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Helper bee
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Perhaps a bit Too Much Information, but my husband is very poo-shy. We’ve been together nearly 9 years, and he’s still not gotten too comfortable with me about it. Everytime he has to go, he has to run the shower and get in afterwards to disguise the sounds/smells. It can get annoying sometimes since we share the bathroom, and sometimes he’ll be in there for quite some time. 

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Busy bee
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@lefeymw: my fi does that too… and when i re-say what i was saying he says hang on a minute i was thinking…. well why not answer me by saying, oh just let me think or errrm anything but not saying anything or even looking grrr. lol


my fi most annoying habbit is not putting things back after himself … and my son has starting doing it too. it drives me crackers… i’ve been bagging them up and hiding them in my wardrobe lol… at least i get a little kick out of them both looking for their things… i put them back where the belong after a day or two… 

the other day fi put his favourite computer game case down the side of the sofa (hmmm doesn’t go there lol) so i hid it and when i finally put it back on the shelf it had a post it note on it saying … ‘how do i get here’ i got a bit of a scowl for that one lol 

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Helper bee
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I feel like I should mention that for the most part, I am the one with the annoying habits and he does a really good job of putting up with me! That said…

– He eats REALLY fast. Like, really really fast. He says it’s because he’s an engineer and he’s very “task oriented.” So when he’s presented with a plate of food he likes to finish it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Um, ok.

– He doesn’t like to take medicine when he has a headache or is feeling sick. Not because he’s against medicine or drugs or anything. Just because he likes having something to whine about.

– He says the word spectacular like this: SPACKtacular. And it drives me crazy!

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@MrsJules10:  This is my DH..socks..anywhere.  On the bed, on the floor, in the kitchen, on my purse..anywhere!

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@eloping: the falling alseep thing… my fi does this to, i toss and turn for what seems like an eterinty and his head touches the pillow …and …gone (i’m jealous of that one lol) 

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He leaves teabags in the sink! I have placed a teabag bowl by the kettle but he would walk about 6 steps to the sink and put it in there! The bin is also closer than the sink but…

He loving does up the dishes and does not clean out the sink. Sometimes, I wake up to some serious sludge in the sink from the utensils that have been washed Yell

I can’t complain too much – he makes me dinner 5 days a week!

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@9ja4life: my fi does the teabag thing too. i also got him a tea bag bowl… now he just makes tea bag towers in the bowl and never empties it… and doesn’t know how to scrap a plate before putting it in the sink.  oh and the bin is right next to the unit where we make the drinks…lol 

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Worker bee

@mwitter80   I couldnt help but laugh hysterical about putting stuff on the island.  I am the exact same way!!  I hate our island a mess, and especially when Fiance leaves peanut butter on it over night (drives mes crazy!)

I feel like my Fiance hasn’t learned how to clean up after himself, his mom always has done that.  I am just as gulity for clothes hanging around.  But the dishes thing grosses me out, is it that hard to put the dish in the dishwasher which you walk by to put it in the sink? 

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Blushing bee
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Ahh he has these weird voices he loves to use, sooo annoying.  Him and his roommates used to do it and it was funny… now its just me and him… yea not so funny lol.  Sometimes I’ll do a man voice just to freak him out hahahaha. 

oh, and he loves getting songs stuck in my head without me noticing, like signging really annoying songs when I’m not paying attention, then all the sudden I’m wondering why I can’t get it out f my head, lol, like a brittney spears song or something! Luckily I finally caught on, haha.

I would complain about him being messy, but I am too, I just hwish he would get the motivation to clean before I do.  Its like the battle of the wills, who can stand the place the messiest.  

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: January 2012

Fiance has a hard time putting ANYTHING back in its place…which drives me bananas.

He also takes a really long time to make a point…Like,I get what he’s trying to say, but he just keeps explaining and explaining. I’m like “Yeah, I got it. Move on.”

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Busy bee
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constant, channel surfing. If he is watching a show, and a commercial comes on, he has to change the channel so he doesn’t miss out on 2 minutes of entertainment. If there is more than one show on that he wants to watch, he will just flip back and forth constantly-to the point where you can’t understand what is going on, on either show. I would like to just once, sit through an entire show-including the commercials, without the channel being changed once.

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Busy bee
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@Happy2bMrs:Ditto! Fiance leaves EVERY SINGLE CABINET DOOR OPEN! I have hit myself on more than one occassion when  backing up in the kitchen while working not knowing he’s come into the kitchen and left stuff open as usual.

Too Much Information ALERT: Another big one, he doesn’t wash his hands after he pees unless I ask him as soon as he gets out the bathroom. His philosophy is he didn’t touch anything b/c he sits…um no. I hate to be like a mom, but as soon as he walks out the bathroom, I’m like did you wash your hands? The sink is outside the toilet/bath in the bedroom (old apt) so you can easily hear the sink all the time. And, I’ll just be like, um I didn’t hear any water! He’s getting better. 

Last one- he snores. I’m writing a paper and can here him snoring full blast in the other room AND I have the tv on in the living room!

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Bumble bee
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I’m glad to hear my Fiance isn’t the only one with the REALLY delayed answers!  I can ask him something and he’ll take a full minute to respond.  I HATE it! So much!!  He also doesn’t respond to anything if he’s texting, and he is a sloooow texter so sometimes it takes awhile to get his attention

Also his gaming, he tends to put off a lot of things I ask him to do (like getting me the addresses for his family) for days at a time because he’s on a gaming streak.

