(Closed) What kind of gifts do you and your BFF(s) give each other?

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    We don't exchage gifts for annual stuff like that : (11 votes)
    24 %
    Our gifts to each other are unequal in monetary value (one of us spends more) : (5 votes)
    11 %
    Our gifts to each other are about equal in monetary value : (12 votes)
    26 %
    I spend less than $20 per gift : (2 votes)
    4 %
    I spend between $20-35 : (5 votes)
    11 %
    I spend between $35-50 : (5 votes)
    11 %
    " " $50-100 : (3 votes)
    7 %
    " " $100-150 : (2 votes)
    4 %
    " " $150+ : (1 votes)
    2 %
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    We don’t have a no gifts policy, but we don’t tend to give eachother gifts for birthday or Christmas.  We might buy the other’s lunch or drinks if we happen to see eachother in the area, or pick up something small if we see something that we think the other MUST have, but there’s no pressure for immediate reciprocity or anything.

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    @joya_aspera:  Ugh, after 9 1/2 years, we are still not on the same page. 🙂

    Last valentine’s, finances were a little tight, so we decided on a “no gift policy,” just dinner together.

    So I bought him 2 packs of haribo gummy bears and a nice card. Well, I arrived home from work and he had an elaborate scavenger hunt planned out. It led to a very nice, bright red kitchen aid mixer! I was so excited, and embarassed. I really thought we weren’t doing gifts…

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    @SapphireSun:  +1. My friends and I don’t gift each other gifts. We do tend to buy gifts more for the kids than anything. Usually we just take turn paying for each other’s meals.

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    My two BFFs and I used to exchange gifts.  Then .. i introduced one to my brother’s friend … and another to my brother …. so now they are all married with like 9 kids between them.  I moved 15 hours away .. so our “gifts” are any time any of us is near each other we grab some food and hang out.. Everyone is so strapped for cash and have horrible times getting out to do shopping.

    I’d rather just hang out anyway lol

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    Bahaha! I had to vote for merp merp!! But no really my BFF and I tend to give each other gifts at random and for annual occasions. We both spend around 40 on average depending on what it’s for. my other friends and I sometimes get each other gifts as well but it’s never agreed or not agreed it just depends on people’s financeS etc. Sometimes i get a gift, sometimes a card, sometimes nothing and vice versa unless its something that really deserves a gift like a big birthday or something. 

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    My girlfriends have a pretty standard practice  for birthdays of a spa day! At our favourite one, so it’s always pretty even. It’s the perfect gift, not to mention an excuse for a spa day every few months for everyone. Usually works out to be about $200 including my treatment and share of a friends. 

    Christmas presents can range, more about finding the perfect gift, most times it’s between 50-100 per gift.

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    We participate in charities instead of gifts. Last year we picked Christmas Angels and bought gifts for someone else!

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    My BFF and I rarely exchange presents for things like Christmas, Birthdays etc (unless it is a MILESTONE B-Day).

    We instead, make it a point to get togther for Lunch a couple times of year (if it falls around the time that our Birthdays happen, so be it).  We also annually have a Girls Weekend when we catch up, reconnect and relax.

    I think we’d both honestly spend a couple of hundred on an AMAZING Weekend away, than the same amount spread out thru the year on gifts for various occasions (altho we do send each other cards)

    My BFF Girlweekend is the best… and Mr TTR is very respectful of my having that in my life… but then I’ve never been “that GF” who bitches when he wants to go on a Golf Trip / Weekend with his guy friends

    Jealously… especially of each other, is such a bad quality in relationship.


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    There’s a group of us who have been great friends for a very long time. For Christmas, we get together over a meal or all go out to eat. Our gift to each other is clearing our schedules and making time for each other! Especially because it’s a bigger group, and for us to buy individual gifts for every other girl, it can add up to alot!

    For birthdays, we also usually do the same thing… all the other girls will go in on a gift or they take the birthday girl out to dinner 🙂 My birthday dinner is on Friday!!!! So excited! lol.

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    We don’t do gifts every year, but we don’t have a no goft policy. Sometimes money is just too tight for us to do anything for each other, but we usually spend about the same. Last year I bought her a make up case she’d been wanting but wouldn’t buy herself and I bought her some make up, nail polish and make up supplies (like brushes and an eyeliner sharpener). I spent around $50 on that because we hadn’t done anything for each other in a while, and she bought me a MAC eye kit.

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    I have two girlfriends I always do birthday and christmas for. We are all on diffrerent finacial levels as to what we can spare what we can afford and what we do, and it changes from year to year. My BFF and I have been friends for 14 years. Last yr for example (She has three small children herself and her husband to take care of) I got her a posh bag shed been swooing over for months, the matching wallet, some awsome perfume and I treated her and our other friend to dinner. Because I could, I was finally working again, I had some extra income hubby was okay with me spending. It made me feel great, and she was so appreciative. For my birthday the same yr hubby and I were on our late honey moon and she and her husband were keeping and eye on our house for us while we were away for a week. When I came home they had deep cleaned my house for us so I didn’t have to do anything when we returned. I couldn’t have been more happy and appreciative. We do what we can whether its cleaning a house or buying an acutal gift and such. It changes from year to year the year before she took me to dinner bought me a new phone because mine had died and bought my drinks the whole night. That year I cooked her dinner and rented a whole bunch of chick flicks and did a girl night because it was all I could afford. We don’t have caps just try to do what we can just to show the other person how much they mean to us. My other girlfriend dosnt do gifts for any one, she is trying to get out of dept and we all understand, she will give us a card and say happy birthday/merry christmas. We always get her(my best friend and i) something we know shes been pining over but cant afford and split the difference just so she can check one thing off of her list. We always try to make the recieving party feel special on their day…regardless of money for that yr 🙂 If I could I would always drop tons of cash and lavish my girls but its not an option and I think it works great each yr

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