin to wash it, then I use the serum to put on afterwards and i swear by it.  About $80 for the entire kit from origins.  It’s nice becuase its all natural, too!

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I’ve tried a lot of products for my "problem skin".  I really like Origins Checks and Balances Frothy cleanser at night and Cetaphil in the morning.  I also like Clinique Foaming Daily cleanser.  I also think it’s good to exfoliate a couple times a week.  I used to use Olay Regenerist microderm abrasion, but I read that the beads are not biodegradable and get filtered by bivalves (like clams etc) and kill them.  The Olay company knows this and refuses to do anything about it, so I stopped using it and use St. Ives Apricot scrub instead.  The Aveda chemical exfoliant (no scrubbers) is really good as well.

I still use other Olay products (I know), b/c I find that they are really great and well-priced.  I particularly like the Olay regenerist hydrating cream.  I’ve found that using some of the hydrating serums (Olay or Garnier Nutrioniste) really helps my skin feel a lot softer and younger.  In the morning I use a combination of Nutrioniste Skin Renew and Olay Regenerist Hyrdrating.  I then top off with Neutragena sun block.  I prefer not to use sunblock in my moisturizers and put it on separately.

I read an article that said that often the more mass-produced beauty products (e.g. Olay and Revlon) work better and are more bang for your buck b/c they have the large volume to generate money to invest in pretty intensive research.  I know that the Olay products in particular are based on a lot of testing and development.  They are more expensive than other drugstore brands, but I think worth the money (and still cheaper than department store brands).

If you’re having breakouts, the important thing to remember is that adult acne is not like teenage acne, so probably steer clear of most products morketed to teenagers.  One tip that an aesthetician told me that I find really helpful is to use an antiobiotic ointment (e.g. Neosporin) on blemishes.  Don’t do this too often or the bacteria on your face will become resistant, but wow, does it help get rid of them quickly!

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For problem skin, I would suggest Cetaphil cleansers– they were recommended by my dermatologist and after trying several other ones, I would have to say they are my absolute favorite (and they won’t break the bank, either!!) They have a normal/oily one, which I love because it’s not too harsh but makes my skin feel clean afterward, and then they have a more gentle one for sensitive/dry skin that works well if you find the normal/oily one too harsh.

Also, check out Philosophy’s new line of anti-acne products! I can’t say enough good things about them- particularly the On a Clear Day gel and the retinol lotion. If you don’t use a perscription retinol lotion you have to get this stuff, it really works!!

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I have tried everything, proactive, clinique’s line, neutrogena’s etc. (i was on neutrogrena’s for 8 yrs and loved it untill….) my dermatologist put me on La Roche-Posays skin care line!! I love it!!! I have rosacea and my nose can get sooo red but its totally changed my skin. I love the way it makes me face feel soft and clean. I use their face wash called Toleriane- purifying foaming cream and their daily moisturizer with a great suncreen called Anthelios. It’s really made a difference!

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Have you tried LUSH? I have super sensitive skin and their skin care line is the only one that works and doesn’t irritate my face.  While they are a little bit on the pricier end, a little of their product really goes a long way. They have a great soft cleanser called Herbalism… its been my saving grace.  I am also a tomboy when it comes to beauty products and I can really wrap my mind around LUSH…. they will tell you EVERY single thing in their products and how and why it works….

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Well, you really ought to do three things for your skin:




 You cleanse with warm water and a cleanser to open and clean out your pores. You then use a gentle toner or astringent to remove any stubborn dirt or makeup (this should come off with just a light brushing with a cotton pad) and to close your pores. Then, you should moisturize with a light, non-commodogenic facial moisturizer that works for your skin type (oily, dry, etc.). 

A lot of people find that exfoliating a few times a week helps with acne because you’re removing dead skin cells and clearing oil plugs (the most common cause of acne besides bacteria). You can either do this with an exfoliating cleanser, or with a clean cloth or exfoliating pad. Don’t rub too hard… you can be pretty gentle. You don’t want to irritate your skin!

Different cleansers will work VERY differently for different people. Same for astringents and lotions. 

My favorite is a very mild cleanser called Checks and Balances by Origins. It’s about $18 a tube and it lasts me over 8 months because you need very little to make a luxurious, silky foam. I just use a pea-sized amount, work up a good lather with warm water, and splash water on my face to wipe it off. I avoid using a face cloth unless I’m exfoliating, and be careful about using the same cloth/exfoliating pad more than once– the bacteria that accumulated can mess up your skin, too. 

