What ''junk'' food do you always have at home?

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Blushing bee

so I was always a junk food person, and had been in relationships with and had roommates who all similarly were also junk food people. I really thought only super healthy people didn’t eat junk food. Then I met my hubby, who you wouldn’t really say eats healthy, but he just isn’t much of a junk food eater and snacker!!  He just didn’t grow up that way, they just really only ate meals, with the exception of ice cream. Which annoyed me at first lol but then turned out to be a good thing because my metabolism has changed significantly the last couple years (thanks almost mid 30s booo) so since he doesn’t really have an urge to buy any it reduces my temptation to constantly have it. This helped for the wedding, now thats over and I’m pregnant so we’ll see what happens lol

I used to seriously buy chips and oreos regularly and they were always in the house, and could seriously down either of those myself in a couple days. The aforementioned situation made me completely stop buying cookies regularly, and now I don’t really crave sweet things as much. But salty foods mmmmmm that i still have a penchant for! Cheezits and potato chips make their way into the groceries a couple times a month. And POPCORN. That is the only thing I have consistent supply on. He hates it, I love it. Oh and soda, any flavor of coke. I only drink a can a day at work, sometimes 2 if I crave one at night with a movie so it’s not a huge problem but I rarely go a day without it. 

But yes, he loves his ice cream and always has at least 3 flavors in the freezer! 

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Busy bee

Whole grain cheddar gold fish, multi grain cracker, veggie straws (all snacks I feed my baby) haha and rocky road ice cream. I try not to have too much chips/sweets, I get gummy bears and chocolate for hubs. But I’ve cut back bc he complain about his weight and now complains we have no sweets! I bake sometimes. 

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Bumble bee

I looooove junk food which is why I don’t keep it at home.  Occasionally I’ll buy some chocolate covered almonds or chips & dip…..but then I eat them all in 2 days.  That’s why we don’t keep it at home 😉 

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Bee Keeper

I can’t have it on hand always as I’ll eat it ALL. 

I now have green tea mochi in the freezer. String cheese in the fridge. And a nut free chocolate spread for bread. 

I like jalapeño chips omg. Or chocolates. Had York patties in the freezer (no more they all got eaten). 

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Busy bee

I grew up eating almost nothing but junk food and didn’t even start drinking actual water until I was about 12. So as an adult I have literally no junk food in the house and nothing pre-made either, just meat and produce to cook meals. And lots of tea, which is also something that was non-existent in my house growing up!

Right now at my dad’s house I can tell you there are biscuits, Mandarin chocolate kit Kats and cinnamon donuts. Also pretty much every kind of ice cream you can imagine in the freezer. My sister isn’t happy though because she’s supposed to be on a diet. 

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Honey bee
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I try to not buy much junk food because I seriously cant control myself. I’m on a huge popcorn kick right now so my snack lately will be splitting a bag of Smart Pop with Darling Husband and add a teaspoon or two of butter. If I have a sweets craving, I’ll grab a few chocolate chips.

Darling Husband likes to snack when I’ve gone to bed, right now, our pantry has veggie straws, veggie chips, brookstone chocolate morsels (those are mine!), a handful of candies left over from the candy bar at our wedding, 23434 kind of granola bars, reese PB cup cereal and a few chocolate bars I got him for Valentines day haha. We also have a box of low cal cookies & cream ice cream bars in the freezer

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Helper bee

I honestly try not to have junk food in the house because I have phases of slight binge eating (it lessens as I get older thankfully).  Skinny pop is one I love eating, and I’ve never bought a big bag of it but Herr’s cheese puffs, oh man.  I’ll pick up a small bag every few months and indulge.  I try not to have too much cheese in the house because that is my weakness, but sometimes fresh mozzarella or a good Parmesan.  We have a white cheddar in the fridge now and it’s calling my name.

i don’t have a major sweet tooth, but my boyfriend does.  On our days off we generally have a pint of ice cream in the freezer.  I do have an intense weakness for black and white cookies.  Not the small ones but if I see the bakery section of the grocery store has the big ones, I have to buy them.

pretty sure if we could live off of mac n cheese and lobster cakes we would, but it hurts my stomach and it’s not healthy so we have to limit ourselves lol

and I must add that if I could live off nachos and croissants and not be unhealthy, I could happily eat nothing but that.   

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Blushing bee
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I have a very salty tooth so there’s always chips or popcorn at home. My fiancée always has tootsie rolls at home

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Blushing bee
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The only junk I keep around is coke zero, for snack salty mixed nuts and peanut butter.

I try to be “healthy” specially now that “we” are pregnant I think is best to keep any and all junk food away so I don’t over indulge.

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Bumble bee
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We always have a jar of Orville Redenbacher at home and dh makes it on the stove top and drizzles hot margarine all over the popcorn and that is my guilty pleasure when it comes to junk food. I also sometimes like plain ruffles with dip or tortilla chips with salsa. I am not a big chocolate snacker but anything salty I can’t help myself. 

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Blushing bee
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These are so addictive.  Sorry about the sideways pic.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I have zero self-control so can’t keep anything in the house or it’d be gone in a day. 😬 My guilty pleasure is soy creamer and sweet ‘n lows which I load up my iced coffees with.

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Busy bee
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socalgirl1689 :  Whatever holiday Reese’s are out. I don’t like the regular ones anymore. I keep them in the fridge and my fiancé brings me one or two every night before we go to sleep. Sea Salt Smartfood popcorn but with extra popcorn salt. I also always have fries in the freezer. 

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pinkflamingos :  “Mexican Coke” sounds like a different type of snack…for your nose LOL!!!

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