(Closed) What Judgement / Stereotype Do You Have To Overcome Daily?

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@classical_wolf:  it’s so sad isn’t it:((

I have definetly got a thicker skin now because of it and I don’t judge I always look beyond.

I wish more people weren’t so narrow minded. The world would be a better place.

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It’s sad, and all too true, and (in general) – lots of people (unfortunately) suck 🙁

If it’s any consolation, know that there’s someone who gets the stigma and is fighting to change it.

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Busy bee

Ah, assumptions! Well, because I am quite a bit bigger, people assume that I’m lazy and always eating junk food (neither are true).

Also, people assume I’m only with my SO because his family is rich. They don’t understand why I would go through a conversion to Judaism for a guy who has 3 disabilities, other than to get a piece of his family’s money. First off, yes, his family is rich. But I started dating him, only knowing his commission job, and his tiny apartment. Also, I didn’t convert FOR him, he was my introduction to a religion I learned to love on my own.

Speaking of SO’s disabilities, people always assume that he is basically incapable of doing pretty much everything he’s done. He has a visual-spatial learning disability, and yet he can drive a car. He has Asperger’s Syndrome that went undiagnosed until his mid 20’s, and yet he was able to graduate from university with a degree in political science and has work experience in customer service and management. He has myotonic dystrophy, but his muscle strength has actually improved in his hands and feet. Basically, he’s always surprising people.

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@Barbiestylez:  What ebay business do you run? I’m interested in checking it out.


People think I am a bitch all the time. It’s because I have a bitch face and I am super shy and don’t make an effort to talk to people I don’t know. 

Also I get jugded on my relationship. Fiance and I get started at and commented on constantly. It’s like nobody has ever seen two (feminine) females together before. 

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@Barbiestylez:  We’ve trained society to think that STEM fields are the end-all be-all. Sadly, it’s to the detriment of the humanities. I recently heard an NPR interview with a Harvard emeritus science prof. who spoke up for the humanities. It was heartwarming.

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@chouette:  I got “what are you going to do with that” all. the. time. Particularly because as an undergraduate I double majored with art history and french… if only I were independently wealthy. My area is late nineteenth/early twentieth-century urban modernism. I look at how cities looked at Paris as an example of modernism and used what they saw as they built their own modern cities. My cities of choice are Chicago, Buenos Aires, and Casablanca. Feel free to PM me if you want to know about the art history grad school process.

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@TGold:  I totally hear you! I am short (but a bit overweight) with blue eyes and a friendly smile. I’m pretty sure people factor that in. He also commented, frequently, about how much easier an art history degree would be than his own. In frigging theoretical physics. Sometimes I just wish I could plug outsiders into our conversations. 

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@BotticelliLove:  I definitely read (and corrected) FI’s dissertation. He wasn’t bad… but one of his lab mates paid HIM to proof his. That one was written so poorly I wasn’t even allowed to look at it. Those students who took a hard art history class may have taken mine… apprently students hate/fear me. Oh well. They can write like competent adults when done with my class, so I consider it a win. Stay strong! (Also, try not to slap them…)

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@princesslettuce14:  Oh, yeah, we get that! At present Fiance uses his degree, as a post doc at a national lab (hence why we live near DC), but did consider jumping ship for finance… Strangers definitely think he’s the brains of this outfit… We’re not so sure, but we’re positive that it’s more equal than folks suspect. I should note that at present he’s sitting at his computer playing Grand Theft Auto 4 and just said “I love how the radio goes ‘beep bip beep bip.” I rest my case.

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@Barbiestylez:  I look over ten years younger than my age. When I was 18 I looked like I was 11 (it made it very hard to get dates). Even when I met my SO he had to check to make sure I wasn’t jail bate (I was 24 at the time). When I taught I had a hard time because I looked younger than a lot of my students (at 26). Now it’s not as bad because of the environment I work in a great place now and in my profession (second career), but I have found that it is difficult to get past the interview stage because of how young I look no matter what I do in how I dress and how I do my makeup. I know people say oh you’ll love it when you are 40 … but that sucks … I’m supposed to wait until I’m 40, that’s half my life! For that reason I cherish each white hair I get haha. Also just because I’m with a guy I’m not bisexual lol. Or the fact that I am feminine. Because somehow that has anything to do with sexual identity.