Then, I use a mild astringent/toner. I’ve found that anything works fine for me, because my skin isn’t bothered by stronger astringents, but I like using Witch Hazel instead because it’s natural (and cheap). Something with a little salycilic acid or other acid can help stop acne.

Then I moisturize with some anti-aging stuff from Kiehl’s. I probably would never have used this stuff but Mr. Cherry Pie’s mom got it for me at my shower. I dunno what I’ll do now that I’m out!

For spot treatments, you have a few options. There are a lot of salycilic acid treatments out there, and benzoyl peroxide too. Benzoyl peroxide is anti-microbial and scientifically proven. But, that said, it doesn’t do anything for oil-based plugs. It can also dry out and irritate skin.

Personally, I find the spot treatments that are sulphur-based work best for me.   Or sulphur/benzoyl peroxide.

Treatments with Retin-A and other Keratolytics can also help acne when oily skin/oil plugs is a cause. They’re applied once a day and pretty much take off a top layer of skin… hence using them once a day because they can irritate your face. These require a prescription.

Stress acne can be really hard to clean and pretty deep, so just be sure to use warm, clean compresses and DON’T PICK OR POP. Going to a steam room can really help your skin with stress acne, too.

Aaaanyway, I’ve gone on quite long enough. Hopefully some of this info can help you! 😀

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after years of trial and error I finally found CETAPHIL about 5 years ago. and I have not needed to seek out anything else.  I buy the bulk ones at Costco and put it into a pretty pump when i get home (so the jumbo bottle isn’t taking up the whole bathroom vanity)  I also keep one in the shower too.  I just love it!  

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I use Purity face wash by Philosophy and I moisturize with Shiseido sunscreen/moisturizer.

When I get breakouts I use Clinique Acne Solutions 🙂

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I love Philosophy’s Purity cleanser. First I use baby oil (SO much cheaper than eye makeup remover) to get the mascara off of my eyes so I don’t have to scrub them to death. Then I use the Purity to get rid of my makeup. Then I use the Clarisonic skincare brush with their Gentle Hydro Cleanser. This is the only product that has ever made my face feel super clean! Then about once or twice a week I’ll use Philosophy’s Microdelievery Multi Peel Pads. After that I use Philosophy’s When Hope Is Not Enough face serum, then follow with the Hope in A Jar moisturizer. Since I’ve started this routine…pretty time consuming…my face has never felt smoother. And the only time I get the occasional small blemish it’s usually because it’s that time of the month.  The Clarisonic brush isn’t cheap by any means and I would have never bought it for myself, but my SO’s mom had bought one and loved it so much that she bought me one for Xmas. 200 bucks sounds so ridiculous for a face brush! But I think if you have problem skin it’s totally worth it. Plus, I also think that if you’re pores aren’t getting completely clean then what’s the point of buying other products to use on halfway clean skin. It would seem like you wouldn’t be getting the full benefits of the products.

As a testament to how good this works….I washed my face with the Purity and didn’t use the brush after. I then used the Microdelivery Pads and you would not believe how much make up was still on my face! When I use the pads after I have cleaned my face with the brush it’s completely clean!


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I had truly awful skin a few years back, and it ended up being more a hormone thing rather a product-specific problem. I used Accutane, but a year later, the acne came back, and now I’m on birth control (Yaz) which seems to work.


Anyway, all that to say that before I used Accutane, the only product that cleared up my skin was Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Wash. It’s in a purple bottle. I think it has something like 10% benzoyl peroxide solution, so it’s a serious face wash that shouldn’t be combined with anything else other than, of course, a good, simple moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher. One mistake I made was thinking that the oil on my face was caused by the moisturizer but it definitely isn’t. ALWAYS keep your skin moisturized. For me, astringents just made my skin worse for some reason- too harsh, perhaps. Best of luck to you!

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in the last year ive developed adult acne.  i never had it as a kid, so it was kind of weird when i got it.  its a side effect of one of my meds.  so i see the dermatologist frequently and he suggests using cetaphil.  he also gave me topical medication and an antibiotic.  you might want to see a dermatologist just to get your skin clear before the wedding.  good luck!

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