(Closed) What is your line for sending them to school or staying home sick?

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    Send them regardless, if it is an issue the school will call me to get them and I am OK with that

    Strictly if there is a fever or not

    Fever plus a little bit of wiggle room

    If my child says they need to stay home sick, they can regardless

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    I’m not a mom, but I do think that my mom handled this really well when I was growing up. Her rule was that if we were sick enough to stay home from school, we were too sick to watch tv or read books (we were crazy bookworms as children). If we were home from school our only options were to lie in bed bored or to actually sleep. We were generally allowed to stay home any time we asked to, but since it was so boring we only asked to when we were actually sick.

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    I can usually tell without even taking their temperatures if they are sick enough to stay home, and I definitely keep them home if they are vomiting or running a temp over 100. As they have become middle-schoolers, usually one dose of Advil in the morning will do the trick to get them through the day unless they are really, really sick. And despite school rules (we live in a VERY small district), I sometimes send them with a couple of Advil in their pockets with instructions to take it at lunch. Obviously, that’s only for relatively minor “not feeling well” symptoms.

    But since I work for the school, I see the effect sick kids at school and I don’t want to contribute to it, so if they are genuinely sick they definitely stay home.

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    In addition to a fever or vomiting, if they are contagious or likely to be,  or in a lot of discomfort or pain it is reasonable to keep them home.  It also depends on the child. There are some kids who never complain. Others moan and groan about every little thing, so you have to draw the line. 

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    I generally let my child stay home from school if she ask. But she loves school, she only ask if she is really sick. However as most mothers I know my child, sometimes I let her sleep-in and send her to school late without notifing her. I do this cause I can see the signs before she gets sick. She starts to get pale looking, and a blue under her eyes. If I do not let her sleep in the next morning, then pump her with vitamins when she wakes up. I can expect her to be sick withing 2 to 3 days. 

    We also have a strick house rule: If you are too sick to attend school, then you are too sick for sports that night. 

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    freshflowers:  In high school I used to get send home pretty often on the first day of my period because it was irregular and sometimes didn’t have warning signs, so if I didn’t take pamprin soon enough, the cramps were bad enough that it made me vomit. 

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    We were only allowed to stay home if we were vomiting or had a terrible fever or something. Even then, we weren’t allowed to play games, go outside, have friends over, go to our sports practice/games or anything like that. Basically, other than tv, we weren’t allowed to do anything if we missed school & that’s pretty boring haha.

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    Mines little but I think fever, vomit, any kind of GI issues, or even bad cramps would let me keep her home. 

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    I don’t have kids, but my mom pretty much let me stay home whenever I asked. She knew I would never fake it, because as soon as I asked to stay home, I knew she would promptly make me a doctor’s appointment. I disliked going to the doctor, and was only willing to do it if I was actually sick, so threatening me with health care was how she proved my honesty.

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    Unless they have a fever of 102 or more, my daughters go to school.  No ifs, ands, or buts.

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    I have two kids. If there is vomiting,  diarrhea or a fever over 100°, they stay home. 

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    Don’t have kids yet, but even if they don’t have a fever, I’ll keep them home for at least a couple of days (as long as I can tell they are actually sick, and not faking). That’s when colds are most contagious, and parents don’t need to be sending kids to school during that time, infecting the rest of the population. It’s a courtesy.

    I feel the same way about sick co-workers. I’d rather do extra work because someone called in, rather than work with a sick co-worker, and end up getting sick myself.

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    As a teacher, I’d say sickness, fever and dihorea keep them off. 

    I ended off work for over a week with a relativelu rare illness (causing multiple trips to hospital) at about the same time that lots of parents were sending children in who were clearly ill. I’m if he opinion that sending a poorly or infectious child into school so you can have a day at work is selfish as it puts staff and students in the germ line. 

    Primary schools and nurseries in UK advise 48 hours after sickness to be kept off. 

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    I started getting migraines as a middle schooler and was not productive when one set in, I needed to go home and hide in the dark till it passed, not sure if that fits in everyone’s definition of “wiggle room” so that’s something to consider. I was an extremely honest child and my mom trusted me when I said I didn’t feel well. Her mom was the type to send her to school no matter what, she only came home if the nurse called so she didn’t want to make her kids as miserable as she was. 

    I think you can look at a kid and know if they’re miserable or not. Even without a fever, if my child is glued to the box of tissues and won’t get off the sofa then they can stay home, there’s no reason to force them to be miserable in public when they don’t have to be  

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    I’m not a parent yet (I’m pregnant), but I am a teacher.  I am doing my best to stay kind and respectful in this reply, but so much of this thread was downright appaling to me.  Sending your clearly sick child to school because they don’t have a fever or vomitting is disrepectful to the teachers/school staff and all of the other families.  I completely get needing to make sure a child isn’t faking it, and children certainly need to be in school as much as possible, but I so often see kids who are clearly sick going through the days, not really learning because they feel so awful, getting sicker, and getting me and thier classmates sick, when if they had just stayed home to rest one day, they would end up learning more, being sick less time, and not spreading it.  I don’t know how exactly I will draw the line as a parent, but I really feel that only keeping them home for a fever or vomitting is extremely irresponsible.

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    Please remember, when you send a child to school sick you risk infecting the rest of the class AND the teacher. I am a teacher of K-2nd graders and I have been sick almost weekly since November…between respiratory and sinus infections I have missed more days of work than I’d like to.  I have to constantly send kids with 101+ degree fevers, hacking coughs and running noses (the kind that comes out in BIG streams) to the nurse to go home because they are sent to school sick and are  nearly non-fuctional.

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