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Ok, I have been stalking the hive for months now. It took me this post to sign-up as a user.

He picks his nose and then feeds it to the dog. He makes the dog do tricks for them and then says the dog likes it because how excited he gets and he wags his tail. No. no. all wrong! The dog eats the boogers because he likes disgusting things like cat poop and dead animals. He wags his tail and gets excited because SO is commending the dog by petting him and saying “Good doggy” afterwords.

The sock thing. Everywhere. Then he blames the booger-eating dog for moving his socks.

Clothes on the bathroom floor, including dirty work boots. I have to push the dirty (like, chunks of dried mud falling off) work boots out of my way to use the bathroom. there are hooks on the back of the door, boots belong in the garage, or the Made-Up Drama room.

Dishes (and empty beer bottles). Everywhere. His side of the bed, under the bed, his car, out in the garage, ON THE BATHROOM SINK! I do not want to see beer bottles/empty drinking glasses on the sink when i brush my teeth (oh yeah, after i push his dirty boots out of the way).

Whines about everything, we had an argument a few weeks ago. He told me I whined, i told him he whines more than me, and he didn’t talk to me for 12 hours (absolutely no communication) like, i’m not six anymore, come on.

Farts as soon as he gets into bed, farts right before he gets out of bed. like, they are stinky, and it makes all the blankets smell like farts. I hate it.

Does not pay any of his bills on time, he waits until the service gets cut off (phone, car ins.), all the important bills (house, elec, h2o) are in my name. Does not even give one iota of when bills are due, or how much. I have resulted to him paying me once a month for everything – which he is always 2-3 WEEKS late getting  it to me. i have to bug him over and over about it, and sometimes i wonder why he thinks i’m a “nag”… (not to mention down payment for house, +appliances, and down payment for old rental he NEVER pitched in on, or offered)

He refuses to do any sort of dishes, or clean anything (bath, floors, keg-a-rator parts from my dad i got him for valentines day, ANYTHING), or take out the trash (unless i “nag” of course) he never even remembers to buy garbage bags (been living together for 2.5 years now) and garbage nite is on the same night every week, not like it changes or anything.) he refuses to feed the dog in the morning or let him out (he has excuses for all of these, such as “i can’t feed the dog, i will be late for work” well then, maybe he should have never have gotten us our booger-eating dog? or maybe trying to wake up 5 minutes earlier, giving him10 minutes in the morning instead of just 5 – time enough to chug all the milk straight out of the jug, oh and leave the empty in the fridge). Out of 9 present buying holidays (i don’t care if he buys it or makes it, just get me something and estimating 9, give or take – birthday, christmas, v-day) he only got me things for half of them (missed my birthday 2 years in a row…whole nother story)

He smokes waaaay too much. like over a pack a day and he doesn’t see anything wrong with it. he never throws his empty packs (just like beer bottles..bottle caps..etc..) anything away. He leaves it on the ISLAND or on top of the TV in the bedroom, or on the bathroom sink, or in the tray on the ottomon. I have a pile of over 20+packs gathering in the garage but if i don’t throw them out, then they don’t get thrown out.  

We have been together 3.5 years, living together for 2.5 years. He never farted in front of me before we moved in together. Half of me is saying to give up and end the relationship because to me (and my girlfriends) it doesn’t seem like he’s “manning up” and “pulling his own weight”. He says he doesnt’ want to get married for 10+ years (which is probably means never according to some posts i read on here, cuz he’ll just keep pushing back the date). i’m 27, he’s 26. I teach at the college level at one job, run a product development management position at another job, teach workshops, and freelance and he just doesn’t seem to get the fact that I am trying to invest in our lives together, build a home together to one day live completely and truely together with no doubts (marriage) and build a family (he says he doesn’t need marrige to have kids). We need a place to live, we need food to eat.  I’m definitly afraid to talk to him about the “small things” (all the stuff mentioned in my rant above). If I go to talk to him and tell him he’s making me upset he will get mad back at me and litterally shut down, for hours…and i’m always the one to break the ice again and apologize. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Logical thinking tells me to take a break until he can give more effort, but my heart will not budge, not one iota.

He really is the most sweetest thing, minus all the above. We have a wonderful time together and can laugh until we cry. He does have more good things about him than just the little annoyances listed above. He did sign up & take a test for union elec. apprenticeship program (same union that my dad, uncles and grandpa does) so he is thinking about the log term, and hopefully with me and that side of my family. And i like to think he has been working on a lot of the issues, i have seen some improvement (boots, bills, etc…) I just don’t know what his deal is…other than just saying “he’s a guy”.

I do apologize for the length of this rant, and for the fact it might need moved over to the “emotional” section.Wink

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Helper bee
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I’ve since fixed this one but he didn’t use to preserve leftovers correctly. I’d make dinner and keep it warm in the oven for him til he got home. Well, he saw that I could keep it fresh in the oven for an extra hour or so and just thought that’s where you put food to keep it.

The first time I found out, was during lunch when I wanted the leftover casserole and couldn’t find it. I looked at the oven and thought “…he didn’t….” He did. The oven wasn’t even on lol.

Now, the worst is probably that he splashes water all over the bathroom when he uses the sink and he snores.He’s a pretty good living partner – clean, doesn’t smoke inside, doesn’t bug me when I need to be left alone, etc.

We’ll see how married life goes, though. I’m bound to find things pop up

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