(Closed) What is your morning routine?

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Darling Husband leaves before I get up. He is a wake up and walk out the door person. He kisses me goodbye and then I get up about 30 min later at 6:30 to leave by 7:15 at the latest (7:00 ideally). I give myself time for dressing, makeup, brushing hair, making bed (usually), packing lunch. I take a protein shake or hard boiled eggs with me to work for breakfast. I always shower at night but if I have to shower in the AM I will get up 15 min earlier.


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Fi wakes up at 5:30 am and leaves at 6:00 am. He showers when he comes home from work, as he has a dirty/smelly job. He doesn’t do a whole lot in the morning, at all. He starts the car, sometimes grabs a bite to eat, checks the weather or bums around on the internet for a few minutes and then leaves.

I wake up around 5:00 am and leave at 6:30 am. I take a quick shower, and then put on my makeup, letting my hair air dry. I let the dog out, make sure his food/water bowls are full/clean. I pack my and fi’s lunches [mine normally consists of a salad with a little cup of dressing, sometimes soup & crackers, and bottles of water or tea. Fi’s consists of frozen type foods, soda, tea, gatorade and snacks]. I turn off my hermit crab night light & turn on their day lights, check the humidity in their tank and water levels. I then go start the car [normally still in a robe or pjs at this point]. I get dressed for work, blow dry my hair until completely dry and either straight it or put in a few curls. Turn off all lights in the house, grab my purse and whatever else I need for the day and head out.

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I wake up and have to hit the snooze button for an hour. I get up and brush my teeth, then get dressed while SO packs my lunch and my bookbag for me. Really, when my feet hit the floor, I have 30-45 minutes to get out the door. I don’t bother with makeup (I’m in college, I feel I can be lazy when I’m just in class lol) and breakfast is usually something small that I can grab and go: a granola bar or breakfast biscuit or Pop-Tarts. I like being able to shuffle my feet and take it slow in the mornings. I’m most definitely not a morning person. 

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On days that I have class, I shower the night before, and wake up at 630am, get dressed, grab a granola bar and leave by 6:45. I put on makeup in the car at the parking lot at school (my commute is about an hour).  My Fiance gets to sleep in until 8am… jerk. lol.

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Well now that I am back working from home it is a bit easier.  Get up at 6:15am, get dressed.  Get my son who is 2 up at between 6:30 and 6:40am.  Watch a little Disney Jr. with him.  Then he has to have a “pop tart” and while he eats that, I get him ready for the day.  By that time my Darling Husband is finally get out of bed and ready for work.  About 7:15am get little boy ready (winter clothes ) for going to daycare.  Daycare is 2 miles from the house.  Get little boy to daycare by 7:30am.  

Than either I stop at my local coffee shop to get coffee or just come straight home and relax a few minutes before logging into my work network at 8:00 AM

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I get up at 6am. I brush my teeth, shower, make coffee and breakfast, prepare lunch, check my work email on my phone somewhere in there, get dressed, dry my hair if I have time (if not, I let it curl and put some hair spray on it), and then wake my daughter. I change her diaper and outfit if she wet through and then nurse her. Then Darling Husband and Dear Daughter take me to work or I take myself (we have one car). By then, it’s no later than 7:05. I have to be at work at 7:15.

ETA: Darling Husband gets up usually 10-15 minutes before we need to leave. He just needs enough time to pee and take the dog out since it’s hard to do that once I leave and he’s alone with Dear Daughter.

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I have a horrible morning routine:

5:00 – wake up

5:05 – shower

5:15 – make up/lotion up my bod : )

5:30 – start water for coffee, start to get distracted by internet

5:35 – dry hair

5:45 – prep breakfast/coffee/lunch

5:55 – sit down to eat and drink coffee, go over emails from the previous night

6:15 – Fiance gets up, I make bed, get dressed (yes, i’ve been in my robe this whole time!)

6:25 – brush teeth, grab all my bags

6:30 – leave for work!


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I get up and allow myself a few mins on my phone to help wake myself up, or cuddle with Fiance on the days he leaves after me. Shower, get ready, heat the car up, coffee, maybe throw something in the toaster or grab an apple, take the pup out and feed him, and hope I’m out the door by 7:20! 

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FH and I get up at the same time, 7 AM. We like spending the morning together. It gives me a couple of hours to get stuff done before my 9:30 class. Breakfast with lots of coffee, then showers, get dressed for the day, feed the fish, and then leave for school at 9 AM. FH doesn’t have class until 11:30 (lucky guy) so when I leave, he uses that extra time to practise piano.

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@sheepandbear:  I run, so on the days were it is below 75 degrees at 6pm at night (about 9 months out of the year), Darling Husband and I shower at night. In the morning we wake up at 7 and eat breakfast. We are done by 7:30 and then I do a minimal makeup routine (2 minutes top), throw on clothes, grab my lunch (packed the night before), pack my running clothes, and am out the door by 8.

If it is humid season, I get up at 5:45, run from 6-6:45, stretch, eat from 6:55-7:10, shower, and still aim for an out the door by 8.

I do have naturally stick straight hair and work in a field where no one wears makeup and the dress is very laid back. 

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My Fiance is NEVER awake in the mornings when I am. Ever. 

When I work morning, I wake up at 6:00. I go do my makeup and hair, which takes 10-15 minutes. I then make breakfast and coffee, let the dog out, and surf the interwebs until I brush my teeth, get dressed, and kiss my sleepy SO goodbye. I’m out of the apartment at 7:00.

I find if I rush out the door instead of giving myself time to wake up, I’m much crankier all day. I need time to adjust to being conscious.

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@sheepandbear:  Alarm goes off at 5.45am and then we have about 20 minutes to get up, let the dog out, go to the loo and get in our gym gear to head off for our workout! Then it’s back home for shower, make lunches, eat breakfast etc before going to work. Fiance gets about an hour for this and I get an hour and a half as I start work later.

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7 AM: Wake up, take the dog out

710AM: Shower

720AM: Breakfast

735AM: Dry & style hair, brush teeth, put on makeup

810 AM: Take dog out again

820AM: Get dressed for work

8:30AM: Leave for work, 20 minute commute!


I don’t have to work until 9 thankfully.  I am transferring to an office within walking distance and will go back to an 8AM start time but it should be easier without the horrific drive.  

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Alarms (three to be exact, (I am a heavy sleeper) start going off at 530am, Hopefully I get out of bed no later than 6. Morning cig, then shower. Feed indoor cats. Feed and water sanctuary cats, litter pans in and out (a total of 19). Raw milk and vitamins (I cant stand food that early in the morning). Brush teeth, make-up (less than 5 minutes), dress for work, gather stuff and out the door hopefully by 8 AM.

I try to do as much prep as possible the night before. Like filling the bird-stations, packing supplies for serving the sanctuary cats their breakfast , roll cigs and put the next day supplies in my backpack.

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