What is your opinion about blocking people on social media?

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Helper bee

I’ve got a few random blocked who were particularly rude to me. A few work people too because they are very two faced and I don’t want them seeing any of my business. 

Otherwise , I have a bit of a jealousy problem with an ex of my SO’s (long story but I tend to compare myself to her and it has gotten me really depressed and anxious), so I finally blocked her so I can spare myself the anxiety – I found it really hard to stop checking up on her. I know that’s super weird and I’m emnarassed to say it but it’s done me a lot of good.

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Helper bee

slomotion :  nailed iiiiiit

I’m all for blocking/unfriending others. People grow and change and sometimes relationships (even if they’re only over social media) are no longer healthy. I’ve blocked/unfriended people from high school that were awful, racist and sexist family members, and my ex-boyfriend. I “unfollowed” all of my ex’s family members. Lovely people, but I don’t want to see what he’s up to through them. I’m very glad not having him anywhere in my life anymore, even online. Nothing wrong with ridding yourself of any and all toxicities. 

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Buzzing bee

coffeetime2020 :  I retract my earlier statement about blocking people on social media. MLMers must, under all circumstances, be blocked immediately. No questions asked. No exceptions.

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Helper bee

I usually just deleted an ex if they were civil but I personally needed to move on. I didn’t need to see their lives and new loves after a break up. But if they are plain psycho… which I have had those stalkerish types too… yes block. But blocking doesn’t do crap… they can still make a different profile and still find ways to contact or harass you. 

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Blushing bee

I’ve never blocked anyone, but would if there was stalking/harassing behaviour. I delete exes. I unfollow people who I can’t handle their baby posts/MLM posts.

I unfriend people on their birthdays if I don’t feel like wishing them a happy birthday. It keeps my “friend” list short without having to do a massive purge. There are so many people from highschool that I don’t remember/don’t care about their lives.

I definitely know I was blocked once. My roommate dated a guy casually for about two months. I found him so obnoxious and boring. We weren’t facebook friends. After they ended, he messaged me on Facebook:

“Hi Minnewanka. I saw you on Tinder, but we didn’t match. I hope you think me reaching out to you on Facebook is confident and not creepy (I can assure you I am not creepy). You looked so familiar on Tinder, and I realized I dated your roommate M before. When I met you at your house party I thought you were really beautiful and wanted to date you rather than M, I think we have a lot more in common. M was alright, but these were all the reasons she isn’t that great X, Y, Z. Hope I hear from you!”

I didn’t respond. I did tell my roommate (who didn’t care at all about him. When she ended things with him he sent her a list of all the things he didn’t like about her, after her very nice “It’s been fun getting to know you, but I’m looking for a long term partner and don’t think we’re a great fit” conversation). We got a bit drunk a few weeks later, made fun of him, re-read the message, she had my phone and sent him a “you are a loser and a creep” message. I got such an insane, scathing response about how I was an entitled bitch, etc. etc. and then he finished with “DO NOT RESPOND TO ME. I AM BLOCKING YOU.” I wouldn’t have responded. Not my MO. But who has the audacity to send you a multi paragraph message and then tell you not to respond? haha. We still laugh about him all the time.

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Blushing bee
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I’ve blocked a couple people – like my first high school boyfriend who is now married and just won’t.go.away. (we’re in our 30s now). I wasn’t going to participate in him wanting to talk to old girlfriends as a married man. Gross.

I also blocked my former best friend on everything, including her phone number. Long story short, our falling out was over a guy. She deleted me on everything, but didn’t block me and I didn’t block her. She’s the one who ended the friendship. When my ex and I broke up, I knew without a doubt she’d try to contact me, so I then blocked her on everything like 2 days after he and I broke up. Sure enough, I heard through the grapevine she tried to contact me a week after he and I split. That friendship was incredibly toxic and I knew I couldn’t leave the door open for it to start up again. She’s passed on happy birthdays etc. to me since then through others, but I don’t engage. 

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Sugar Beekeeper

I don’t collect people on social media. If they are there, it’s because I know and have some kind of a relationship with them. I think it’s weird if you don’t unfriend or block someone who is no longer any part of your life, especially an ex that you don’t want seeing things you post or that others post about you. 

If you have no mutual friends and everything is set to private, then unfriending should be enough, though. If you do have mutual friends he will still be able to see certain things. 

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Busy bee
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I love it. It’s so restful. So peaceful to move on. 

That having been said- I don’t bother to block exes unless they became stalkers; even the one who hurt me badly, I had lessons to learn from that, and I wasn’t connected on fb so I didn’t need to go find him and block him. 

If I fell into harmful patterns of looking up people I am better off not focusing on, I’d block them too. It’s not necessarily personal. It’s more about me and my life than it is about them… so I don’t take it personally when I am blocked. 

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Buzzing bee
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I mute people because they post too much on instagram. My sister in law is muted as she posts 5 photos of her kids per day 🤣

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Helper bee
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Love blocking. Out of sight, out of mind. I have my abusive ex blocked, along with his mom and everyone else associated with him. That was out of necessity.  I actually deactivated my old page and made an entire new one because of him and then blocked them all straight away. I’ve also blocked a couple former fb friends who made racist posts. There are also some local people who troll all the news sites and any local sites, like you see their name over and over and their comments would make my blood boil so I just block them too. 

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Buzzing bee
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Since neither of us are on social media. I think I would block anyone that I’m not friends with.

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Helper bee

I’ve only ever blocked two people, my ex and the girl he cheated on me with. I unfriended them but we had so many mutual friends that they’d still pop up from time to time in tagged posts, so I blocked them to stop seeing them entirely. I actually think it sped up my moving on process because it let me completely remove myself from him and stop seeing his name or face.

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Helper bee

I unfollowed one my ex’s years ago.  I thought i was fine and moving on after the break up but just as I was finding peace a post of his would pop up and derail my day.  yup, I unfollowed and decided if it was still something that was preventing me from moving on I would block him if I had to.  

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Helper bee
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misstomorris :  Agree with this. I think a lot of people also forget you can “Unfollow” people, specifically on FB. Even just clicking “unfollow” can make the world of difference. There is also a Restricted list you can add people too FYI. So they can’t see anything you share on a normal timeline but they can still search your page and see what you’re up to and message you. 

I think blocking depends on the situation. Sometimes its immature, sometimes its needed but its all based on personal preference. I never was one to be petty to straight up block someone until I was dealing with toxic and very immature family members. I unfollowed them at first so I wouldn’t get wrapped up in the shit they shared or posted. Then, more crap started and I put many on a restriced view of MY content (I’m not that active on FB though so it wasn’t much) and that helped even more, but then my mom in particular became obsessive and would creep on me and my husband and then text me and go off on me.. she was uber obsessed with FB and still is. We had a pretty big fight before I had the balls to straight up block her and other family members. I felt like I HAD to block my mom and these family members to move on with my life and not over-think the issues I had with them. 

In my situaiton, which was truly toxic and affecting my happiness, blocking was the way to go and I have never felt more free on social media and its great. However, I also have no-contact with my mom and also have her phone number blocked sooooo there’s that. 

I only think its a little petty if its say… an old high school or college friend or something you had a falling out with and block or whatnot. That’s a little immature. I had a falling out with a college best friend and while it was rough, we never blocked or unfollowed each other on social media. 

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Bumble bee
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I agree with PP’s – I unfollow a bazillion people, but I don’t block them. Blocking is for the extreme situations, like violent exes and scammers. 

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