(Closed) What is your weekly grocery budget for 2??

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    It really varies, and depends if we go shopping together or not! This week we spent about 60 (together) and last week 85 (when i shopped alone), but had $20 off coupons both times.

    We buy organic and shop at Whole Foods, so food is an important and worthwhile expense for us. We don’t buy meat, which definitely saves money. I’m vegan, and my FH gets free breakfast/lunch at work so he doesn’t miss meat at home.

    Check the WholeFoods site and MamboSprouts for more organic-minded coupons. Extreme couponing may save you money, but if you ever watch that show, they always buy not so good for you food…

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    We are in Kansas, so I don’t know how the costs compare to other places. We spend a little less than $100/week for just the two of us. That’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner 5 days a week. We basically eat out all weekend. 

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    usually 95ish a week. we cook almost every night. we live in upstate ny 🙂

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    Okay I was really afraid to look at this thread, but I feel a little better since I’m not too much higher than everyone else. I live in NYC and not including booze, toiletries and eating out I prob spend $100/week on the low end and $150 on the high end. It depends how cheap my dinners are and what ingredients (spices, etc.) I run out of and have to replace. And I actually go to the grocery store about 4 times a week, it is in my building and I buy as needed.

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    OH. and we insist on shopping at wegmans, which can be more expensive. but it’s TOTALLY worth it.  if you’ve never been to wegmans, you simply haven’t lived haha

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    we spend about $75/week on food, maybe a little more as our parents each gift us with WF and vons gift cards throughout the year and that’s not included in my mint.com budget. we eat in as often as possible, but sometimes are lazy about getting to the store for lunch items. we eat as organically and free-range as possible in regard to chicken, meat, etc., so we hit up farmer’s markets a ton as well. i think we have cut down how much meat we eat though since it is more expensive, so our priciing is about the same as most of you, it seems. we don’t really coupon or super sale shop because we don’t eat a ton of brand-name items. we LOVE trader joe’s though, and i’ve always found it less expensive for what we like.

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    @katiesee: We’re in the process of getting a Wegman’s a mile away from my house–it’s taking forever but I’m so excited!

    We spend about 100/week on groceries, but we eat out or get delivery at least 2x a week.  Darling Husband is a bottomless pit and we never have leftovers (even when I make a meal that’s supposedly 6 servings!), so I usually eat a frozen meal (like the ones from Kashi) for lunch, and Darling Husband eats either frozen meals or his boss buys him lunch.

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    Hmmmm I would say we spend around $100-$150 a week. It’s hard to tell though because the grocery store is right next door so we just buy as needed. We don’t really do weekly trips.

    I live just north of NYC which probably bumps the cost up a bit, but Fiance tends to buy lunch at work while I bring mine from home… So that would lower it a bit since I’m only buying “lunchtime” groceries for one.

    (This doesn’t include toiletries or the fact that we eat out 1 or 2 nights a week)

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    Probably around $125/week on average. I wish we could cut it down but I don’t know how. We eat tons of fruits and veggies, and bring our lunches to work everday. Get takeout at the most once a week and cook all dinners at home.

    We shop sale ads, use coupons, and stock up on meats but I feel like we are still spending an arm and a leg each week!!

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    I’m a big couponer, but we still are about 80-90 per week normally. Fiance is big into weight lifting so we have to buy a certain kind of chicken (less steriods, injections, etc.) I thought the whole time it tasted the same, but now that I eat it on a normal basis, I had non- Amick Farms chicken the other day and it was terrible. But last week alone, we spent $25 on chicken & that MIGHT last us 2 weeks if we’re lucky. We go thru alot of produce, protein bars, and eggs. We live in ohio – – And we hardly ever eat out. Maybe once every 2 weeks.


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    $25 mostly, but that’s for 3. I don’t buy that much. A pack of salad (that my son and I will have for 2 dinner’s a week), nuts, banana’s, eggs, bread and milk. Darling Husband makes sandwiches for lunch. Lunch meat, tortillas, peanut butter is usually bought at costco and doesn’t run out quickly (lunch meat is always frozen, peanut butter is huge).

    Other things I buy in bulk once a month and walk out spending around $40.


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    usually about $100 a week not including eating out.  Fiance buys lunch prob 3x a week (he works 2nd shift) I buy lunch once a week. Almost every sunday we have dinner with one of our parents who both live near by. Usually we eat out 2 meals on the weekend, one nice as a “date” since we work opposite shifts. The other out of convienence or laziness.  We’re renovating our house and weekends are usually harder work than the work week unfortunately. 

    We definitely spend WAY too much money on eating out!

    I’m also in upstate Ny, I shop at Wegmans and I spend as much on meat as produce, I don’t buy much prepackaged but do buy as much organic as I can.


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    @Pomapoo: @katiesee: Oh, Wegmans. We used to make the trek out to Wegman’s every two weeks religiously, and I felt like a kid going to Disney World every time. It was wonderful. But now we are on more of a budget, so I buy our groceries at Walmart. *shudder*

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    We generally only have to buy groceries once a month (twice a month during months when I have my withdrawal bleed and end up eating everything in the house because the hormones tell me to, LOL). We spend about $150 a month on groceries.

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    I grocery shop usually around every pay day, or when things get low (every 2-3 weeks). I usually spend about $150-$175, including cat litter and food. We don’t do a lot of cooking in our house and hardly ever have produce. When I’m trying to eat healthier I can easily spend $200.

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