(Closed) What is your FI, DH, Boyfriend’s Most annoying habit?

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@DeathByDesign:  haha mine does that too!

The really annoying thing he does is swear up and down that he can multitask, look at  a website or text someone and still have a conversation with me. He can – if it’s not something interesting or a really long text lol. I’ll ask him to listen for a second and he tells me to go ahead and say what I want to say, so I do…

Then I stare at him in silence for 2-3 minutes before he finishes what he was doing and looks up and says ‘okay now what were you saying??’

It’s actually pretty funny lol.

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Blushing bee
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My Fiance does a lot of the things you guys have mentioned. 

I can’t for the life of me, get him to bring dirty dishes and cups to the sink to put them in the dishwasher. They just sit on his coffee table for days, especially the cups. He also “forgets” to take out his trash and recycling. I’m nipping that in the bud by reminding him everyday to take out the trash. He also can’t drop stuff in the recycling bin so things sit on his coffee table again.

He also won’t wash his hands after touching raw meat (which is a pet peeve for me and just generally cleanliness) then he wants to hug on me and kiss me and I freak out! I ask him to please wash his hands after doing that. 

He also leaves his clothes everywhere. This past weekend he had clothes falling out of his closet in a heap on the floor and he had fresh clean clothes scattered in piles everywhere in his living room. 

And he does lose things or misplace things a lot. He loses his wallet and keys at least three times a month and then we have to go turn his house upside down to find them. It irks me to no end. 

But still regardless I love him. =)

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I love reading this – I’m definitely the messier one in the relationship because I do a lot of the things people are complaining about!

But my big pet peeve is that he’s always playing games on his cellphone!  Not like “Oh, I have five minutes before my train, I’ll play Angry Birds”, but those farmville-type games that need constant attention every thirty minutes.  So I’ll try to have a conversation with him and when I look over, he’s harvesting crops or shooting pirates or whatever!

It’s even worse at night because it takes him 10-20 minutes to close out all his games, and I’m just lying there thinking… “Your chances at getting laid are 80%…. 70%… 50%…30%…”

I’ve asked him over and over to not play when we get in bed, but he always has “just one more thing to check!”

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Busy bee
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He actually doesn’t have too many. I think the worst is his indecisiveness. Or maybe…his overkill of trying to satisfy me? Not sure how to describe it, but it’s like this. Drives me bonkers. “What do you want to eat for dinner, Danny?” “I don’t know, what do YOU want to eat?” and “Which (insert object here) was your favorite, Danny?” “whichever one you liked.” GAH! He doesn’t do it all the time but when he does it just irks me. 

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Bumble bee
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Sitting in front of the TV for long extended times, eating junk foods. Drives me bonkers!

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My Fiance is really funnny. He is always joking, telling stories, etc. I love it and find it hilarious (even when others have no idea why were are laughing!)

but sometimes, I ask him a question, and he answers in a joking way.. sometimes I JUST WANT THE ANSWER!


Me: what do you want to do for dinner tonight?

Him: fried hamster?

its funny.. but not EVERYTIME i ask a question! lol

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Buzzing Beekeeper

My Fiance has no sense of time. He’ll tell me something will take 5 minutes and 90 minutes later it’s done.

One time we were on a long road trip to see his family. I really had to pee (I have frequent UTI’s so I cannot hold it in) and I asked when the next place we could stop was. He said “Oh don’t worry, it’s soon”. So 30 minutes later I’m ready to burst and I say “I thought you said soon. How far away now?” And he goes “An hour and a half”. He told me his definition of soon is “anything more than half way”. It frustrates me and I’ve told him so many times. He’s trying to work on it though 🙂

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I’m laughing so hard at some of these that I’m in tears!!

