(Closed) What Judgement / Stereotype Do You Have To Overcome Daily?

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Busy bee
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Because I’m a gray-haired, plus sized black woman, people assume I’m lazy, undisciplined, manipulative, have a dozen kids, on welfare, stupid/ignorant, etc.

I was raised in public housing in NYC, had sense enough to get out of there and went to an elite college, got a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and make enough money to support myself pretty nicely, Fiance and I have two houses right now.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…

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Not to answer for someone else, but I’m pretty sure she’s talking about her white privilege and not having to deal with systematic prejudice and racism on a daily basis. 

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I’m half Chinese, but my maiden last name (I don’t use my married name yet) is my dad’s who was the Caucasian one of my parents so as recently as 2 weeks ago, I had someone ask me my last name, and then proceed to say “Oh, that’s weird, you don’t look like a ‘fill in last name’ to me.”  Um OKAY!  I was so shocked to hear her say this that I mumbled something about my dad being Caucasian, when I should have just turned around and walked away.  I get things like this a lot, but luckily the city I live in now is becoming more accepting of others.

My sister also gets judgements – she bought herself a used (2 year old) BMW when she was only 20, buys herself nice jewelery, purses, clothes, just bought her own place…all on her own because she can afford to (she works in Northern AB…where the money is in this province!.)  But when people see her, they think that daddy bought her everything…she is not even a showoffy type of person, she never tells people what kind of car she drives, doesn’t brag about her money, etc.  People just need to mind their own business, really.

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@RockStar33:  HAHAHA That’s kind of hilarious! Like Africa is the only continent with black people, Asians (and those with similar phenotypes) are only in Japan and China and EVERYONE ELSE IS WHITE.

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@Barbiestylez:  I like the show but it doesnt really show how hard it really is for teen parents. Everyone on that show has people helping them, they can afford to go to college, have a house, a new car and get married when in reality I struggled a lot when I had my son. I was almost homeless, it was either feed my son or myself (of course I made sure he was always fed). I was constantly borrowing money from my mom to buy diapers. I never made it to college and just got my GED a year ago. The reality of it is that its a lot harder than the show makes it look. However there are a lot of teen moms who dump the responsibility to go out and party but I was taught to take responsibility for my actions, and so I was a responsible parent (as much as I could be). 

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@Artificial-Sweetener:  I’m from Vermont. There are like 4 non-white people in the whole state, and they are really not treated well by anyone out of the Champlain Valley or the ski areas.

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Being an elementary school teacher. My roommate’s grandfather (who was an engineer) once made the comment that all I’m learning in uni is “how to play with blocks.”

That pissed me off like none other, and he should be glad I was polite enough to smile and change the topic rather than give him a piece of my mind. No wonder we get no funding when idiots have that sort of attitude towards us – like they view us as worthless.

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I have to overcome people thinking I’m a cold bitch with no feelings, lol. This happens anytime I start a new job or meet someone for the first time.

I’m very ambitious and I like to be upfront with my feelings and prefer to be efficient rather than wasting time, so people like to think that I just like to be a jerk. (I don’t. I just don’t see the point in being dishonest.) Because I’m not all bubbly and happy and friendly with people, they get the wrong idea, when really it just takes me a long time to warm up to someone. 

It doesn’t happen so much now, but I used to get judged a LOT for getting an art degree. Which I finished, magna cum laude with honors, thank-youverymuch. People would talk down to me like I was a moron who sat in a corner and finger painted all day when in reality I was busting my ass twice as hard as most people I knew. 

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@Artificial-Sweetener:  I get this too! I’ve been told so many times to “go eat a burger” or “why are YOU on a diet?”. It’s also quite humiliating to be shopping in the department store and be told to “look in the childrens’ section, they might have something for you there.” 

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@Chrysoberyl:  right?   Geez!    Lol

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This thread is fascinating because I’m 100% convinced that they speak volumes about how we perceive ourselves, over how the rest of the world judges us.

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