(Closed) What is your sleeping arrangement since baby?

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Ours was very similarin the beginning.  My husband took a month paternity leave so the first 4 weeks or so, I would go upstairs to bed at about 11:30 after I did my night pump and would sleep until about 5:30 to pump again.  My husband would stay downstairs with our daughter and feed her throughout the night while I was sleeping.  Finally at about 7 weeks I decided she needed to start in her crib.  She’s now sleeping in her room in the crib at night and my husband and I can sleep in the same bed.  It was really strange at first because we were on complete opposite schedules, but with a newborn that’s kinda how it is, it’s all about them.  It’ll get better.

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We’re pretty much the same as every.. Darling Husband can sleep through ANYTHING and I’m a very light sleeper. I went back to work at 7 weeks and some days it’s difficult but all those years of staying out late did me good because I can function very well on verrry little sleep 😉 

Trick these days to getting ready for work in the morning is when DS goes to sleep at 9:30/10 I have to force myself to shower and blow dry my ‘do. Either that or put him in his Rock N Play in the bathroom while I shower earlier – and honestly, I’d rather spend that time doing other things with him. 

I go to bed around 11:30/midnight (DH goes to bed later than I do but he works from home and stays with DS all day) and wake up to feed DS at 5:30 (most days, 4 months and starting to really sleep through the night now), get dressed, do makeup/hair while I pump, get out the door to Starbucks and am at work by before 8am. It’s a whirlwind but not too bad. 

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For now Darling Husband and I are in the bed together and Dirty Delete is in the newborn napper attachment on her Pack N Play right next to our bed.  I pulled the Pack N Play all the way up against the bed like a co-sleeper, so we can reach out and touch her in the night to sooth her without even getting out of bed.  Next week Darling Husband goes back to work, so he’ll probably start sleeping in our second bedroom for at least part of the night, if not the entire night.  At that point I’ll be fully running the nighttime feedings by myself on weekday nights. 

We won’t be transitioning Dirty Delete to a crib until she’s at least 4 months.  We’re moving to  new house (and state) when she’s 4 months old, and we won’t even set up a nursery until then…

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We all slept in the same room. I was very concerned about DHs sleep, but he wasn’t and wanted to be a part of it.  So while I nursed, he continued to help out with diaper changing and swaddling, maybe for one waking a night.  I don’t know how he did that and then went to work all day but he did! Our son slept in our room until about 3 months

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We all sleep in ths same room. But my husband does have to get up so early for work as well (4:30 am) so I am concerned with his sleep as well. When our little one wakes in the night I usually get her and take her to her nursery to change and breastfeed her. Once I know she is out I bring her back to our room with us. Her nursery is not far from our room at all and I like to turn on the lights to change her diaper and such so there is no point in both of us not sleeping when Im reallythe only one that can feed her. I really only have to get up 2 maybe 3 times a night so it works for us.

However; we might have to put her in her room sooner than I wanted. This morning my husbands alarm went off at 4:30 and it scared her and she was up… I mean up for like the whole day. It totally took her off what little schedule we had. So I might consider putting her in her crib so that his alarm doesnt bug her (it is obnoxious he has like 3 so that he gets up…. and believe me needs all 3) haha

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We cosleep. I can’t imagine not cosleep. We all sleep much better this way. 🙂 

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I run the show M-F and Darling Husband sleeps in our spare bedroom. He feels badly but I insist. His mom passed away 2 weeks ago, so when he wakes up he can’t fall back asleep because of his grief right now. He’s also a light sleeper, so he should really be sleeping elsewhere right now. He does sleep in our room on weekends and takes a feeding. I am like you, I sooo miss sleeping in the same room… then again, I miss sleeping! 

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@mommytobee:  Nope, you are not alone for sure. I do wish I had one of those husbands who was a deep sleeper, or who didn’t require much sleep so didn’t mind… but of course I am lucky to have a light sleeper who needs a lot of sleep or is totally miserable/not himself!! Though, to be fair, I don’t have to do anything while on mat leave so it makes sense. When I go back to work, we’re going to have to work something else out though. I really, really, really can’t wait to sleep together again. It definitely gets lonely. But the loneliness is easier to manage than the guilt I feel waking him up when she’s noisy in the night, or feeling like I need to shush her so she doesn’t wake daddy. 

We’ll get through this!

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well let’s say that now that baby is 8 months old she sleeps through the whole night but we go to bed even later than before. when baby was born your sleeping schedule changes so we started staying up later, and later and now we still going to bed at 3 am sometimes later….

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So far, I’ve been sleeping in our bedroom and Darling Husband on the couch. Not ideal but we spent the last few months of my pregnancy like this anyway, so we’re used to it. I really miss sharing a bed with him. 🙁 We might transition her to her crib early on so that he can sleep up here. He works really early mornings (gets up at 5am), so I don’t want her waking him up. Weeknight feedings are going to be my territory.

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