I love my fiance so much but he does many of the things listed above.  Some other things include:

– opening multiple bottles of seltzer and leaving 2 or 3 in each room, but then never finishing them, so days later I find 20+ half empty bottles of seltzer that he won’t drink anymore because they’ve gone flat

– eating snacks and then leaving the dishes on the couch because that’s where he was eating

– wrapping himself in every single one of our blankets while he’s sleeping (like a cocoon) so that I end up blanket-less

– sneaking candy into the shopping cart when we buy groceries, like a little kid

– turning off my alarms in the morning because they were loud… and not waking me up!  I leave for work HOURS before he does and he says he doesn’t remember doing it, but he somehow ends up turning off my alarms!

But… I have to let him off the hook because I have the most annoying habit of all.  I’m always so busy from work and grad school that when I take a shower, I leave my dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, where they accumulate for days and days until you can’t open the door anymore!  I’m such a neat and organized person but that’s the one obnoxious thing I do.


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Bumble bee
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Well we’re as messy as each other, mostly, so I can’t really hang him on that, but there are a few things- if I take clean laundry from the dryer but am not going to sort it straight away, I tip it onto the bed until I’m ready to do it. He might decide to get changed in the meantime and he will throw dirty clothes on top of clean. Aaargh. 

In the car, when other drivers do stuff that annoys him, he shouts. A lot. With the windows closed. Every single time I say, ” they can’t hear you, only me, give up” and it’s only since I got pregnant he makes any effort- I twisted his ear one day and explained how important nice steady blood pressure is to pregnant women and how listening to him bellowing wasn’t helping me:)

Like the rest of you, the kitchen thing. He takes a pizza out of a box, puts some extra salami and chilli on it, puts it in the oven, watches tv for 30 mins, takes it out and sits back down in front of the tv to eat it. Leaving the pizza box and wrapping, salami trimmings and pack, and chilli flakes all over the counter. I asked him why he couldn’t tidy it up, he said cos the pizza would get cold. No, gobshite, not if you tidy while it’s still in the feckin oven. 

Oh! Does anyone else’s man take the last of something and put the empty container back in the fridge? Gaaah

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My guy is always SLOW, and I’m much more fast-paced. If I am running late for something, I let him know by calling or texting him – then I’ll come home, grab a new outfit, and I’m good to go. At the point when I’m completely ready and trying to walk out the door, THAT’S when he decides he needs a new shirt, and he needs to get a treat so he can bribe the dog to go outside, and he needs to turn on the outide lights, and so on. It drives me nuts! Move faster, buddy! 

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Baby talk. It drives me up the wall when he does it, or anything similar to it.

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What is up with men leaving clothes everywhere?!  I’m glad I’m not the only one.  FI takes off his work shirt when he gets home and puts it on a dining room chair.  Every day.  They accumulate quickly.  And when he gets home from the gym, he hangs his shirt (wet with sweat….I know, ew) on top of a door in our apartment (different one every time).  Every day.  They accumulate quickly, too.  And yesterday I called him at work to tell him he left a pair of dirty boxers on the living room floor.  How does that even happen??

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Sugar bee
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Fiance most annoying habit is that he cant seem how to figure out which color goes in which hamper. we have a 4 hamper bag organizer thing… whites, colors, darks & towels. yet he will put the darkest of navy in the colors. EVERY TIME. which some people may think is normal. but i always correct him and show him! BABE! NAVY AND BLACKS ARE DARKS! hehe.

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He’s a backseat driver, and it makes me crazy!

We carpool to and from work daily, and every day, he drives me insane…

“that lane’s moving faster, move over there 

“you should have blown that yellow light, I would have” (especially annoying when he nags at me for following the rules of the road!)

Or, he reaches over me and honks the horn at other drivers, it’s embarrassing. I only use the horn if I need to…. he uses it to flip people off.

It is constant… I swear, all he does when I’m driving is watch to pick apart things I do. I can’t think of one day, he hasn’t picked apart some aspect of my driving. Yet, I manage to get us to work and home safe every day.


End rant.

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Blushing bee
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He plays with his wedding band and tends to drop it and lose it momentarily and freak out. It drives me insane because I tell him to just leave it on his finger haha!

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