What is your number one skin care tip/secret/go to?

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Sugar bee

Stop using any products that contain sulfates. Toothpaste, cleanser, shampoo, everything. Made a huge difference for me re: acne.

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chrissybee :  Coconut oil does not clog my pores, but I also don’t tend to oily skin. However, I also don’t slather it on like moisturizer. I only put a thin layer on in the wintertime (and dab excess). Otherwise, I’ll dab it solely around my eye area, sometimes around my mouth area (where you get those ‘two lines’). The clue is you only need a very small amount, and overnight.

I also only use extra virgin coconut oil. I understand that oily skin does better with fractionated coconut oil, which stays liquid at room temp and is a lot less likely to clog pores.


In general, coconut oil doesn’t tend to clog your pores because it’s a natural oil, and it can help balance the oils on your skin, whether you tend towards oily or dry. But again, I’d check with a skin care professional and see what’s going on with you first!

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Don’t use acne products. They strip the oil from your skin but then make your skin more oily. My skin used to be super oily, then I stopped using acne products. Boom, significantly less oily skin. it only seems to be more oily at work for some reason.

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Three things

1) Hydration – I drink at least 3 litres of water a day. This has also been great for my digestion, and a condition I have called Interstitial Cystitis.

2) Oil cleansing and oil to moisturise – I used to suffer from chronically dry skin, but I did a lot of reading and found that most cleansing products strip the oils from your skin. People with oily skin tend to overproduce sebum to counteract this, resulting in the oily skin, while people with dry skin don’t compensate by producing more sebum. A friend who is a dermatologist reccommended oil cleansing to me. I use a mixture of 30% Castor oil (has a slight drying effect if used alone), 60% sweet almond oil (a non-comedogenic oil), and 10% speciality oils (I like Lavender oil and Tamanu oil). When in the shower, I rub this mixture into my face and massage my skin. The oil binds to the oil and dirt in your pores and pulls it out, while simultaniously not stripping your skin completely. I cover my face with a hot flannel for a minute or two, and then wipe my face down with the flannel.

Immediately after getting out of the shower, I moisturise my whole body with a mixture of sweet almond oil and lavender oil. This traps the moisture from showering in your skin and results in super soft skin.

I moisturise my face with a couple of drops of tamanu oil, which is good for acne scarring and hyperpigmentation.

3) Cutting out dairy – within 3 months of cutting out dairy, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin. Once I started eating it again and within two weeks had full-blown acne again.

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Bee Keeper

If you’re getting acne I recommend blue light treatment. 

I got spots seemingly out of the blue on my cheeks in my 20s. Tried lots of things –  no joy. Did one session of this blue laser thing and bam. Gone! It’s not cheap but there’s no downtime and takes about a minute. Kills the bacteria under the skin causing the eruptions apparently. 

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Bumble bee

HoneysHoney :  I <3 PC!  I can’t honestly say that I trust ALL of her opinions on beautypedia.com, but she’s so mean about other products that it makes her sound authoritarive so I listen lol

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Witch hazel. I had nasty cystic acne for years. My cheeks and chin were a mess. My skin is really sensitive, so a lot of topical treatments just made more issues, and while Retin-A helped with the acne, it makes you so sensitive to sunlight, and my face was often flushed and tight. Previous to my acne getting really bad, I just dried everything out with salycilic acid.

I changed up a variety of things, but a big change was using witch hazel every night as a cleanser. It’s also supposed to be a toner. Now I typically get a few surface pimples that are easily taken care of by witch hazel. It’s natural, so just makes for one less chemical I slather on my body. 

I do also highly stand by sunscreen and finding a nice lightweight  night cream.

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chrissybee :  I use only Olay products. My skin is picky and breaks out with new products so I only use one brand. 

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Bumble bee

chrissybee :  Oh god where to begin. I used to have really bad breakouts and acne scars (imagine those before and after laser photos).

The most important thing to do is properly cleanse, moisturize and use sunscreen.

For cleansing, I do the Japanese two step cleansing method (first oil to wash off the makeup then face wash). The face wash I swear by for my acne is Eucerin cleansing gel; I was told that ingredients in face wash that lathers a lot is drying on the skin. I recently started using clarisonic with my face wash nightly to help me get that extra bit of gentle daily exfoliation.

My care routine has changed quite a bit since a few years ago and I’m constantly experimenting with different things that give long lasting results. I would recommend doing gentle BHA peels once or twice a week (I use the innisfree BHA sheet mask). If you’re looking for something stronger, I would probably switch to retinols at night (I used to use SkinCeuticals) until I don’t need it anymore. Be careful though, retinols are drying so you need to moisturize and use SPF during the day.

I also used to pair the retinol from SkinCeutical with their Hyaluronic Acid Serum to combat the dryness under my regular light moisturizer. You should check out SkinCeuticals, they’re a bit pricey, but lasted me about half a year per bottle of day and night usage. I definately saw noticable results with them after about a bottle (or combination of bottles) worth of usage in tandem with a good exfoliating regime.

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OIL. It has been a lifesaver. I have literally tried everything under the sun. I had awful cystic acne, whiteheads, you name it. When I started using coconut oil to cleanse and Argan oil to moisturize-my skin changed. It’s also a myth that people with oily skin can’t use oils. All skin types can use oil on the skin. Trust me, I was skeptical as well… give it a try-it’s cheap and worth a shot. 

Heres my routine :

1) I cleanse my skin with coconut oil (organic unrefined, cold pressed, virgin). I place a small amount on dry skin. Massage it in for 30 seconds to a minute ( great natural makeup remover as well). I then wet a washcloth with HOT water, wring out the excess, and place it on my face for a few seconds. I then wipe off all of the coconut oil. 

2) I then use witch hazel (Thayers), on a cotton pad, and wipe that all over my face. This takes off any excess coconut oil, tones your face, and gets rid of any left over residue.


3) I then use 100% pure Argan oil as a moisturizer-only two drops for my whole face. I use Josie Maran Argan Oil.

It took my skin about a week or two to get used to the regime, and once it did, my skin started to turn around. I do this morning and night, though in the morning I moisturize with a lighter moisturizer instead of the Argan oil. I rarely get breakouts now, a few surface pimples around that time of the month, but they are easily dealt with. 


Hope you give it a try-cheap and worth a shot!!



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This witch hazel as a toner!


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Exfoliate – frank body is awesome for good gentle scrubs

choose gentler products – I swear by dermaveen face washes

Cut back on dairy

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I’m dairy free and drink almost a gallon of water everyday. 

My younger brother had terrible acne into his early 20s even was on meds for it, didn’t work. Cut dairy and was perfect within a couple months. 

Seems to cause inflammation in some people. Certainly affects me negatively 

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