(Closed) What kind of material did you choose for your Fiance’s/husbands wedding band?

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  • Wedding: June 2011

My fiance chose tungston carbide. He just liked the look at feel of it.

Tungston will shatter and fall off if it’s squashed. Metals like gold, platinum, etc., will compress and stay that shape (which can be dangerous if your finger is squished in one).

Your fiance can always just not wear his ring to work. My dad is a carpenter, he never wears his ring to work because it’s dangerous, it could literally rip his finger off it it got caught in a power tool.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: April 2011

We went with tungsten as well.  It’s got a very solid manly feel to it, and as abbyful said, won’t crush or compress.  My Fiance doesn’t work in any dangerous field, we just liked the look and feel of the ring.

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  • Wedding: September 2010

My husband’s ring is white gold. He chose a ring with a small beading detail that I really like! He is an engineer so he also has to work with machinery. We have bought him a white gold chain that he puts his ring on and wears under his shirt when he knows that he will be working with machinery. He likes that because its on him and he doesn’t have to leave his ring at his desk.

Basically, your husband should not wear a ring of any material if he is working with heavy machinery because his ring could get caught in the machinery. If his hand gets caught in a machine, it does not matter the material, he may lose that finger.

With tungsten the differences are that your fiance won’t be able to have the ring size changed if he loses or gains weight. He will have to buy a new larger or smaller ring. Also, if he is in an accident tungsten can’t be cut off with a small saw that they will have in the emergency room because it’s a stronger material than gold. 

I think he should choose whatever material he likes best! Just remember that rings and have machinery are not a good combo! 🙂

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  • Wedding: October 2011

We’re going with tungston carbide. Fiance is a mac/iPhone developer so he’s constantly typing. He needs something lightweight and scratch resistant so tungston carbide was the obvious choice. It also doesn’t hurt that the rings are very affordable. 

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  • Wedding: June 2011

Not sure yet. My ring (inherited) is platinum, so I was leaning toward palladium for FH’s.  But tungsten and titanium are sooo much cheaper.  It’s hard, because I don’t know any place that we can go and look at all of them in person and have him try them on to see what he likes.

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  • Wedding: March 2011

We ended up going with Tungsten. The boy originally wanted a wooden ring (and I think he would still like it), but after trying on the tungsten he really liked the look and feel of it over other metals.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: December 2010

Mine has titanium with a 14k white gold inlay. My suggestion is to take him to the jewelry store and see what he likes!

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: August 2010

My husband went with tungsten carbide.  The biggest selling points were that it won’t ever scratch or loose its finish.  He is an auto mechanic and we both knew if he had a ring made out of another material he would never wear it at work (which would mean he would never wear it) or he would trash it within a few months.  We’ve been married almost 6 months and his ring has come off only a handful of times.  He loves that it is no maintenance!

One of the ways the “hardness” of a material or mineral is compared is on the Mohs scale.  The higher the number, the harder the material.  Diamonds are a 10 and talc is a 1.  A material will scratch another material if it’s hardness is higher.

Here’s the hardness of several materials:

  • Gold – 2.5 – 3
  • Silver – 2.5 – 3
  • Aluminum – 2.5 – 3
  • Copper – 3
  • Brass – 3
  • Bronze – 3
  • Nickel – 4

  • Platinum – 4 – 4.5
  • Steel – 4 – 4.5
  • Iron – 4.5
  • Palladium – 4.75
  • Rhodium – 6
  • Titanium – 6
  • Hardened Steel – 7 – 8
  • Tungsten – 7.5
  • Tungsten Carbide – 8.5 – 9

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: January 2011

DH’s is yellow and white gold.  He originally wanted a Tungsten ring, but he changed his mind once he started trying them on.

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  • Wedding: June 2012

My fh went with a white gold band with black diamonds as the details. He choose the white gold because he works on cars and if his finger ever swelled up that is the only metal that they can cut off his finger if need be.

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: February 2010

My husband got white gold. He just wanted something plain, simple, and not too expensive.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: July 2012

Fiance wants his band to be rose gold to match mine. 🙂

He is a contractor though and does a lot of hands-on work, so I think I will give him a wooden ring to wear while working. His real one isn’t going to be cheap and I don’t want him to ruin it, plus a wood one would break, rather than clamp down on his finger if it got smooshed.

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  • Wedding: November 2011

We did white gold… Fiance is a pilot so he does work with his hands a lot but we were told tungsteen and those types of metals could never be resized so if anything ever happened, he would have to get a whole new ring. The style is similar to the modern type of tungsteen though so it’s the best of both worlds =)

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  • Wedding: August 2010

My husband’s ring is palladium (picture – from Blue Nile – below).  I fell in love with palladium and basically convinced him to love it, too (he definitely does now). 

Edited – just kidding.  It won’t let me post a photo (what’s up, WB?).  It’s the men’s 5 mm palladium miligrain band.

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