What is your name? Do you like it?

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My name is also uncommon enough that I’ve never met another one in real life, but was constantly misspelled and mispronounced my entire life. It never really bothered me though, and I’ve always been grateful that I didn’t have to be referred to as FIRST NAME LAST INITIAL all through school. So yeah, I like my name!

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Bumble bee
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My first name is pretty common and even as a child, I always wished my parents had been braver and named me something more interesting! This is a weird thing to think about/admit but I feel like I don’t have any emotional attachment to my first name at all. 

Now I have a (brand new) last name which is unique, much more interesting than my maiden name, and is constantly mispronounced and misspelled. And I absolutely love it. 

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Bee Keeper

lol my name is pretty common. Keeping anonymity here- but it’s not Julia (too bad I think that’s a lovely name). My username here is from the Wedding Singer, but I’m not a Julia and DH isn’t a Robbie. 

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Blushing bee

Deanna. I like it, but it’s astounding how many people misprounounce or misspell it. I get called Dana, Deena, Diana, De-anne…. I don’t even bother correcting people anymore.

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Helper bee

I hate my name with a passion and have never heard anyone else in the world with it. It is THAT uncommon and weird. However, I go by my middle name and 90% of people I know dont know the name.

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Buzzing bee
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I like my name.  It was in the top 100 the year I was born so it’s common but not too common.  However, there are two different spellings and my parents used the less common spelling, so I get it misspelled all the time.  Fortuantely it’s an easy name to pronounce.

When I was younger I used to go by a nickname (shortened version).  That name was always misspelled.  I still go by that nickname but the last few years I’ve been going by my full name more.

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Buzzing bee
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I have one of the most commen 80’s names. Jennifer.  I don’t like it, I don’t hate it. It’s just there. My middle name is also super commen. Ugh. 

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Busy bee
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I have a really, really common late 80s/early 90s name. You can probably guess from my username that it’s Brittany. My name is okay I guess. I hate how common and dated it is. I feel bad for my children in advance because I’m going to name them something unique and probably kind of weird! 

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Busy bee
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My name is Irish. It’s not only pretty uncommon but is also a very rare spelling for it. It’s not even on babynames.com! So I’m used to people mispelling it on a daily basis. I don’t like my name but on the flipside I’ve always been thankful to not have a super common 90’s girl names and have to share a name with several others.

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Bumble bee
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MrsWiggles :  another Jennifer here.

I personally really hate Jennifer. I much prefer the shortened names of Jennifer and I try to go by these names which I actually really like. My middle name is pretty common and my surname is super common. I’m one of thousands. I’ve worked in an organisation that had around 1200 employees and I was one of two with the same first and last name. I kinda like fading into the crowd and being one of thousands. I like that 99% of people can spell and pronounce my first and surname and even when they can’t spell it, they can make a decent stab that still vaguely sounds like my name. I like that my Facebook profile or LinkedIn doesn’t pop up straight away when you google me. It’s part of the reason I didn’t take DH’s surname because I’d be so much easier to track down with his rare surname. I realise that makes me sound like I’m on the run but I just like having a layer of anonymity between me and the internet.

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Bumble bee

My name is Autumn which was super uncommon when I was growing up, but has grown pretty dramatically in terms of popularity. I’ve always liked it and felt it suited me. 

I get some pretty hilarious misspellings. Autum is the most common. Autom made me laugh. Ottom was my favorite.

My daughter’s name is Aria. I used to sing opera and it was also super uncommon. Then, GOT. And a casino in Vegas. And a non dairy milk substitute. 

Bizarrely, it gets mispronounced all the time. Its Ar-ee-uh but people say Ah-rye-uh or say it like area. She’s such a smartass; someone did it once and she was like “I’m good. Just waiting for my brother Perimeter and my sister Circumference.” I died.

FIs mother can’t stop calling her Arianna. Or Ariel.

I’m all for novelty with naming. Just as long as they don’t want one of those little personalized plates for their bike. Oh, the heartbreak. 

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Sugar bee
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deannamarie :  Do you pronounce it dee-ann-uh? I know two people who spell it the same way as you one pronounces it de-an-uh and the other pronounces it dee-nuh. Just curous.

beesaredyingatanalarmingrate :  Giada is my niece’s middle name. I adore that name! I can deinitely understand the trouble of the mispelling or pronunciation though.

My first name is Cassie. I commonly get called the wrong name. Over the phone I get Cathy a lot. I get Cassandra, Catherine, Casey, Cassidy, even Caffie(I don’t get it-multiple times..). People usually assume my name is a nickname and when booking a flight I was hounded by the booking agent that I need to use my legal name, but she didn’t believe Cassie is my name, so I had to show my passport to prove my legal name is Cassie. I hated being called Cassandra-one of my biggest pet peeves as a kid that I would only respond to my first and middle name together and not my first name alone. Whenever I meet a John who is not a Jonathan or similar, we always have that moment like “I understand your struggle of people thinking your actual name is a nickname” lol I also have had people legitimitely argue with me that my name is spelled like Casey and I have to remind them that I have two s’s and when you put an a in front of the two s’s you don’t pronounce it “ace”

Overall, I do like my name, but I can’t say I would pick it for myself given the opportunity. For these reasons I would never name a child a nickname name (like Jen instead of Jennifer or Tom instead of Thomas).

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Bumble bee
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My name is Cassandra. I like it. I get Cass a lot which I don’t love but whatever. It’s not weird but not that common. I’ve met a handful of other Cassandras in 29 years.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: April 2017 - Valleybrook Country Club

teamroro :  How do people mess up Autumn? It’s pretty fool proof to me. Your daughter sounds amazing I would die laughing at that comment. I love the name Aria. I would love to give it to a child, but I feel like it’s spiking due to GOT now. Luckily she was ahead of that! Yea, those little souvineers never came in my name, I have 3 sisters who all had common names, so they would get their names and my mom would get my middle name for me. I guess it worked.

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