What is your name? Do you like it?

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tnwibride :  my middle name is an “ee” when the traditional way is just “y” too. 

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My name Erin and I hated it as a child. Lots of teasing about it being a “boy” name- even though the spelling is obviously different than the typical Aaron. I have had people I’ve been meeting expecting a male- that’s always weird. When I had my own girls I steered far clear from unisex names. Then there are always the know it alls who like to inform me that Erin isn’t really a used name in Ireland. Um, ok? Let’s go back 40 years and get my parents to rename me? I was named after the daughter on the TV show “The Waltons”

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My name is very unique and I’ve not met anyone with my name. Do I like it? Um… I don’t really have a choice. It’s annoying that it’s always mispronounced and that people always comment and ask where it’s from etc. But I’ve also never considered or thought about going by my middle name (which is also unique, but not as much so) so I guess it can’t be that bad. 

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LondonAutumn :  Cass is OK. It doesn’t bother me in casual conversation like “Hey Cass can you help me with this real quick?” However it would irk me if someone introduced me as Cass or addressed an email to Cass. No offense, but I would take being called Cass ahead of being called Cassandra. It’s not that I don’t like the name, it’s just that everyone always assumes that it is my name and it is not.

teamroro :  Yea, it’s in the dictionary and commonly used! I guess some people are just special LOL. My last name is commonly mispronounced and mispelled-pretty badly. I kept my last name. Actually Darling Husband changed his name to mine, so I still have that issue, but I am really connected to my last name and still love it.

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My name is Nelly I like it but growing there was always a few Nelly’s in class now as an adult I don’t  meet as many.

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My name is Meghan, which was a pretty popular name in the late 80’s – early 90’s, but my spelling was not near as common. I like my name, I think it fits me, I like that it’s spelled differently even if no one ever spells it right. I’m always pleasantly surprised when the barista at Starbucks spells it with the “h” without me telling them to.

I didn’t like it as much as a kid because there was always atleast another Megan/Meghan/Meagan in my classes at school. I usually had a number attached to my name for a whole year, i.e. Meghan 1 because my last name starts with an “a”. In one of my Spanish classes in high school there were 3 Megans. It was annoying.

My last name has always been more frustrating to me, it’s only 4 letters. I think it’s pretty simple to say, but because it’s so uncommon, I always have it mispronounced or people asking the background on my name, etc. My fiance’s last name is much longer, but still not super common, but it’s very phonetic, so I’m looking forward to changing my last name.

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I have a common first name and an uncommon last name that is also a word. My middle name is my mom’s name. All three names have the same number of letters, and I really like how they look and sound together.

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My name is Tracy which I hated growing up, and there were 3 other Tracys in my class at school, but now I like it. I think I’ve grown into it! 

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I really like my name. My first name is a common middle name but not common as a first name so it’s familiar enough to most people, but I almost never meet people with the same first name. I’ve always liked my last name too. I have double initials and it flows well with my first name. I have to introduce myself by first and last name frequently as part of my job so it’s a good thing I like my name. My husband is a little disappointed that I didn’t take his last name but I couldn’t imagine ever being called anything else.

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kgr9 :  I feel the same way about my name. I can’t imagine going by any other, including my boyfriend’s. I know he would like it if I wanted to change my name, but fortunately women in my field often keeps their names for professional reasons, and he seems ok with that.

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First name is Brittany. It was the #3 popular baby name the year I was born, so I ended up having 4 other Brittany’s around me growing up. Some of them spelled it differently, but I am partial to the spelling of mine haha. Middle name is a pretty common first name also, but it works well with my first. I always liked it. 

My maiden name iss an old English surname, which even though it is simple to me, it is so commonly mis-pronounced, we just automatically spell it. Married name is Very Greek, so I will have to get used to spelling that one also. lol  

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Paige. I like it now, but I didn’t when I was a kid. Now I think it has personality. I find it difficult to objectively think about your name- so many experiences are attached to it. One of the more negative experiences was in middle school when kids in my Spanish class would call me “Página” (Spanish for “page”) and then someone mis-pronounced it so it sounded like vagina, and then people just started calling me pagina (pronounced like vagina). Shit happens. I also once had an employer mention that “Paige” sounded really young (which is true… I don’t know many who are older than me). Not suuuper great for professional impressions. 

Other than that, I haven’t had any negative experiences, and I enjoy that is kinda uncommon, but not too uncommon that people haven’t heard of it before. 

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My name has never been very common. I like not having the same name as other people, but it gets mispronounced a lot. If we have a daughter, I’ve picked a name that is not common but pronouncable. 

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I’ve never met another “my name” in this world. I know they exist, but they’re not common by any means. In a sea of Emily G’s/H’s/etc.  and Rachel asdf’s, it let me stand out growing up, and even now professionally. It’s hard to forget me because of my name!

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I have a quite common, traditional name…but it’s more popular for pets. Don’t love it, don’t hate. Easy to pronounce and spell – I wouldn’t give it to my kids. 

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