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Busy bee
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My shyness and insecurity. Often times, I’m mistaken for being stuck-up.

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I’m not sure if this counts as a stereotype, but I have a lot of friends who think that the work I’m doing in my Early Childhood Education graduate program is mostly a joke, and that, because I am not sitting in an office full time like they are, that I’m not serious or mature. One even calls me a “lady of leisure”, jokingly, though it does hurt my feelings that my friends think I’m at home eating bonbons all day. I’m in school learning about children’s literature and how to facilitate art experiences for different stages of child development because THAT’S WHAT I NEED TO KNOW TO BE AN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATOR. It’s just hurtful and frustrating to not be taken seriously for 1) being in graduate school as opposed to working a full time office job, and 2) training to be a teacher (many make comments like, “oh what a great schedule”, like it’s about the schedule and not my passion for children and education…) 

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@Artificial-Sweetener:  I hear you! One time I was walking through a store and saw a girl point and tell her mother “she’s tiny” to which her mother replied, ” that’s because she doesn’t eat.” Umm? What?! Besides that I feel like people are entirely too comfortable commenting on a smaller persons size and eating habits. Like, dont worry about anyones size regardless! Rude! 

For the record..most days I can out eat my bf. I eat more often than most people I know! 


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@Barbiestylez:  Im 23 and a hairstylist, though educated and mature (I’ve always been more of an “old soul”) on the outside no one would EVER guess I have so many tattoos covered up under my clothes. 

A former client of mine once, upon seeing the tattoos covering my feet, (2 award-winning artists day of the dead pieces) said to me “wow your not going to like kill me or anything are you?” 


WHAAAT?!?! The ignorance seriously flabbergasted me!!! Listen ya old fart, your ignorance will get you hurt before my tattoos do anything! 

some people are just so close-minded its a SHAME! What a sad shallow life they have to lead.. Sucks for them!


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Sugar Beekeeper
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I’m blonde and have gynormous boobs so people assume I’m a ditz until I tell them I getting a PhD in bioengineering. THEN the judgement comes in… it really pisses me off because people judge my relationship and always say “why are you with your FH!?” Or ask my FH “how did you land her?! what makes her want to be with you??”  He HAS a freaking degree and he has a great job.. he’s just not a scientist. This has happened more times than I can count! Why do people think that scientists have to date other scientists!?!?  He feels uncomfortable when we are at my work functions because once they find out he’s not at the university with us and he didn’t go to a prestigious college they literally stop talking and walk away. This has happened several times… wtf!?   

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I work retail at the moment so I get customers that judge me for that. Not everyone working retail is a lazy, uneducated bum. I do have an associate’s degree (granted, it’s a basic one in science…), so I do like to think I have something behind me.

I remember once several years ago when I first started at this job, I had a customer come through my line. She had a very nice appearance, with nice clothes, hair, makeup, and so on.

While I was ringing up her order, she was giving me a once over, looking me up and down. All of a sudden, she starts throwing questions out at me. “How old are you? How long have you been here? Are you in school? What are your career goals?” All personal questions.

I just had this blank look on my face. “….Umm….I’m not comfortable discussing these things with you, ma’am.”

She insisted I answer her so I did, albeit vaguely. Then she left.

Such is life, I suppose.

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I work in a male dominated industry (I work in agricultural sales) so I have to prove my knowledge and stand up for myself daily. Younger growers that I work with are fairly open to having a woman sales rep but some of the older guys will try to make me look naive. I may look like a ditzy blonde but I know my shit when it comes to my career and will stand up for myself. On one hand I hate being tested but on the other hand it makes me feel more confident in my work and I usually gain their respect.

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Wow…lots of Bees with very high opinions of themselves in this thread. I have to laugh!

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I tried to comment in this thread, I really did. But the first page alone took me on up out of here. 

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