What is your "unpopular" opinion? just for fun! No hate!

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Welcoming pets into all public places is a personal peeve of mine. Many people, myself included, are quite allergic to pets, and don’t want dog hair or dander on the new clothing we are browsing. Nor do we want to be seated next to a pet in an airplane. It seems that a person should have to specifically search for pet-friendly hotels, but it is seemingly becoming the opposite that a person has to specifically look for pet-free ones. Again, the hair and dander is not healthy for many people, and a simple vacuuming after multiple pets have stayed in a room doesn’t make it safe for those who are allergic to stay in.

People often compare it to children, or specifically misbehaving children, and while I agree that no one appreciates screaming children, people aren’t likely to get allergy-induced asthma attacks from them. So in that sense they’re at least safer than pets.

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solnishko1186 :  “Also helicopter moms and martyrs syndrome moms. Drives me bonkers. Moms that “never” let child stay with another caregiver, constantly hover over kids playing, obsess over smallest insignificant details of child rearing and act like “what’s wrong with you “ if you don’t share in the obsessive parenting. Than act like victims and martyrs, but they purposely make life more miserable and difficult and than want a medal for that. The moms who wear their exhaustion as a badge of honor of sorts. Who don’t have time to “shower or eat or do any basic self hygiene”, who have no time, are most busy, sleep deprived people on the planet (with 1 kid). “


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I hate chewing gum, the entire concept feels wrong.

I LOVE Olive Garden. Wouldn’t call it Italian food, but to me it is perfectly American comfort food.

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Mrs.MilitaryBee :  

I have never watched a single Star Wars movie.  Don’t want to.  Pretty sure I would be bored out of my tree.

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I could have a list of 1000 things, but I’m adding ones that no one has mentioned yet (from what I skimmed):

I Dislike:

-Themed weddings, particularly Disney and especially ‘Beauty and the Beast’. You’re telling me your husband is a monstrous creature and you’re a victim of Stockholm Syndrome? Most themed weddings also seem about 98% based on what the bride enjoys. If they’re lucky then the groom might get to pick the color of his suit or a flavor of cake.

-Christmas music

-Deer, especially in taxidermy form

-Trumpet sleeves

-”Wine lady” culture. The cheesy napkins and painted glasses and signs that all say “it’s wine o’clock somewhere!”

-Cyclists that want to both be a pedestrian and a vehicle at the same time. Aka: If you want to use the entire lane, then stop at the stop sign!

-When peoples’ entire social media involves staged photos of themselves. Is your only goal when travelling to get a photo of you fake laughing next to a landmark?

-Smoothies. Why can’t I just chew my fruits separately?

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Inappropriate use of sock puppet account 


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Here are some of my strongest unpopular opinions, but I could keep going.

Steak – Its either too bloody or if cooked longer, too tough

Alcohol/Liquor – I hate the taste and the way it makes me feel

Wine – basically rotten grapes. Dont get it

Beer – basically rotten wheat

Coffee and tea – coffee is bitter and tea tastes like leaves

Stand up comedy – they always seem so full of themselves

Sushi – raw animals of any kind should not be consumed. yuck.

The Princess Bride is weird and unentertaining. 

Pudding is gross.

Bars/clubs – zero fun.

When people stand at concerts – its exhausting and I just want to sit and enjoy the music but then I can’t see over the standing people

Hashtags – I still don’t get their purpose

Bad language – why is it necessary.? It is rude and unbecoming

If my husband made enough money to support us both, I would drop my job in an instant to stay at home and cook, clean, garden, craft and raise our future children. The simplicity of running a home appeals to me 10000x more than any career.

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Ripped jeans.  They look like they belong in the garbage.  I don’t get it, hate the trend and can’t wait for it to go away again, since it’s recycled from the 1970’s anyway.

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natalec :  ….I don’t like game of thrones….or people….

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I don’t like kids… at all. I know I was a child once but that doesn’t mean that as a 36 year old woman I want to hold your baby. Or deal with your kid if we are out and about. No, I DON’T want to sit and see photos or hear how great being a parent is or listen to the funny story about your kid being a “cute” when what they were actually doing was being jerk.

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wildflowerz :  

 m shocked that there are people who like the smell of cigarette smoke – I did not see that being a thing!  Definitely unpopular opinion, it might win the thread actually. 

Nah,  that’d be be poster  who loves  washing  and cleaning etc for her boyfriend  and thinks it’s  her duty. Liking the  smell  of  cigarette smoke  runs it a close second  tho! 

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Multiple engagement parties, multiple bridal showders, and multiple bachelotette parties anyone?


I attended two engagement parties, two bridal showers, dress shopping, a four day long bachelorette party, and a bridal luncheon for ONE wedding a couple years ago. Yeah, I could have gently declined the invitations, but I was in the wedding party and would likely have been the only one that didn’t show. Nobody else seemed to think it was a tad bit excessive for some reason. Perhaps because I have a few more wedding-going years under my belt than they did? Who knows, but I’ve been to so many dang showers and parties for other people that I don’t even want any of my own at this point lol.

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IVF… Either you can have a child or you can’t … Adopt!

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bertchelbee :  if this was not a joke, that’s just mean.

Can you say “either you are healthy or dead” to people who are sick and are trying to get better? Or “start hopping” to people who lost a leg? Why shouldn’t women / couples who are challenged in the reproduction area use the help of science to achieve their dream of having a child of their own? Just because adoption is a noble thing to do doesn’t mean that ppl shouldn’t use all the means available to them to have kids through their own pregnancy.

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bertchelbee :  this is the most insensitive comment ever. Holy crap. I have no words. 

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