What is your "unpopular" opinion? just for fun! No hate!

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bertchelbee :  just come to say you’re actually a real insensitive and rude jerk 

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I hate top sheets! They are so useless and just get pushed to the bottom of the bed anyway. My DH likes them but it was up to me I’d throw them out! I prefer to be directly under the blanket 😀

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Quite apart from the crassness of the comment itself, have you any idea how hard it is to adopt a child….

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bertchelbee :  

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bertchelbee :  Wow your comment is so upsetting. I’m going to need IVF because of a medical mistake my surgeon made when giving me chemotherapy to treat my bladder cancer at 21. Why am I undeserving of medical treatment for that, for this medical issue? I don’t see why the double misfortunste of having cancer so young and then having a surgeon make a mistake makes me less deserving of giving birth than you. There’s unpopular, and then there’s … whatever this is.

Also adoption and adoptive children are not some consolation prize for people who can’t biologically have children.

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Bees, I understand the upset regarding a recent comment. I don’t want to have to close this thread but I will if it gets out of hand. 

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Unpopular opinion: It’s perfectly fine to invite guests + spouses.  No spouse = no plus one. 

It’s also perfectly fine not to attend an event if you don’t like that your boyfriend of 2-22 years isn’t given an invite.  

I don’t think invitations are a judgment about the seriousness/ worthiness of a relationship. 

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Hmnn I am sure I have a ton lol. 

– Couples that are incapable of doing anything apart from each other. 

– Girls night and hanging with girlfriends with out their partner only happens when partner is out of town. ( Screw you, no one wants your crappy “friendship” and spoiler alert…everyone can see what your doing…)

– Couples that answer each other’s emails/texts or have joint social media accounts. NO. Remember that time you were your own person? Yep, you still are your own person, get it together. If I email YOU, i dont’ want to hear from anyone but YOU! 

– Mother’s who believe that their child is a priority over literally everyone else they encounter in public. Their life is more difficult than anyone else on the planet. Sorry but I refuse to feed into that bullshit. YOu choose to be a mom. Your choices don’t trump anyone else’s choices. That woman who worked all day on her feet at her job should not give up her seat on the train so your 5 year old can have fun sitting down. He will be fine. 

– People who post any kind of social media update about them or their child sick in the hospital with a photo…. UMMM what the actual fuck. Comes off as 1) a violation of your child’s privacy, 2) A blatant look at poor old me attention grab. Some things don’t need to be on social media. Including your post about your 7 year old in bed with a cold. Really? That is an update you think anyone cares about? 

– Can’t eat grilled cheese without ketchup. 

– People against abortion. Cool you wouldn’t get one? Than don’t!! But leave everyone who does want one the hell alone. NO one fucking asked you. 

– Men thinking they get ANY say in a woman’s body. Period. 

OK this one is going to be super controversial but here you go. The rules for all long standing religions were written by men. Those men were obviously extremely biased towards women and considered women to be at fault for being “tempting” and well..sexually attractive, not to mention the property of men. So they purposely intertwined all these laws and rules into religion to try to keep women covered, in the dark, and subservient all in the name of God. SO no, i think headscarves are oppressive bullshit. If covering yourself was actually legitimately for spiritual growth? Then why the hell aren’t men doing it too? Exactly, because its BULLSHIT. A man can learn to control his own damn self, and a woman can dress however she well pleases. IF you wanna actually make me believe that covering up is for an actual spiritual purpose? Then both genders should be doing it. And yeah there are women out there who wear a headscarf because they are choosing to. That still feels just so gross to me when we all know the root of those laws. 

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