What is your morning routine during the work week?

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Busy bee
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Night before: portion out breakfast and lunch (I tend to batch cook), pack running clothes, make sure necessary items make it into correct bags (work keys, wallet, headphones, etc).

Morning of: get up (no snooze!), shower, get dressed, grab coffee, leave. I am really low maintenence so I can shower and be out of the house within 30 min. We’re planning on getting a Doggo soon so obviously my routine will expand a little.

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Buzzing bee

Lunches and Suppers are premade for the week on Sundays.

On an average morning:

  • 5:45am Snooze once, wake up, use bathroom, dog outside, start coffee and try not to stare at the coffee maker like it holds all the nectar and goodness in the world
  • 6:00am Drink first cup of coffee and make my breakfast. Lunch and snacks in the cooler bag ready for work. 
  • 6:15am Eat breakfast and put my second cup of coffee on to brew
  • 6:30am Dishes in sink, grab coffee, grab a shower, do hair, make up and get dressed. Get Kiddo(11) up at some point in there, make sure it’s moving and is heading in the direction of taking care of pups food and water and then feed herself.
  • 7:25am Leave for work with hubby (currently a one car family)
  • 7:45-7:55am Drop hubby at work dependent on traffic and Head to my work
  • 8:10-8:20am Arrive at work, grab my messages, swap shoes, bag away, grab more coffee
  • 8:30am pretend to be an actual adult fueled by caffeine and start the work day
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Busy Beekeeper
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I do as much as possible the night before: pack lunch, pack gym bag, lay out clothes, prep coffee and shower.

I wake up at 6:20 and maybe hit snooze once to get up at 6:23. I run downstairs to start the coffee, run a straightener through my rather straight hair, cover up the stray pimple (like 5% of the time), throw on my clothes and am usually out the door by 6:38. If it’s after 6:40 I get stuck behind a bus so that’s my motivation to only hit snooze once.

So I can typically assume I’ll be out the door within 20 minutes of my alarm going off IF I prepped everything the night before.

I think everyone’s routine will vary based on their needs. I need as much sleep as possible (I rarely feel rested when I get eight hours and need closer to ten) while others might enjoy relaxing in the morning. I wish I had the discipline to work out before work but I get that in over my lunch hour.

Another note: I tend to do meal prep on the weekend and divvy everything out then. That way, I just have to throw those containers into my lunch box the night before.

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Blushing bee

Wake up at 4:15, brush teeth, put hair in pony tail, throw on some mascara (on a good day), get dressed and out the door by 4:35 start work at 5am.

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Helper bee
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kittykax :  Bringing me back to that teacher life! I am NOT a morning person, but this was basically me minus about 25 minutes of your commute. I got there super early to avoid traffic and was always weirdly productive. Unfortunately, now that I don’t actually have to be ready and caffeinated in the front of the classroom before 8am, on regular work days with no travel, I hit snooze way too many times and then rush through the rest of my get out the door routine.

apresallday :  This is what I WISH I could do… in my dreams!

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Helper bee
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lunalovegood88 :  Do it then! 🙂 My morning routine is all about habit. 

I used to work in job with really really long hours and the only time I had to myself was before 7am.  I figured I could either sleep in or have my “me time” in the AM.  I would exercise, go to a cafe and read for half an hour, do whatever I needed to do to feel like I’d done something good for myself.  I have much better work/life balance now, but still treasure my mornings!

Sorry, I will add, the “just do it!” message is unless you have kids.   I have no idea how you moms get everything done.  My mornings are the luxury of having no dependents haha

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Worker bee

My morning routine is pretty simple. 

5am: Wake up (or at least try to, LOL)

5.15am: Work out, either running on my treadmill, stationary bike or aerobics for at least 40 minutes.

6am: Clean my cat’s litterbox, do some light household chores. Stare at my sleeping cat thinking what a lucky, lucky beetch for not having to work… 

6.30am: Shower, wash my hair

6.40am: Get dressed. I am not fussed about what I wear, and my clothes tend to be very simple. Typically will wear a pair of slim fitting black pants, slim fitting shirt and flats. So I dont usually need to pick out my clothes the night before. I don’t wear make up other than sunblock, and will just air dry my hair in the car.

7am: Leave the house

7.30am: Arrive at the office and begin preparing for the day ahead.  

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Blushing bee

I get up anywhere from 630-7 am. Get dressed, hair and makeup, give my cats pats, clean the litter tray and aim to be out the door my 730/740 to catch a train to be at work before 830am. I eat breakfast at work and my lunch is packed the night before. I am not a morning person at all and will snooze my alarm until the last second lol. I need to work on that! 

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Bumble bee

I’m not a morning person at all, I shower and prep lunch the night before so I’ve managed to get my morning routine down to 30 mins or less. Typically, it goes like this:

7.55-8.00: Alarm goes off then I browse Facebook for 5 mins to wake up a bit 

8.00-8.15: Brush teeth etc get dressed do hair and makeup

8.15-8.25: Let dog out, empty litter trays, feed and water cats and dog

8.25: Leave house, walk to the train station (approx 3 mins away) 

8.32: Get on train 

8.45: Get off train and walk to work (approx 5 mins walk)

8.50: Arrive at work and make myself a coffee ready to start at 9am 

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Busy bee
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5:45 – Wake up.

5:4somethingish-6:30ish – work out (DH and I do 3 mornings a week yoga, 2 mornings a quick run. I would NOT be able to get up and do it without him… and don’t when he’s sick or has another reason not to get out of bed hehe >.<)

6:30-6:55 – get dressed, make breakfast (we both boil eggs and eat them at work), pack lunch (almost always leftovers, otherwise we’ll make a quick batch of rice and add canned tuna and soy sauch and call it lunch)

6:55 out the door, Darling Husband drops me off by 7:15 and he is at work round 8.

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Bumble bee

I need to be at work between 6.30-10.

7.30-8.15 snoozing and waking up

8.20 get dressed. clothes have been laid out the night before

8.25 go to bathroom and brush teeth and hair (different brush) and put on mascara (only make up I wear). Shower the night before. 

8.40-8.45 general daydreaming

8.45 grab my bag that I’ve packed the night before and head to my bicycle.

9.10 in my office.

I’m not a morning person so I do everything i can in the evening. I do anything to sleep longer so I skip breakfast. I have some fruit and “just add water” porridge at work if I get hungry. Also I use work canteen for lunch and then I have tuna and noodles at work so I don’t have to pack my lunch. 

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Helper bee
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Current schedule, I wake up about 3:00am, workout, shower and get ready, study for the bar exam, eat breakfast, grab my lunch from the night before and leave. 

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Hubsters and I don’t have kids yet. Just us and our 3 cats. About 3 days a week I get up at 4 or 4:30 and run. When I come back, it’s usually almost 6:30 and then I have 45 to get out the house for work. I usually make the bed and fold up a load of laundry in that time. In the evenings, I don’t get home from my 2nd job until 9. I either fold up the load of laundry that I didn’t fold that morning, or do the dinner dishes. He makes his own lunch, and I make mine. I do extra stuff on weekends. 

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Blushing bee

My mornings are a bit hectic.

I wake up at 5am to either run or do an hour of yoga. 

I shower and eat something and have my coffee.

Then I start the kids’ breakfast (I usually make FI’s breakfast at the same time). Fiance gets up and I wake my son up for 7am. While they eat I pack lunches. Some mornings, if I’m making dinner in the slow cooker that day, I prep it too while I make lunches.

Then I finish getting ready and out the door for work for 8 am.

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